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  1. And that right there is my issue. £10 for any upcharge is quite a fair bit of money and for a horror maze that has been pretty naff since its opening year especially. This even more so when you consider that the scarefest mazes cost £8. £8 is also a bit of an ask after paying admission (assuming you aint a MAP holder that is) but given the quality of the towers mazes in relation to a glorified walk in the woods, you could just about justify it. For £15 as recently as 2016 you could have had an extreme brave it alone through Big Top or Cabin in the woods for the love of
  2. Fastrack and RAP to be introduced for it in the foreseeable
  3. Either that or Swarm VR here we come!!
  4. May be a long wait given the US travel restrictions and all that malarkey!! Hoping to go in 2022 but I aint holding my breath.
  5. Double post but who the heck cares!!?? ITS OFFICIAL!! This looks truely incredible. Absolutely hyped up to high heaven about this thing. Smart business aswell by Universal to aim to open it in line with the release of the third Jurassic World movie!! *Taron and Helix have left the chat
  6. I am actually willing to bet with anybody who will take me on that SW9 will arrive before Thorpe get a coaster. The thing I want to know is simple. If Merlin do not want to give Thorpe an RMC, WHY do they not want to give them one? They are absolutely leading the way in the industry in terms of acclaim and how they are viewed in the community. They are also cheaper than other coasters from the likes of Mack and Intamin and in general are just solid good rides. So surely when the time comes to give Thorpe a new coaster, an RMC would make sense. If not them then what coa
  7. 1. Yes. Absolutely agree with the Icon point. I really fail to see the hype behind it at all. If I wanted to go through a load of turns in a slow and boring manner, I would get in a Go Kart driven by @Matt Creek 2. Big one is a major mixed bag to me. Yes it has a great drop, yes its a legend in the UK industry and yes it gives nice views of the park and area. Its just dull post drop though. I much prefer Magnum at Cedar Point. 3. One has not lived until they have a back row on Grand National!! Its not the pleasure beach without it. A true life altering experience if you
  8. An upgraded unofficial POV. The layout looks to be quite accurate and was made once track work was finished but obviously nobody knows the full details on what the theming will be like aside from the rock work and the Raptor cages that are in place. Given its Universal, I feel we hardly need worry about the quality of theming!! As a layout, this thing looks absolutely incredible!! The main critique I had of Taron (the rare ones I have of it!!) is that the layout is repetitive. This looks to have all the sharp turns of Taron but with inversions and top hats thrown in!!
  9. The thing with the price is simple. With Alton Towers, the mazes are significantly higher quality than what Thorpe has given in recent years if you take away Big Top and Creek Freak Massacre. So I can justify paying the upcharge as the quality is there. When you are paying an upcharge on top of paying to come through the gate, the attraction had damn sure best be good. If Thorpe still had the quality that the old days had with Asylum and E10, I would be more than happy to part with my money. Platform 15 however!! If that is worth paying £10 then I will walk through it
  10. The Europa vs Phantasia debate is a hard one for me They are absolutely Europe's two best parks. Without a doubt. Europa to me is an amazing overall park, but for me its all about the quality over the quantity. Europa has a massive selection of good to great rides but I personally would have Taron (and possibly Black Mamba) over any one of the Europa coasters and I would have Chiapas (and possibly River Quest) over any of the Europa water rides. Where I find Europas coasters to be good to great, Taron is simply world class and makes me want to go back to Phantasia as mu
  11. All of a sudden, The Passing for £3 sounds a steal!! Platform 15 for £10 when towers last year was charging £8 for Sub Species and the other scarefest mazes seems highway robbery to me.
  12. Well. Cedar Point is simply untouchable though xD Taron,Black Mamba and Chiapas are a line up that most other parks would die for!! Glad to see you enjoyed the park!!
  13. *sends the Titanic "its been 84 years" meme Fantastic news!! A little bit of positive news in what has been a dark year for the industry (well, and the world in general ofcourse) Looking forward to getting back out there next year if all goes well!!
  14. An updated top 10 post Poland!! 1. Steel Vengeance 2. Untamed 3. Zadra 4. Taron 5. Millennium Force 6. Helix 7. Maverick 8 Wildfire 9. Shambhala 10. Top Thrill Dragster Honorable mentions!! 1. Hyperion 2. Mystic Timbers 3. Mako
  15. I detest the system. Especially as a guy who enjoys waiting for the back!! Dont get me wrong, I still like the park. Zadra and Hyperion are amazing coasters and some of the water rides are good fun and I think it has a bright future. I just cant bring myself to like the funfair feeling areas aswell as them padding its coaster count with kiddy coasters left right and centre. Oh, plus viking was utterly horrific!! Its still a top ten park to me but to me its nowhere near as enjoyable as an overall park as the likes of Phantasia,Europa or Efteling. The future h
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