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  1. Seems there is an astronomical amount of work to do this closed season! Good to see as like you say stuff is usually left for a couple of months.
  2. Haunted hayride whilst great can mess your evening up as it often has an extremely long queue. Yep I'd say miss Hellements. Get there at opening and you should just be able to do the majority of attractions. Creepy Cottage has always been quiet to begin on my visits and leave The Cellar until later as everyone goes there at the start.
  3. Looks like it is going to be an incredible inversion/drop, and looks set to be a top element for many!
  4. I'm not sure we can really say the park is struggling with capacity most of the time. Thorpe has overall been run pretty well most of the year, far better that Towers and CWoA, but always faces it's largest crowds this week and into the last couple of FN weekends. It's a similar state of affairs all over. Look at King's Island last Friday for example. It's the experience on those days that needs improving such as a slightly lower cap on their 'capacity' and Fastrack much more limited. However, that is money which they won't want to lose as FN brings in a fair proportion for the years income. Think we need to look at the year as a whole for judging capacity and operational issues, rather than a couple of almost sell out days. Last week and the first couple of weekends (aside from a specific Sunday) crowds were completely manageable and park ran well.
  5. I think what was shocking for me this Howloween is that Barrel Bail Out had 11 seats/guns taped off and Ostrich Stampede two broken sets of arms (6 seats), both of which have only been open less than two years. Croc drop also a seat down to give a further kick in the teeth to capacity. RAP and Fastrack seriously hinder operations (which we have known for years. Example being vampire taking an hour from the tunnel, but as soon as close hits less than 30 mins to the station from that same point once Fastrack and RAP have vanished! Agree the park needs to revert back to 8pm! It was still quite busy at 7pm too!
  6. In a real world the park should be able to stay open late and have shifts like many US parks do in the long summer months, but getting that number of staff seems tricky these days. Instead the staff work the entire day and with busy 10pm closures they would be at worst working 9am to 12am! Far too much!
  7. Except for one, and that is detonator with it's lighting synced to the soundtrack.
  8. Nice little lighting package syncing up to the FN soundtrack. VID20231017195009.mp4 On a side note It does appear that Detonator is the only ride to have it's own FN audio this year that I've noticed, apart from a couple that play the repetitive park wide audio.
  9. Think with them confirming a new identity with new soundtracks and loss of 'island theme' this is unlikely, but I agree and would like it to return too!
  10. Do we think with the recent announcement of brand change number 236 and Angry Birds land being 10 years old this season, we could see a change to this area? Thoughts?
  11. Thorpe haven't Been using the original Inferno music for the last 3 months, went back to the Jungle Imascore after a couple of seasons of the original playing. Thorpe socials have confirmed WWTP won't be touched though, which is the one thing that I genuinely think should stay. Everything else won't be that bad with a refresh.
  12. Regularly sending 50 to 55 seconds on Sunday, but wasn't their aim nearer the 40? On the other hand Swarm was also dispatching so fast it stopped several times at the top of the lift, though in fairness there was an odd issue whereby the brake after the inline twist was bringing occasional trains to a stop and then releasing adding around another 20 seconds. Video... VID_20230927201311.mp4
  13. https://forum.maniahub.com/topic/1032-wwtp-radio/?do=findComment&comment=164413 This should lead to a full list of songs I posted 10 years ago. Wow I am getting old 😂
  14. Stitches! The final announcement. I like the look of this. Peoples thoughts? New scare maze for 2023! Step into the disturbing realm of Howell’s Toy Emporium, where charming memories of childhood twist into a harrowing nightmare🧸 Join the Toymaker as she opens the doors to her workshop and gives you a blood-curdling snippet into the inner-workings of her factory😱 Keep your wits about you though, we’ve a feeling you may uncover some sinister revelations within… As you step into the quaint toy shop, a wave of nostalgic warmth embraces you. But be warned, beneath the innocent exterior lies a malevolent secret — an evil that awakens within the deranged toys when the lights go out🫣 Conjure your bravery as you navigate the eerie corridors of this malevolent toy factory and witness your cherished childhood companions morph into tormentors before your eyes😭 This sinister scare maze will shatter your perception of innocence and plunge you into your worst nightmare! Enter 'Stitches' if you dare, for once you cross the threshold, there's no retreat from the horrors that lie within... Will you outwit the clutches of the Toymaker’s wicked creations, or are you destined to become a permanent resident of her collection? It's time to rally your crew, summon your fearless spirit, and embrace the darkness at Thorpe Park Fright Nights.
  15. Noticed this mark on the Nemesis Inferno support recently. Just imagine this was a tester for a paint change to Infernos supports. What would people make of fully green supports? Would remind me of Millennium Coaster at Fantasy Island.
  16. Probably stock music which is a lot more widely used than you would think. Just like many thinking the old Katanga Canyon music was Graham Smart but was in fact stock music which is the first track from this album... https://www.universalproductionmusic.com/en-lae/discover/albums/67/action-heroes
  17. I think it may end up with some, but they won't be too noticeable. Dc and Hyper Coaster at Land of Legends both have them but don't trim much at all. Here is a pic of one screenshot from TPWs on ride video. This is on the first hill after the main drop...
  18. Thorpe have confirmed on Twitter/X it will be 81mph. (just view the comments) I don't think it even needs a very fast lifthill to reach it was just a thought.
  19. Hyperion has a drop of 269ft and speed of 88mph and Shambhala has a drop of 256ft and reaches 83.3mph so I think it's possible. Might also have a relatively fast lift hill.
  20. It still could very well be Egyptian or even something completely different, but yes very exciting times! Also now confirmed to be the UKs Fastest coaster. Would imagine literally by the skin of teeth over Stealth!
  21. I think the current talk is themed to Icarus, as the story included flying close to the sun. We will know in the coming months Still all very exciting!
  22. 😂 I thought we were going to get a LITTLE more than that haha
  23. I'd say this is pretty likely, I don't think they would troll to that extent. The Fire in the Hole building looks a little smaller than that planned for Horizon so could certainly work! Whilst everyone would have probably wanted a large RMC with inversions this could lead to good relationship with RMC and thus a higher chance of something at another merlin park. Maybe that Thorpe RMC is still possible after all 😉 Interesting and exciting times ahead!
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