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  1. Last year, a refill capsule (which just had Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite, Fanta and Oasis I believe) cost £8. £2 extra for all the different flavour combinations isn't bad I guess. In that sense it's pretty reasonable and in line with similar all-you-can-drink offerings (probably cheaper than it is in America actually?) It does sound pricey when you first hear it though, so I fear it may put people off. But I hope it does work out for them as something like this is a really neat idea.
  2. It's been topped off, as seen in these photos from HAPA Forums... Anything which makes Karnan looks small is impressive.
  3. 2019 map is now live, as posted by pawel98123 on CoasterForce: Confirms that the RMC will indeed be called Zadra (which was previously on announced as a codename, and is Polish for 'Splinter'). Given the map marks Zadra as a 'New', and the rest of the Dragon's Castle area as 'Coming Soon', I guess it's still possible for Zadra to open this year. As an aside, let's just appreciate how nice the Energylandia map is. And also, the space occupied by the Energylandia logo and underneath, as well as what would be space to the left of that, is all just empty field belonging to the park, which they will expand on...
  4. The project was dealt with by the same people who deal with midway investments, designed by the Dungeons team, etc. In that respect, it was dealt with as a midway. However, midways are usually separate entities - things like the Sea Life Centre at Gardaland for example are completely separate to the park. As the AT Dungeons at within the park and you can't do it by itself, Merlin won't view it as a 'midway'. I imagine Merlin will pick and choose how they view it. If its KPI scores improve the overall Dungeons KPI score, for example, they'll include it within the Dungeons/midway data. If it improves to overall Alton Towers KPI, they'll include it there. Equally for spend per head, ROI, etc. If it doesn't, they'll probably just leave it limbo or exclude it and call it a joint venture so can't be properly placed. In this this, I am under the impression that those who decide the worthwhileness of midway attractions weren't consulted about the AT Dungeons in any way, so I'd be surprised if, officially/publicly, any of the financial stuff came via midways, even if there are backdoor arrangements.
  5. Just out of interest, do we know what isn't finished (if it is indeed unfinished)? As for the unthemed areas - as has been mentioned, everywhere will have unthemed stuff, but you're simply (and subliminally) drawn away from it. Will be interesting to see how big an issue it is (as most reviews I've seen haven't commented on unthemed walls - how much of that is down to new thing hype and influencers not commenting on negatives, however, remains to be seen)
  6. So this park has had a fun history. Long story short, it never officially opened and has basically had little-to-no support from local governing bodies and has been claimed to basically be a money laundering scam effectively. The park recently changed its name from Ankapark to Wonderland Eurasia, and seemingly opened this past week. The park have a rather bold claim on social media.. Supposedly, they have had 1.5 MILLION visitors in 3 days. To put that into perspective: -That would make it the 20th most visited theme park in the whole of Europe, Middle East and Africa -At an average of 500k a day, that's ten times Europa Park's maximum daily capacity -That's more than the number of people who use Heathrow in a week -Almost 30% of the population of Ankara -Continuing at that rate, they'll have the highest theme park attendance in one year after just 7 weeks Somehow, I don't think they're telling the truth...
  7. Tbf I've tried to ignore / not consider any of the invited people's reviews, since the chances are they'll just not mention any neagtives. Even then, the reviews about the quality of the attraction have been good, which still doesn't surprise me.
  8. Perhaps unsurprisingly, early reviews for the Alton Towers Dungeons are positive. Very much seems to be the case that it's the same quality of all other Dunegons, just a smaller version. Good to hear, but this still doesn't answer any of concerns about whether this is right for the park. Indeed, regardless of the quality, an upcharge actor-led experience which is a lite version of an attraction which can be found in 5 other locations across the country still feels totally wrong.
  9. Glad to see people who went had a nice day, but I'll be the cautious one and throw some points out there... -Sounds like the day was quieter than they expected. -2 train operation on a weekend is(/should be) standard procedure. Fairly certain it has been the case on most other preview days (except when a second train physically hasn't been ready from winter maintenance) -Be interesting to see the longevity of extra actors in the TWD, DBGT and around the park. It's a positive start, and good to get things off on the right foot for the most part (I heard of some issues with limited food and drink choices which is a bit poor, but heyho). But it will certainly be interesting to see how they cope with a day where they get the numbers they expect, and when the novelty of the park being open again has worn down.
  10. Potentially VIP passholders?
  11. Agree, looks a little soulless and bland. Hopefully they've got more planned before the park fully opens, and the next stage of refurb is worth it!
  12. JoshC.

    Paultons Park

    I'm loving this campaign they've got going. They can tease the fans as much or as little as they like. They can 'reveal' names (this appears to be the Cyclonator), but if there's a negative reaction, they can change it. Plus the general style and theme is fab. Going to be fantastic for the park. And with this and likely a major investment at Flamingo Land, there's potential that 2020 will be a great year for the UK.
  13. Next video in the series: Focuses a bit on the making of the Wilderness area. We also get some more stuff about Untamed: -14 moments of airtime -Upward barrel roll as the final inversion before the breaks -Final logo (see below) The next video will show the completely unique element of Untamed, which appears to be going on what was the first hill of Robin Hood..
  14. The video also shows I'm a Celebrity in it haha
  15. Anyone who's seen Jack Silkstone's video will see that Rumba is now using the converted boats, which feature gates at all entrances to the boats. Presumably a measure to discourage people jumping out the boats. I am under the impression that some boats have not been converted yet, so it's possible the ride will open on reduced capacity at the start of season.
  16. The Coke Freestyle thing is an excellent idea; believe the technology has been rolled out in some Florida parks and works well. Dome looked very bare without the theming. But (as with most things that happen over winter), it's best to judge a week or so into park opening to see how the park will really feel. GameFX still sounds incredibly meh. Hopefully Tidal's new fences get painted. Disappointed that the bridge has gone.
  17. And we have an inversion (which I believe is the final one in the course): From PabloA on CF
  18. An update with more substance, however... Source - Achterbahnalex on Instagram Work on (presumably) another entrance portal into Rookburgh. This is at the end of the alley where Maus au Chocolat is.
  19. In fairness, they don't usually include it unless it's open. See 2017 map for example: Whilst we're talking about maps, a throwback to my favourite Thorpe style, used from 2002-2007... Ahh, they were the days
  20. JoshC.


    I genuinely don't think we'll ever see anything quite like again. Coasters are becoming more technologically advanced and adding elements which would have seemed like pipe dreams 10-15 years ago. But the sheer simplicity of Nemesis, coupled along with its brilliant landscaping, styling and pace makes it just brilliant. Even with it becoming a bit uncomfortable in its age, it's truly stood the test of time.
  21. JoshC.

    TPM Discord

    And now fixed!
  22. Tweaked for accuracy. Everyone forgets about the poor Vekoma Flying Dutchman, and the short-lived Skytrak in Manchester
  23. Full version of the map now available: On top of what we already knew, we have... -Wilderness Bar & Kitchen replacing Sticky Sisters -New name for the coffee hut outside Wilderness -The disappearance of The Grill / any food place in Old Town -Live actors not listed as part of TWD experience, but still for DBGT I don't like how the events are highlighted; makes them look like major attractions. That makes it especially awkward come June, when GameFX is finished (unless they plan to release further maps, but then why bother highlighting Jungle Escape/BounceZilla so prominently?). Also find it very weird that Sunken Gardens is highlighted so largely; it's bigger then 10 rides! Do like the little symbols representing each coaster; they're neat. But overall, not overly keen on this style. Better than some previous versions, and at least it can be used as a 'map', but feels very squished (why so much blank space around?!).
  24. Arguably better to give them a dedicated day at the start of the year after they've had a chance to iron out a couple of teething issues and be closed for a random midweek day than give them a dedicated day on their first operating day when things will inevitably go wrong and be open for a random midweek day (when few MAP holders will visit).
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