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  1. Try and stop a project that could serve as competition to the parks and continue to be lazy with said parks as opposed to embracing competition which could improve the quality of the industry in this country and actually making an effort. Yep seems legit!! M£rlin (emphasis on the pound sign) really are the absolute pits of the industry.
  2. Icon right now is utterly pointless to run three trains on. Endless stacking. I know many blame this on the seatbelt installed on the restraint, this however is not the issue. The issue is that the wristband/E ticket scanner is right at the boarding area to the ride. Which means guests are faffing around getting through the turnstile and being batched into their rows whilst the train in front is hitting the second launch. Icon historically when operated well is dispatching a train just as the train in front is hitting the second launch. So by the time you ha
  3. What you just described in my book is very much a nice sensation!! 😛
  4. I think Steel Vengeance may have something to say to that!!
  5. Dont worry people I am sure Storm Surge will make a splashback soon!!
  6. Professor Burps Bubbleworks is also due to open in time for the summer months you will be glad to know. Then next year Hocus Pocus Hall will return along with Beanoland
  7. Honestly if I had a quid for every time I have said "Blue badge holders only or get your backside in the main queue", I would be able to buy the parks.
  8. A gentle reminder that RAP is supposed to be for those who CAN NOT QUEUE. *sees the above. Honestly its ironic and hilarious at the same time.
  9. If people still dont understand why I spell Merlin with a pound sign replacing the e, let the below image answer that question for you. You will see less pants being pulled down if you went to the Amsterdam Red Light District. Gordon Ramsay best be doing the pizza for that price.
  10. This!! Honestly never seen a post hit the nail on the head more than this one!!
  11. I am sure this is an UNpopular opinion but who knows Valhalla when it was in its prime was better than Chiapas today.
  12. Honestly for those who think Blackpool is a dive (they ain't wrong in fairness), Margate makes Blackpool look like Orlando. Never been to such a depressing town in my whole life and thats coming from a fella who lives in Maidenhead for christ sake.
  13. We will get Bouncezilla and Gamefx back if we are lucky If Loggers came back, I'd be a dutchman's uncle. They are probably waiting for it to just collapse to save on the good old demolition costs knowing them.
  14. And we finally have some testing footage!! I personally feel of this and Velocicoaster, this looks to be the more thrilling of the two. Velocicoaster ofcourse looks to be the overall best experience when theming and all that stuff is factored in, but this certainly looks to have the thrill factor of the two with that spike,top hat and outer bank turn plus the high speed turns after the top hat and indeed between the outer bank and stall. Another terrific looking Intamin
  15. I hear Efteling has this entrances pictures all over the guest services!!
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