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  1. Saw on twitter today that the pneumatics have currently been removed from Detonator. Hope either this isn’t a permanent change or that there is no noticeable difference as the forcefulness of Detonator is what makes it really.
  2. Swinging Seashells from Octopus Gardens at Thorpe Park went to Weymouth - not sure if that’s still there or if that went anywhere
  3. I agree - I think grab and go is still what people want but they don’t just want a normal hot dog. People want gourmet hotdogs or topped chips rather than just the standard options. Think you can see this by the popularity of the food stalls that have been outsourcing or just any event that you go to where people want basically food that looks good in photos.
  4. Looking forward to this, think it’s going to be a great addition and gives something for the older members of families.
  5. Although it may be low throughout, it will still be great to finally have another rollercoaster at Chessington after over 15 years! It is a shame it couldn’t be something a bit more exciting though...
  6. This is great news for the park if it gets the go ahead. I can’t believe how long it has been since Chessington actually got a new rollercoaster so this investment is well earned! It’s the ideal location as well, it’s nice having the green area but really it is a bit of a waste of space so I’m looking forward to it having a better use.
  7. I know what you mean, the resin definitely doesn’t make them anything premium. But the durability of them is what I love, you can do anything to them and they don’t stop working!
  8. Yeah those signs look really good. I only went to BPB for the first time in 2019 and thought the car park looked really rough. So definitely much better for first impressions now!
  9. Alongside Theme Parks, the other thing that I love are G-Shocks - anyone else got any? Latest addition to my collection is the stealth black GA-2100 - got given it as a Christmas present from my girlfriend who had to get it imported from Italy as everywhere was sold out still! Screen can be hard to read at times but overall I love the look!
  10. Thought I might as well introduce myself as I’ve been sort of a lurker on the site for years and now thought I should try and be a bit more of an active member. - so hello! I’m Jordan from Dorset, I used to live in Addlestone, just down the road from Thorpe Park and have been to there countless amounts of times. For 18 years in a row I held a MAP so have spent most of my time going to Merlin theme parks. A couple of years ago I decided not to renew it and try out some different places, since then I’ve been to Europa Park, Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Paultons Park and plan on going to Drayton Manor and Flamingo Land later this year - been so nice to go to some new places!
  11. All booked for Blackpool in the summer - went a couple of years ago for the first time at Halloween so looking forward to going in (hopefully!) nicer weather. Was also going to go to Flamingo Land whilst up that direction but they aren’t opening thrill rides until after 21st June which is such a shame, was really looking forward to the Colossus clone!
  12. Thinking of going to Drayton Manor for the first time this summer as it will be somewhere different. Anyone got any tips or things to be aware of?
  13. My sister and I actually found it much easier to shoot the targets and preferred it to what it was before.
  14. If it is Underground themed could it possibly be about Jack The Ripper seeing as he murdered people in the Whitechapel area and that's the code name.
  15. The good thing is that I'm A Celebrity fits in will with Calypso Quay and what's left of Ranger County as its a jungle theme.
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