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Where are the camera locations on each of the main 5 rides?



Hey! I'm traveling to thorpe park for a couple days next week and me and my friends wanted to do some funny poses for the photo ops,

Was wondering if anyone knows the locations or rough locations of the cameras of the main 5 rides (or others)? 

The only one I think I know is that stealth is pretty much straight on Launch but the rest I haven't a clue! 

Thanks for any help :)

also if anyone has any good poses we could do let me know 

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Hey there. Here's the locations of all of the photo points:


Stealth: At start of launch

Swarm: Just after the billboard

Saw: Just after airtime hill 

Colossus: After 5th inversion (double corkscrew); it's near the queue line entrance so you should be able to see it

Nemesis Inferno: Just after the final inversion (corkscrew); again, you should see when in the queue as well


Rumba Rapids: Near the water tower at the end (though currently the flash isn't working on that)

Tidal Wave: Bottom of drop

Walking Dead The Ride: Spoilered just in case you don't know about this surprise


After the brake run where you stop.

Flying Fish: Turn into the first helix (you can't miss it)


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