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  1. Just seeing Loggers' first lift hill exposed is...kinda surreal almost? The exposure of Saw's layout will take a bit of getting used to too. And that angle certainly shows off the airtime hill!
  2. Which was, of course, called Ghost Train Smokery. Now that is my true ghost train.
  3. To be fair, compared from the 2017 version (ie when they needed more because of the new ending), the actor and staffing levels in Ghost Train remained pretty consistent. In 2017, there was: -Staff member at entrance -Staff member at batch -Staff member for pre show -Staff member for load room -2 staff members (ride hosts) per train (3 trains in operation) -2 staff members (ride operators) operating the ride -Staff member for VR goggle cleaning -Approx. 3 actors in train crash scene -2 actors in finale Total: 9 ride staff, 5 actors Last year, there was: -Staff member at batch -Staff member for pre show -2 staff members (ride hosts) per train (2 trains in operation) -2 staff members (ride operators) operating the ride -Staff member for VR goggle cleaning -Approx. 3 actors in train crash scene -2 actors in finale, when in operation -Actor in load room, sometimes Total: 7 ride staff, 3-6 actors The load room actor seemed to be chopped and changed and wasn't necessary. The finale was skipped sometimes over FN if there were actor shortages. So whilst there has been staffing reductions on Ghost Train, it's not as dramatic as some may think. That at least suggests the park can keep a level of consistency with actors and staffing for Ghost Train. I have several thoughts regarding the development. Firstly, it's good that they're doing something with this. DBGT could not continue to operate in the way it did last year, especially towards the end. Literally having it SBNO would be better than the embarrassing state it was in over Fright Nights. The story idea sounds solid enough, and works nicely with what they have. No VR is a double-edged sword. Obviously the VR was outdated, temperamental and a faff. But there was potential with it, which was largely unfulfilled. But the bigger thing now is what do you do without the VR? The 'ride' portion is very much just the train moving a bit, stopping for a few minutes, and moving again. The park have said they expect the attraction to last about 15minutes, which is the same as DBGT. That would mean each train portion of the ride is about 4 minutes. Now here's the thing, how do they plan on keeping a train carriage full of people entertained for 4 minutes? Putting screens in the windows could work, but watching a screen entirely for 4 minutes in a train carriage full of people is going to be a bit awkward, no? And would also mean potentially halving the capacity of each train. Entirely actor based sounds impractical given the set up of the trains. A blend of the two is probably the best way forward, but difficult to execute. There's talks of extra / new special effects too. With no VR it may be easier to introduce / maintain special effects, such as smoke, leg ticklers (which were planned but never installed), or bringing back things like rocking the train carriage. But how much do those things truly add. The best bet for Ghost Train, in my opinion, is to go 'full Dungeons' on it. The Dungeons are, in essence, actor-led, interactive scenes, with a loose narrative linking it together, and some ride elements. If the park can recreate something like that, then it will be fairly good. Whether they can is a different matter. And if that's what they go for, they need to ensure that it's marketed as such. Setting suitable expectations for guests is perhaps the biggest challenge for this attraction right now.
  4. Thanks @coasterverse - you beat both me to creating the thread, and StevenVig to moaning about an improperly titled thread! I'm impressed and thankful!!
  5. Very fluid-looking year for me at the moment. UK-wise, I'll hit up the Merlin quartet as ever. Blackpool is an outside possibility too. Maybe Pleasurewood Hills and the parks that sorta way too. My main hits abroad at Asterix, Madrid, Port Aventura and Walibi Belgium. Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm are potential short trips too. Also considering Gardaland/Movieland Italy as well. It all very much depends on finances and timings at this point now. No chance will all of these happen, but if I tick off a couple of them, I'll be happy.
  6. Announcement is due at 10am tomorrow, whatever is happening.
  7. Has your account has been hacked by @StevenVig? I am under the impression that the new attraction will actually be called Not Derren Brown's Ghost Victorian But Actually Tube Carriage Train: Death of the Demon Turned Coughing Person - Venture into the Tunnel Which isn't a Tunnel (Revenge of the Buckwheats Against Project Exombus).* Unfortunately, that name is too long to fit into a thread title, so no new thread or renaming of threads will occur now. I look forward to riding NDBGVBATCTDotDTCPVitTWiaTRotBAPE this year. *The short form of the title, more to be revealed soon!
  8. Surely not. Just, no. I know they've been looking at changing the logo for a few years now. I'd hoped that every time they have looked into it, they've realised they don't need to fix something which isn't broken. But who knows... In other news, Thorpe have confirmed in their Annual Passholder Facebook group that they're removing the Saw Alive queue line, and turning that area into a picnic area. They're also looking at moving the Saw Alive boat (a task which is easier said than done). Would be a very nice area if they could do that. Also, the removal of that queue line creates a nice space for a tent / shipping containers for Fright Nights and a new indoor maze to replace Creek Freak; just saying...
  9. Instructions unclear, hope I did it right.
  10. Huge SBNO white elephants, or copious removed rides sometimes replaced by travelling funfair rides. Choose your fighter in the race to the bottom!
  11. You don't find cursed rides at the UK's thrill capital for this exact reason... https://www.getsurrey.co.uk/news/nostalgia/opening-day-stealth-rollercoaster-thorpe-23115667 That was a really humdinger on a marketing stunt, left everyone on the edge of their seats.
  12. All for rows facing the other way, but having one is just very odd. The choice of mandrills for a winged coaster is still taking some getting used to. I get the idea, but I guess I still have the preconception that if a winged coaster has an animal theme, an animal with wings would make sense. 1.2m rides all round is good. The concept art looks good, and is something that feels realistically achievable. I'm still concerned about the throughput and how this will cope in terms of popularity, especially at first, but we'll have to wait and see on that front.
  13. The thing which confuses me the most is that, being a shuttle coaster, the direction of the rows is largely inconsequential. An even / near-even divide would at least make a bit more sense, giving the choice as to whether you go forwards or backwards first. But seemingly just one row? Just...huh?
  14. I am clearly not with it. I did 01 (January) + 15 = 16. 6th month of the year is June, so June. *goes to hastily edit a Facebook post I may or may not have made*
  15. It appears as though we could be seeing this open around June time, if this is anything to go by... https://www.facebook.com/merlinentertainmentscareers/posts/pfbid0WTtmqVAfQUoUPXYUBmxFS5rA9NjYGTsr54VdawWcHWTKk2MeCWF2qzWigAuu4iLjl
  16. The train is on the tracks... https://twitter.com/I/web/status/1613833614042472449 And of course, the weird coaster has to have a weird train, with one row facing the other direction to all the other rows.
  17. I love how you say ripped out as if there is anything to rip out. All stuff specifically related to Derren is digital, or simply the ride's signage. In any case, the ride has been receiving its winter maintenance, which suggests that - in one way or another - the physical hardware will be operational this season.
  18. JoshC.

    Rocky Express

    With Rocky now dismantled and a goner, I was going to move this thread to The Past. Turns out I'd already done it like 13 months ago, damnit.
  19. Took a little poodle down Monks Walk. Not really anything new to report, but at least a different perspective: https://www.facebook.com/thorpeparkmania/posts/pfbid025dr7GehAecmu5bMU7hvujxmQTpCoPxAsyGNoWZbdND7p47U7m1vPwaciGH3tFw28l
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