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  1. Work is still ongoing at Rookburgh, despite the current situation. A front-facing look at the hotel entrance: The rust-look had grown on me, but now, I'm not so sure. Also, the 4th (and presumably final) train arrived on site this past week.
  2. JoshC.

    Thorpe Park 2020

    If we ever get another day at Thorpe, looks like we'll get to see some drones!
  3. In the longest delay yet, Legoland New York are now planning to open in 2021, rather than July 4th 2020:
  4. Nice! This is wildly off-topic but oh well: have you considered trying to do the original Duel music? Would love to see your take on that if you have the chance!
  5. Not sure how appropriate it is to post this, but feel it deserves a mention.. Any stock that Thorpe Park had bought that they expected to use during the time they're closed has been donated to the NHS. No doubt plenty of other parks and companies are doing similar if possible, but it's great to see all the same.
  6. As is the case with all parks that offer Annual Passes, Merlin are extending the validity of all passes appropriately: https://www.merlinannualpass.co.uk/coronavirus Effectively, if the attractions are closed for up to 1 month, you get 1 month added on, up to 2 months, 2 months added on, etc. Only goes up to 3 months, so presumably if the closures end up being longer, there could be other options.
  7. As a PhD student, life goes on as a normal, except instead of going into the office to work, I work from home most days (I'll likely need to pop in once a week to print stuff off, use more powerful computers, etc). My part time job on the side isn't classed as key work so it means I'm losing out on extra money, but with parks closed and me travelling less, it's not exactly like I need it. I guess in theory I could get a temp contract at a supermarket, but frankly there's people in much worse situations than me who no doubt would appreciate the extra hours more than me. I haven't had to self-isolate yet, but when that time comes around (I fully expect the majority of the population will end up having to self-isolate at one point sooner or later), I'll still be able to work, but will probably ease off that for a bit, spend a bit of time finally ticking off stuff on my Netflix watch list (I've already managed to watch the entirety of Stranger Things!), and a couple of random projects. Fun times.
  8. On a separate, coronavirus-related, on topic point: Paultons Park today contacted Coaster Force, asking them to postpone their planned meet which was due to take place in early June, as the park "do not expect to be open at that point". Shows how much uncertain, long-term planning we are in for with parks.
  9. The key point is the 'on average, over a 17 week period'. Most businesses in the customer service industry acknowledge that some stuff will work more than 48 hours per week at peak periods. Peak periods very rarely last more than a couple of weeks for more businesses though, so whilst you may end up working 50 hours a week for s couple of weeks, after that you'll end up back down to your standard contracted hours, or less to make up for it. In contracts for Merlin at least, the standard is that you accept you may occasionally work more than 48 hours a week, but it will be sorted so that you won't work more than that on average over any 17 week period (ie - you'll never do more than 816 hours of work over 17 weeks). You can choose to opt out of that if you want. I don't think there's any 4 month period at Thorpe, or any Merlin attraction, where any front line worker would be expected to work over 48 hours every week. They're simply not THAT busy.
  10. Plenty of people work over the maximum (especially within the theme park industry), but you can't be contracted to work more than 48 hours per work / work more than 48 hours per week on average over any given 17 week period. Working hours is something Merlin has to be very hot on. (Of course, there are exceptions to this rule. Working at a theme park is not one of them)
  11. Not doubting the fact they may have been put on a zero hour contract, but given the legal maximum in the UK for working hours per week is 48, I think they might be overexaggerating their initial contract just a smidge....
  12. Personally I'm expecting an announcement tonight or tomorrow morning saying that Merlin will close all their attractions from Saturday morning onwards. Just not enough people to justify the hassle and money they're spending to run the attractions.
  13. More accurately, all Dungeons attractions are closed as of today.
  14. The thing is, if everyone operates with the 2 meter rule, then it basically means nothing can open: -Food places can't open as kitchens are tight environments (or if they do open, they'll have minimal staff who likely couldn't cope with demand) -Supermarkets (and any retail places) can't open tills -Supermarkets / retail would have to have a maximum number of people allowed in, which would be very small -etc In theory, anyone going out at the moment should: -not have the virus -not be living with someone who has the virus -have had very minimal / no contact with anyone who had the virus -not be displaying any possible symptoms of the virus So it does mean, in theory, going out is fine. The issue is that people will still choose to go out even if they fall into one of the above 4 categories. This is particularly true in people who have the virus and end up completely asymptotic, or in people who are still in the incubation period. That's why the 2m recommendation exists. Because of that theory, being within 2m of a person for a split second (in terms of checking restraints) is fine, in theory, since the chances of the virus spreading in those circumstances is small. And presumably you'll only end up sitting next to people who are in your group, who you've stood next to all day, and who you've probably shared a car with, etc. Obviously that's all theoretical and there's still plenty of issues in practice. Arguably the parks shouldn't be opening as a precaution, but under the recommendations and theory, they can make it work.
  15. Presumably the local government have said June 15th as the worst case scenario, and will regularly monitor the situation and bring it forward if necessary. I'd hazard a guess that the first update will be in early-to-mid April, so it could still be possible for the park to open on April 19th. However, if not, anyone who does (admittedly, very optimistically) buy a ticket for April 19th will be able to have their ticket revalidated. It likely allows a steadier stream of (some!) income for the park in these difficult times.
  16. Before this afternoon's press conference, both Thorpe and Towers had cancelled their upcoming press events (for Black Mirror and Walliams World respectively). Not surprising, as I doubt the press would give the time of day to theme parks at the moment either. Given that and the recent developments in the UK, it feels like we're significantly closer to all UK attractions closing.
  17. As has been discussed partially in the Phantasialand thread, plenty of German parks have announced / had enforced upon closures over the past 24 hours. These include: -Phantasialand and Movie Park Germany, who won't be able to open until at least 19th April, after the local government announced the enforced closure of all leisure and entertainment places. -Hansa Park (delayed until at least 20th April) -The likes of Holiday Park, Skyline Park and more have said they're delaying until at least 4th April The only two German parks to not announce closures are Heide Park and Europa Park. Northern Germany is the least affected area of coronavirus in the country. Heide Park released a statement today saying they are monitoring the situation closely and working with local health and government authorities about when the season can start. So whilst they haven't outright said they're delaying opening, it seems all but inevitable. Europa Park closed Rulantica (their water park) over the weekend, and are going to make a final decision sometime over this week regarding the park. With these closures, this pretty much leaves UK parks as the only major parks across Europe and America that currently plan to remain open as usual. Legoland is currently fully open, with Towers and Chessington having had successful previews ahead of their opening weekends next weekend. Obviously with the ever-changing landscape, it's impossible to know how long they'll remain open, but one cannot imagine it'll be for much longer...
  18. If you have to say that, it usually means it is a biased opinion... Also how in earth you can use a 12 second video of mostly pitch black to judge the quality of the ride's upgrades is beyond me.
  19. Given the situation in the North Rhine-westphilia region is one of the worst in Germany, it would be foolish to expect the park to actually open on the 4th, regardless of what their website says. Part of me thinks that by being forced to close by the local government might be giving some parks some sort of protection / insurance they can claim for any financial losses. It would explain why some parks in some regions are currently set to remain open despite the inevitable closures. Assuming parks open for the 2020 main season (which they almost definitely will at some point, I'm sure), I still believe that Rookburgh will end up opening in 2020.
  20. I see no reason why this won't open this year. Construction is an uncertainty in terms of whether it can continue, but I don't see why not? I still reckon the area was due to open in around June-time, so if they're able to continue with construction, that should be achievable still. Obviously if the park doesn't open until the summer, they're going to be hit number-wise (like every other park). But that's more reason to ensure their big new ride opens, since it encourages people to visit all the more.
  21. Business as usual for Rookburgh in these uncertain times, with progress going at a snail's pace:
  22. I never feel like political discussions go down well on the internet, no less a theme park forum, but oh well... I'm completely anti-conservative, and anti-Boris. But I have to say that when watching the press conference yesterday where Boris and the experts discussed what they were doing and why, I completely got it. Impossible to know, of course, if they're the right decisions, and there's still - in my mind - questions that should be asked about the legitimacy of the research done (as far as I know, the research they quote isn't publicly available, which leaves some doubt in mind as to whether they actually are just plucking things out of thin air). If we take things at face value, though, it's hard for me to reasonably say what they're doing is wrong. Some of Boris' wording wasn't great (further still since it can be taken out of context), but there's not much that can be done. I really hope we don't live to regret the action take so far though, of course. I personally never feel that making comparisons to other countries is a good idea. Especially since we're on an island, which drastically alters how this could spread. And also, just because other countries are doing things in a certain way, it still doesn't mean it's the right way. Death rates might be tiny, but there's likely still a number of children catching the virus. They just might not be showing symptoms, or recovering very quickly. The greater issue is that children can catch it and pass it on to others (especially since children are less well adept to cleaning their hands thoroughly, or catching sprays from coughs and sneezes), increasing the spread to adults and, in particular, those at greater risks. Drastic and melodramatic? No. This is a severe situation. And the media are just responding to what the public want - as much information as possible. The bigger issue is that social media is spreading false information, people are panicking, etc. That's where all of the major issues stem from. If, as modelled, there are 10,000 people in the UK who have / have had coronavirus currently, that's about 1 in 700 people at the moment. On average, about 1 in 2500 people get seriously injured in a car crash in the UK every year. In other words, you are MUCH more likely to catch coronavirus than you are to be seriously injured in a car crash. That's not to scare anyone, but it's the truth. As I say, I never think political discussions go down well, and this is probably steering the conversation in the wrong direction. It's impossible to know if what any country has done is right or wrong. But what is obvious is that we're in this for the long haul. A vaccine realistically won't be ready till next year. The virus spreads very easily. It's not clear if you're immune after catching it, or how long for. The worst is yet to come. As the general public, all we can do is do out best to look after ourselves, follow the advice and apply common sense. No one wants to be isolated any longer than necessary, and no one wants to see the country crumble. Hopefully we won't see that, and whatever happens in the days and weeks ahead will help reduce the impact for everyone.
  23. Thorpe Park are saying that, since government advice hasn't changed, they plan to open as usual: Drayton Manor are also saying it's business as usual for now:
  24. And Efteling have now announced that, as of tomorrow, the park will be closed, and the entire resort will be closed from Monday: The resort is usually open 365 days a year. Legoland opened fully today and have encouraged guests to keep their distance between groups in queue lines, similar to Efteling's previous advice.
  25. At this point it's less about what the government will force companies and organising bodies to do, and more about what those companies and bodies feel they should do to get a good public reaction. Football has been affected following players and coaches getting the virus. That's forced their hand somewhat, but there had been plenty of people who were saying it should happen before then. I feel like Merlin will sooner rather than later decide to close of their own accord, simply because it'll look good to the masses and avoid "why aren't your staff disinfecting seats Street every cycle" type comments
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