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  1. I know right!! Who on EARTH puts Fury 325 and millie over SteVe for worlds best coaster!!!?? I do find Valhalla continuously getting that award to be a bit off given the condition its been in over the last few years prior to its "revamp"......and surely Chiapas could have won the award at some point!! Goes to show the people picking the awards more likely than not have not ridden Valhalla over the last few years and are solely giving these awards on reputation.
  2. Think I've said it often now but Asylum absolutely blew practically every other FN maze that ever existed out of the water. I wouldnt necessarily say it is nostalgia that gives me that opinion, its the genuine fact that for me and 95 percent of the people that did it, it just did its job which was to scare. It was loud,chaotic,disorienting and the cast that was in it on most of my visits during its tenure absolutely went all out to deliver. No FN maze that has came after it has came anywhere near matching it in those regards. Then we look at some other mazes the park historically had. Experiment 10 created one hell of a sense of isolation that at the time was a breaking of the mold for UK theme park halloween mazes Se7en was the single most disgusting and psychological maze I have seen on these shores. Those scenes,smells and sights to this day have stayed with me Hellgate whilst not particularly unique in that it was just a generic haunted house themed maze, was an absolute jump scare ridden fun experience. Those opinions to me are nothing to do with nostalgia. Its just as I remember them on their own merits during their time at the event. They did their jobs far better then MOST of the mazes that have been at the event since Asylum left. Aside from Big Top and Cabin, none of the other mazes that have been at the event have done anything for me personally. For all Platform 15 is worth, one might as well leave the park early and just head round to monks walk for an evening stroll....you're now doing Platform 15 for free.
  3. Whatever gave that idea away!!?? Its a world clASS event!! Tulleys should apologise for digging Thorpe to those who actually prefer FN to shocktoberfest* *all 3 of them
  4. Gotta love tulleys!! Ah Thorpe we love you really.....
  5. In unsurprising news, the worlds best park are doing away with Wicked Twister. Quite mixed on this. Yes Wicked Twister was far from being among the best rides at the park, but it worked very well for the footspace it took up and made a nice appearance on the parks skyline. Curious to see what could replace it (a Mack Powersplash would be great in that area) given the park/chains profits still not being great due to the pandemic.
  6. Do NOT give them ideas!!
  7. Double po...oh who gives a monkeys!!?? In a fairly recent Q&A, a Busch official confirmed they are waiting for the "perfect opportunity from a commercial and marking stand point" to open Iron Gwazi This could very well translate into a 2022 opening as an initiative to drive season pass renewals and get guests to return when the ride opens whilst also keeping steady numbers in the mean time. Could also mean that they are waiting for the Velocicoaster hype over at Universal to die down a notch or two and thus the ride can open to a greater fanfare. Several rumours of a potential september/october soft opening of the ride going about but the credibility of these sources are very much in what I call the "HP source" category. JUST OPEN THE DAMN THING BUSCH!!
  8. Try and stop a project that could serve as competition to the parks and continue to be lazy with said parks as opposed to embracing competition which could improve the quality of the industry in this country and actually making an effort. Yep seems legit!! M£rlin (emphasis on the pound sign) really are the absolute pits of the industry.
  9. Icon right now is utterly pointless to run three trains on. Endless stacking. I know many blame this on the seatbelt installed on the restraint, this however is not the issue. The issue is that the wristband/E ticket scanner is right at the boarding area to the ride. Which means guests are faffing around getting through the turnstile and being batched into their rows whilst the train in front is hitting the second launch. Icon historically when operated well is dispatching a train just as the train in front is hitting the second launch. So by the time you have got through the scanning turnstile, been sent to your row, had the gates open, placed your belongings in the loose articles area, had the restaint checked and given the all clear, the ride has two trains stacked up behind you. Which in turn takes an eternity to off load riders. Until they move the location of the turnstile, they should NOT be running it on three trains. No ifs no buts and no maybes about it.
  10. What you just described in my book is very much a nice sensation!! 😛
  11. I think Steel Vengeance may have something to say to that!!
  12. Dont worry people I am sure Storm Surge will make a splashback soon!!
  13. Professor Burps Bubbleworks is also due to open in time for the summer months you will be glad to know. Then next year Hocus Pocus Hall will return along with Beanoland
  14. Honestly if I had a quid for every time I have said "Blue badge holders only or get your backside in the main queue", I would be able to buy the parks.
  15. A gentle reminder that RAP is supposed to be for those who CAN NOT QUEUE. *sees the above. Honestly its ironic and hilarious at the same time.
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