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  1. 😂 Question mark at end. I was asking you!
  2. As noted in the topic title the date has been set for Saturday 8th August 2022. Meet from 9:30am - 10am in the dome outside Vibes. On the day I will also be checking my Direct Messages (DM) every 15 mins for the first hour for late arrivals to get in touch and arrange meet up, but be aware we may be in a queue or on a ride. I recommend arriving nice and early if you can as security can sometimes take a while to get through and we will not be able to wait too long. Also if you are collecting the Fright Nights tickets this is done at the Island Ticket Centre located before security (details on this package below). We will be purchasing the Fearsome Four Package for the trip. £37 for non pass holders and £32 for pass holders. Important information on the package and purchasing here. Fearsome Four add-on Instructions. You must collect a wristband from the Island Ticket Centre located before security, this will be used in conjunction with your e-ticket or paper ticket to gain entry to each attraction. You can complete each of the three scare mazes and the scare experience in any order, and at any time between 3pm and 9pm. One entry per maze/scare experience. Other than that its a very simple, chilled out day and night riding the rides and catching up with everyone. Should be fun! The TPM meets are always great fun and the idea is to go round as a group getting to know each other, have fun and spend time with people who share the same interests. If you have never been to a meet before don't feel put off, we were all there once. Once you get there you'll feel a part of the group straight away. If you have any queries drop me a message or comment below.
  3. A vehicle being stripped does not confirm a rides closure! In fact a stripped car is more promising than just leaving it as is until the end of the season.
  4. I don't believe the third boat has been used at all this year and often it seems to have been running leaving one row empty on the two boats on the circuit, though not sure why.
  5. Mattgwise


    Why do you just assume a new ride everytime something is spotted. Yes it's possible but work in Sub Terra and blue markings found by Enterprise could mean anything and not merely a new ride in 2023! Heck the Sub Terra work could be getting cleared for storing Nemesis related stuff for all we know! We should be hearing exactly what the park has planned in the next month if those rumours are correct. Take with a pinch of salt though like all rumours. Forbidden Tomb did not happen for instance but you continued to believe it would. Lets just see and appreciate rather than saying it will this and will that.
  6. Going through changes by Ozzy seems more fitting.
  7. Mattgwise


    That's its full official name now and has been since 2003! With Duel bolted on the front.
  8. We could have all told you that months ago! It's been known a long time, this is just now official information released hence the post! But please remember not all rumours are accurate so don't always listen to the first person who tells you something. Forbidden Tomb was mentioned to you and it didn't happen! I'm not holding my breath with theming. I just expect aside that large theming structure lots of landscaping and a few other little nods to the series. Regardless its nice for Chessington to be getting some investment and potentially more to come!
  9. Leaked early through this article... Nothing we didnt know really apart from the the price tag at a hefty $20.5 million (£17 million)! Eek! https://deadline.com/2022/08/jumanji-theme-park-opening-2023-1235092817/
  10. All should be revealed tomorrow about the new area! Also, interesting to read that at the Towers Times 20th Anniversary event John Wardley hinted at Chessington getting some further development in coming years. Which was then followed up but this tweet from Chessington Buzz who appear to work quite closely with the park and seem a reputable source...
  11. Yep was a good day. Park nice and quiet overall, just can't get my head round that car park still not scanning 90% of people's tickets and especially knowing there was hardly anyone there. It still took 15 mins with only about 12 cars lined up. Its an absolute shambles! It's been the same ole disaster for about 4 years which il say again... I simply cannot get my head round it!
  12. Yep it's gonna be an interesting day in this heat, I certainly wouldn't have picked it had I had a crystal ball. See those coming in the dome from 9:50! All welcome
  13. Probably the Thorpe management rather than Merlin, or else it'd be standard at Towers too where Enterprise has been shut all year and Hex most of it. But yes a good thing to have! Takes me back (Sorta) to the old scrollers on the website where you could almost always guarantee something (usually Samurai or Slammer) would be unavailable!
  14. Thanks for the tip David. Hope you had a good day last weekend.
  15. I'm pretty sure the farm was just used for filming the trailers and teasers. That's certainly what it was used for last year
  16. Yep its a great park and agree so much potential given their efforts in the last few developments. It also helps that they care for and continue to touch up and clean the place so well. Also even when busy outside of Peppa Pig World queues rarely get above 20/30 mins which makes a more enjoyable day.
  17. Disgusting and the park should be ashamed letting a ride get in this condition! But hey they can hold things in place with chewing gum so it's all good I guess! Saves on the glue!
  18. There is zero damage to anything that still exists there! Just the front carriage of the train has been removed, presumably for repair. We don't even know if it actually caught fire or just burnt out and smoked (likely the latter). It really wasn't that bad! Just wait and be patient!
  19. What RobF said! Rocky Express is almost as old. What your saying isn't logical!
  20. It's like the hotel being evacuated at 2am a few weeks back had photos of the fire engines arriving put on social media and many discussing a fire when Most modern fire alarm systems have auto dispatch of fire brigade even in the event of a false alarm and that's all it probably was.
  21. But Rocky express is also over 30 years old and you insist on that being relocated! 🤔
  22. Makes sense seeing as the other Imascore tracks are playing still.
  23. So are you saying that the park shouldn't be playing the original themes due to licensing issues? Or that they haven't continued agreements set up with ImaScore so have therefore reverted? Sorry not sure I get it?
  24. I believe a new temporary bridge from the left of the old level crossing by Samurai will take you straight to the queue line, so shouldn't require the Old Town area being used. Just the exit back towards Samurai which could all be easily cleared (they cleared the loggers queue every year anyway)
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