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  1. Back open from the 12th: https://www.thorpepark.com/about-thorpe-park/coronavirus/ No word as yet about people who have Shark Cabins bookings. Current stance in what attractions may open: "Please note that some rides, indoor entertainment, actor led experiences, 4D cinemas or meet and greet entertainment may remain closed or have limited numbers when we do reopen. A full list of which rides and activities will be open or closed will be published and announced in due course once the Government regulations are published in full." Worth noting that Le
  2. About right for this time of year I'd say. Engineers have still been able to work during the Lockdown, and they've had a full closed season. If they were working on an optimistic schedule if being open to open in late March like normal, it would be around now that they would need to get rides staff in for training, etc., and so engineers would be doing their final tests. Noteworthy that Rush still has its top off. When it received major work in the past, it hasn't opened at the start of season. At the moment, I still don't expect it to be able to open on April 12th tbh.
  3. As I'm sure everyone is aware, UK theme parks are set to be allowed to reopen from 12th April (assuming all goes to plan). However, the circumstances are slightly to different to when they reopened last July.. Last time, they were among the last things to reopen. Now, they're opening before indoor restaurants and indoor entertainment, and hotels. Obviously it means no indoor attractions (which is how the Merlin parks started out anyways last year). But it does raise some interesting questions: -How will the parks cope without the ability to offer indoor, sit down restau
  4. Vekoma are teasing something... https://www.instagram.com/p/CLKXsg0BKQo/ Energylandia have mentioned in the past their intention is open a new generation Vekoma Tilt Coaster in 2022, so it could very much be this. But equally, I wouldn't count out a random surprise park announcing some crazy new Vekoma outta nowhere.
  5. Oh yeah, this is testing now. There's some videos about if you want to find them. But enjoy these pictures for now: https://www.facebook.com/walibibelgium/posts/10159130403846276
  6. That POV really shows how much Colossus has changed. Obviously there's water in the cobra roll pit, but there's the inline twists too, where the Saw / Saw Alive land has been infilled, along with the concrete that's appeared around the bottom of the drop too. And yes, the person on the lift hill during operation of the ride is something which would no longer happen at a Merlin park. Those sorts of thing do still happen in parks (usually ones abroad), but in general, it's not something that happens much these days. Different times and all that
  7. Haven't done Europa at all sadly I did do a Plopsaland-Walibi Belgium-Phantasialand-Walibi Holland trip a few years back though, yes (as well as many variations). Trouble I've always had with Europa using own car is justifying the distance, since it's harder to create a sensible loop that went back towards Calais/Dunkirk. Though it's certainly not impossible to do.
  8. That's an interesting, quite spread out trip. I've never actually used public transport for any of those parks, because I've always been in a position that a hire car has been much more sensible. As Benin says, you really would need to look at a car for that trip. Toverland in particular isn't the easiest park to get to with public transport still. But a car is more valuable than just the convenience of getting to some of the more awkward parks. If you're planning on going from Phantasialand to Toverland for example, you have to come up with a plan to travel to a conve
  9. POV of Abyssus from the park's Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?ref=external&v=2577530899208373 And a video, in English, explaining all the new stuff in Aqualantis:
  10. What's this, a post, in the Next Big Thing thread? "Is it spam? Someone making a stupid RMC joke?" I hear you ask. Nope, there has been activity on the local council's planning application website, related to Thorpe Park! For the first time in almost 3 years!! But don't get too excited. Way back in 2017, Thorpe submitted an application to the council to effectively change how they submit for plans for stuff. In short, the current method involves the park having to submit a detailed application for pretty much anything (eg: Containmen
  11. Ahhh interesting! I made quite a conscious effort to keep things brief as I know that (in general) I have a tendency to waffle on lose focus. And looking back it does seem I still did that with the island blog! The point I was trying to more get across is that the bridge and island concept are things I've always loved and have left a huge impact on me The Island Like No Other branding has been the only time that I've visited the park that they really doubled down on that island concept, and it was the perfect opportunity to recreate that huge impact, but in a more explicit way.
  12. Hi everyone! For the past few weeks I've been toying with setting up a theme park blog, and it's now finally in a ready-to-share state. So introducing... Just Another Theme Park Blog There's 3 posts on there already, with plenty to come in the future of course. It's going to have a bit of everything and anything theme park related, with a bit more of a focus on the theme park which has inspired everybody's favourite theme park forum, Thorpe Park Mania. Does mean there might be some cross posts / familiar topics in the future, so please forgive me.
  13. A wonderful, if slightly sad, video from Efteling about how they're doing during the Dutch Lockdown:
  14. I haven't gone through the documents in detail, but I would very much imagine that the projected numbers are always for the resort generally. Or at the very least, 'park + something'. Then again, I seem recall earlier documents saying the whole resort thing would get 30million+ people a year. So 6.5m seems conservative now. Who knows.
  15. I feel like ever since I did this this project has actually made real progress. I still won't believe it till it's open, but if it does open, I will definitely 100% totally claim I was being serious and not in the least bit sarcastic.
  16. I've been contemplating a visit to Lightwater this year, but honestly it's harder to justify it with those closures. The uncertainty over Ultimate is also somewhat worrying, though I guess the fact it hasn't been removed from the website yet is something to cling to. A shame, but not wholly surprising if we're being honest. One can only hope they still have a market and enough visitation to keep them going in the short term.
  17. Given this is the first B&M invert to open since Banshee, it'll be interesting to know whether the vest restraints are simply an option B&M provide (since it can allow different elements to be done comfortably), or if it was a failed experiment. There's been a mix with the new Dive Machines, some having vests, some having standard OTSRs. But the ones with vests all happened around the same time. So hard to tell. I guess we'll be waiting a long time for another B&M invert before we can gain any further insight though..
  18. I agree that the targeted March reopens for the parks are unlikely in the UK. Mid-to-late April sounds more realistic at this point. I don't blame the parks for advertising those dates either. If things do get to a state where they're allowed to reopen in March, then it's good to be ready. And I'm sure their preparations are still done with March as the target, but an almost unspoken expectation that they won't open then. Things probably have an added layer of complexity this time around due to the fact they need to re-hire and re-train staff again before opening (something which
  19. I can't remember if it's included in the CD or not, but the simulation includes the Amity-style 'Thorpe beat' that IMAscore have done. Don't think it ever really places at Stealth (I believe it's part of the bridge / entrance loop?), but still nice to hear!
  20. Find it funny how @Charlesberg called it by it's project name, Blue Harvest, originally. Much better than Monster imo. But the branding looks cool...
  21. Well we needed a way to contain your larger-than-life-maximum-attachment-size personality Matt!
  22. Vekoma madhouses are a well loved ride type for UK enthusiasts, because, yknow, Hex exists. Arguably the best example of its kind. And in the UK we're treated to 2 other pretty decent ones too. But is it actually your favourite? And how would you rank the others you've ridden, be they Vekoma or from another manufacturer? [Basically I'm just trying to come up with some sort of thread to kill closed season/covid blues which isn't that ride game... ] Here's mine... 1. Hex, Alton Towers I'll be honest, I'm not as fond of this as many others (not ev
  23. Yes and no I guess. The Stealth incarnation of 'a launch coaster at Thorpe' had been in the works since around late 2002, to my knowledge. Maybe earlier even, depending on the sort of relationship that was had with Intamin at the time and the confidence that was had in Xcelerator (which opened in summer 2002). The Hulk style coaster from Premier was the first time Thorpe had plans for a launch coaster. And that idea probably stretches all the way back to the late 90s shortly after Tussauds took over and planned to turn it into a thrill park. Plans were submitted and I t
  24. The valley wooden coaster did have plans submitted in early 2003, but were withdrawn. I think there were loads of potential problems which meant the plans probably would have been rejected. Presumably they would have at one point intended to to tweak and resubmit the plans, but that never happened. I'd say Rita was a replacement for that coaster in the sense of they wanted a new thrill ride for 2005, and it opened in lieu of the wooden roller coaster, which was the first plan. A launch 'icon' coaster had long been the plan for Thorpe. Presumably that simply fit in with
  25. Ahhh, this old chestnut. The story is quite simple, but a sort of Chinese-whispers effect has led to some confusion over the years. That image is from the MTDP from around 2003. The MTDPs only show loose ideas that the park have at the time. That drawing, for example, shows the top hat being the other side of the Stealth area. The layouts mean nothing; they're just there as a rough indication of size. When Thorpe were drawing up ideas for Stealth, they wanted a longer ride, more akin to Xcelerator (hence why the MTDP shows that). Ultimately, it never happened, for a va
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