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  1. The ironic thing, they actually painted some of the fencing again only about a month or 2 ago.
  2. It is half term for many London Boroughs this week, but most of the surrounding London counties such as Surrey have their half term over next week. So for Thorpe it is pretty much half term this week and next. Its unusual for this to happen TBF. I would expect Thorpe to be busier next week though seeing as many more locals will likely visit then seeing as the park is in an area with most schools off then.
  3. Who said anything about being angry? I'm merely pointing out that today's society is OTT with H&S. The company I used to work for would get people trying to sue them for the most ridiculous of things. As for the nail situation, these things happen, has it been rectified since? If it has been managed then I see no major problem here. Have you never had a anything come loose at home? These things happen, although usually over a longer time period, which might be why you're having an issue with it in which case I can sort of see your point.
  4. It's reasons like this that have led to the ridiculous OTT health and safety measures that end up being why we can't have fun these days. Petit things like this that lead to these things then getting closed down. I mean, it was this attitude that led to the closure of the Wild Mouse for goodness sakes. Injuries can and will happen everywhere!
  5. I'm sure they are checked, they are quite strict with h&s at the park. If it was causing the park too many problems they'd use the other route.
  6. It was an excellent meet and had a fantastic day. Thanks to everyone that came! Never knew Storm Surge would become the most fun ride in the park!!!! Keep your eyes peeled for information on the Christmas meet!
  7. For those coming will be in the dome until around 1015 on a table near the freestyle machines.
  8. Last Halloween myself and @Marc literally had our most intense ride since it was at thorpe park and one of the worst ever rides we'd ever experienced within our visit!
  9. A shame, but thanks for at least letting us know, I assume this is Mer as well?
  10. The boats supposedly fit three but looking at videos they really only seem to fit one adult and child any bigger than a 5 year old. The ride time is also around 2:30. This is going to be seriously low capacity at around 300 per hour. What with fastrack and RAP I can see this having a very long queue time! It will make rattlesnake seem high capacity! However, like has been said, it is good to actually see something put in, even if it is second hand!
  11. Would it though? They would almost have a monopoly in the states, I think investments would slow down, budget cuts made and they would focus on rebranding current attractions into their branding they use in most six flags parks, and then not really adding new stuff that often.
  12. Surprising news! https://www.google.com/amp/s/nationalpost.com/pmn/technology-pmn/six-flags-in-bid-to-acquire-cedar-fair-sources/amp I really hope this doesn't happen as Cedar Fair operate their parks far better than Six Flags do!
  13. Mattgwise

    Logger's Leap

    Because its coming back! Work begins once CFM is done with for the year! Not the only maze to last one year!
  14. The sign said returning in 2019.
  15. They also said this time last year I'm a Celeb was returning in 2019.
  16. until
    The annual TPM Fright Nights meet up will take place on Sun 13th Oct. It would be great to have as many of you there as posssible. Further details here
  17. It's essentially the Thorpe park melody and then a dull fantasy track that sounds the same as most of the other music in the park (and imasnore in general)
  18. Correction Matt! Less than two years! Hyperion - July 18 Zadra - August 19 Vekoma coaster - April 20 Only 'could' be on the cards? I will certainly be going.
  19. I thought the cinema was changing to something else for FN? Confused?
  20. Great! Hope it does turn out good! Still plenty of time for more of you to sign up. The meets are great fun and enjoyable for all who have and haven't been before! Those who haven't been it can feel nerve wracking, but you'll fit in and be a part of the group in no time.
  21. I actually feel a bit more optimistic about it. Do i think it could happen? Yes, do I think it will be ready in 2024? No. Maybe 2025/2026 time.
  22. Interesting article on this project... https://blooloop.com/features/py-gerbeau-london-resort-plans/?fbclid=IwAR3pViQC5xS0uNT7qkguVsw0ySg_ryIfPpQeEBRs1tWzq0wYiGjr5xlWOnE
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