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Europa Park vs Phantasialand

Matt N

Europa Park vs Phantasialand  

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  1. 1. Europa Park or Phantasialand?

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Hi guys. Europa Park and Phantasialand are Germany’s biggest, and arguably most revered, theme parks, and both of them get a high amount of praise from enthusiasts. But I’d be intrigued to know; which of the two do you personally prefer?


I’ve visited neither, although I am rectifying that in April with my first visit to Europa Park, which I’m very excited about!


But which park do you prefer? A similar thread done on another forum I’m on is currently seeing Phantasialand emerge victorious, but I’m intrigued to see how things play out on here!

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Yes it has less rides and a smaller park, but as I have said before.....


Taron and Mamba are better than ANY Europa coaster, Chiapas and River Quest are better than ANY Europa water ride and I always think Maus is better than most the dark rides at Europa.


Quality over quantity. Europa has some good coasters but doesnt have any that stand out to the point of making me wanna rush back. I was booking flights straight back to Phantasia after Taron. No Europa coaster has that effect on me. I would also appreciate its dark ride collection so much more was it not full to the brim of Disney knock offs.


Both are top parks, for me however it goes to Phantasia.

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Whilst Phantasialand has some outstanding attractions and areas (Taron, Chiapas and likely Fly/Rookburgh) I simply cannot place it above Europa Park. The park is tiny, always feels congested and just doesn't have enough to do as a resort. I'd say this park is fairly overhyped by many enthusiasts. Don't get me wrong it is great still and I'd continue to visit every few years, but if I had a choice of where to go out of Phantasialand and Europa, I'd pick Europa. 


Europa Park is a complete resort and has such a variety of things to do and whilst the Coasters may not be as good as the likes of Taron they are still incredibly good fun with the likes of Wodan, Silver Star, Blue Fire etc. The fact you can find something new in every corner and can just feel relaxed walking around or hopping on a transport ride (or 3)for hours on end makes it far superior. Then there's the other aspects of the resort from the incredible Rulantica, hotels to explore and Silver Lake Saloon 

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