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  1. The Walking Dead: The Ride - New for 2018

    Barbed wire queue lines as far as the eye can see!! - “a prison island like no other” Or it will have that many IP’s that they may aswell retheme it to a studio themed theme park. “Merlins Hollywood Studios” anyone??
  2. Alton Towers General Discussion

    4 hours worth of Nemesis and Galactica (5 for Rita and Thirteen) yet putting the prices for entry up!! Nicely done!! Honestly it just gets more and more ridiculous every year now. This is the supposed “number one park” in the uk and Merlin “second to Disney” entertainments supposed “flagship park” and the state it’s in with SBNO rides and all these unacceptable in every sense of the word opening hours is nothing short of an utter disgrace. Sad thing is it’s not going to change anytime soon as they have naff all competition in the uk that affects their business (paramount is NEVER going to happen) so they can get away with all of this. As long as they rule the roost, expect more compromise!!
  3. Wicker Man - New for 2018

    This will be the customary pre ride photo op!!
  4. Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    Amen to that!! but no!! We lose an absolute classic whilst that abomination lives on!!....life is cruel sometimes :/
  5. Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    Absolutely gutted by that news!! In my opinion it was not only the best coaster at the pleasure beach but by far the best wild mouse coaster on the planet!! Shame that they never gave it a fairwell like they did the log flume a few years back as it would of absolutely deserved that sort of send off. Them dealing with the angry fans of the ride on opening day in a nutshell......
  6. TPM Awards 2017 - The Results!

    Wow!! Never thought so many of you shipped myself and Martin C!! 😂😂 Also, I’m not that funny people so I appreciate those who voted me on that one to get me to third!! admit it.... it’s my bald patch isn’t it!!??
  7. The Walking Dead: The Ride - New for 2018

    I believe this might answer that question!!
  8. The Walking Dead: The Ride - New for 2018

    I wonder if loggers leap will reopen themed to the movie Deliverance whilst we are at it?? or swarm rethemed to my little pony and marketed to families
  9. Fright Nights 2018 - General Discussion

    Big Top to return with more of its “crazed debauchery!!” Platform 15 to return and hopefully have a decent ending put into place because the improvements made to it this year really made it a fantastic attraction up until the final tunnel. Sort that out and they are on to a winner in my opinion. This and Big Top in my honest opinion were the only two positives about fright nights this year so they should absolutely return next year. I would say make some changes to Saw Alive but we are kind of flogging a dead horse with that one. Bring back roaming actors as they can add to the atmosphere in general around the park (half of why I love shocktoberfest as much as I do is the roaming characters!!) Oh and one last one...STOP OVERSELLING FASTRACK!!
  10. TPM Meets 2018 Planning

    Now that’s evil!! that ride is a pure abomination!!
  11. The Walking Dead: The Ride - New for 2018

    A Walking Dead theme for a family coaster??!! Next thing you know Platform 15 will get a Thomas the tank engine retheme where rather than looking for the conductor, you are looking for the fat controller!! Then again with Alton Towers giving it’s family wooden coaster a Wicker Man theme, why not I guess!!.
  12. TPM Meets 2018 Planning

    Liseberg wouldn’t be a bad shout!! Has one of the best coasters on the planet in Helix, a great flat ride collection and with Valkyria opening, its definitely an interesting trip idea. UK wise, a Towers trip for either scarefest or fireworks would be good!!
  13. TPM Christmas Meet 2017!!

    I’m in for winter wonderland in the evening
  14. Favourite Coaster Launches

    Gotta go with Red Force!! With Tarons second launch coming a close second.
  15. Scarefest

    The mazes this year definitely feel weaker and more toned down this year compared to last (Sub Species and Altonville mine certainly feel less hands on) maybe this is due to stupid guest complaints but nonetheless it is a shame that that’s the case. The quality of the mazes still outshine Fright Nights in my opinion (Sub Species may be toned down but it’s still more intense than any fright night maze) and the park wide theming and roaming actors is still something I’d love to see Thorpe pay attention to. Not scarefests finest year but certainly still the strongest merlin Halloween event. Next year however I would like to see Terror of the towers finally get some work done to it as for as fun a maze as it is, it does seem to get weaker and weaker as the years go on. I’d also quite like to see Sub Species maybe get a retheme or something to freshen it up and most importantly I’d like to see the actors go back to the intensity they had for the previous two years as it was that intensity that made Scarefest really lead the way in terms of Halloween events.