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  1. And then break just days later!
  2. Certainly not this year, just recently. I literally only a month ago had an awful ride consisting of 6 min dispatches, half the effects broken, sound off in places and a broken ceiling (which later fell down)
  3. That really was an interesting experience, cant say I've ever had that happen to me before. The irony was that it had literally been the smoothest ride I have had on Vampire in as long as I can remember, to then getting smashed three times into the sides of the wheel catch!
  4. Thanks guys. It was a brilliant day, glad you both enjoyed it! Bring on the next one!
  5. See you all outside Dragon's Fury around 9:45
  6. Surely people didn't think it was going to be specially designed to fit in the theme. It will just be a bog standard hire, rather than their own, surely!
  7. Good to have you on board! And @Stuntman707 one would assume?
  8. Hello TPM Peeps This years Alton Towers Meet will take place on Saturday 29th to Sunday 30th June. We plan to spend the Saturday and the Sunday on park and will spend Saturday evening in Derby having a meal and socialising further. Most people that are going will be staying at Derby Pride Park Travelodge from Friday evening, but feel free to stay wherever. We aim to be in the park at 9:30am to make use of the ERT. Please take note if you plan to say overnight, it will be your responsibility to book your rooms and unfortunately if you're under 18 we cannot help. If you stayed the night, under no circumstances will TPM get involved and take responsibility with how you stay overnight, the overnight section will be an over 18's event. Don't be put off if you have never been to a meet before. Whilst it can be quite nervous meeting for the first time, you will fit in straight away and spend time enjoying yourself with people who share similar interests. We were all new once upon a time. Please let me know if you plan on attending or drop me a message if you have any questions. Attendance Mattgwise Marc Marhelorpe Mer Mr Fish Stuntman707
  9. So European Park attendance figures are released. I am not sure how reliable these are as many people kept saying Thorpe's attendance was majorly down for instance yet here it states a 5.6% increase. https://blooloop.com/european-theme-park-attendance-2018/
  10. So Black Buccaneer is not returning for the season and released the statement shown below to various queries on Twitter. Do we think it will return? Will it take nearly four years for a decision? Personally I think the worlds first H&B leisure stall in a pit will take its place. After sailing the high seas for 30 years, Black Buccaneer has run aground and unfortunately won’t be setting sail in 2019. Keep a ‘weather eye’ on the horizon though to see if the most fearsome ship in Pirates’ Cove will take to the seas again.
  11. Two weeks until the next meet. Would be good to have a few more people attend. Let me know if you would like to attend! Even if you have never been before they are good fun and it's great spending time with people interested in the same thing!
  12. On my three visits I have been that are on peak days I have queued less than 15 minutes for a lot of the rides including the coasters. Rides don't just go down due to a technical reason, they go down due to people being sick and weather delays. The latter they are very strict with so has happened regularly.
  13. It is already looking incredible! So tall!!!! Can't wait!
  14. I hope so, would be nice to see it in the other parks!
  15. Even if it is due to syrup running out that's still unacceptable considering its whats supposed to be one of the busiest weekends at the park. Even more worrying the park has been extremely quiet compared to other parks and they still ran out. Not good in my view!
  16. I think this is completely unacceptable, making others suffer as they ran out of capsules. They really should not have shut them completely. I am sure there will be a few complaints (already a couple on twitter)
  17. That's outrageous! I bought it for the sole reason that I would be able to purchase the refill fee every visit. Its an insult that because they have sold out of cups the rest of their customers have to suffer. Surely a sign saying new capsules have sold out and sorry for the inconvenience would have been a better decision.
  18. It looks like it is going to be a popular ride, looking forward to giving it a go in the summer. Here is a video of it testing and going over the top (FB page). Looks intense!
  19. You can run the subgroup of people who want to do it! 😂
  20. In fairness this was probably my first morning ride in about the same timescale so could well be that same reason. I've only ever usually ridden it in the mid to late afternoon.
  21. It felt to me and my group on Sunday as if the ride was doing far more high swings than it has ever done making the ride last longer. Maybe it's been reprogrammed. Any ideas anyone?
  22. For the price of a day ticket, it makes it still insanely good value and so am not surprised it doesn't come with added perks.
  23. Great idea! Only as long as it's just as forceful!
  24. Isn't this essentially a post that could go in "Your Thorpe Park"? And what is with this constant "Planet Snoopy" that keeps appearing? As much as i'd like the park to be owned by Cedar Fair, it isn't.
  25. Absolutely in comparison to recent years! But still a huge amount of stuff going on. Just shows the amount of work and passion that goes into this place.
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