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  1. I have said this time and time again. A fan forum will almost certainly reflect the current state of what it is dedicated to which in this case is Thorpe Park. If Thorpe Park was performing and delivering to its potential, this forum would reflect that with members getting real excited about the place. As it is, the park has been a shadow of its old self for a few years now to the point where many who once loved it are now staying away as they are fed up. So ofcourse this forum reflects that. It would be nice to see positivity.....but when the park is leaving little to find positives in, its hardly surprising that you see more constructive criticism on here
  2. Looks a very good giga despite all the negativity towards it. Looks to keep a good speed, the speed hill looks epic and I can imagine the final turn will be quite forceful. Only critique I suppose is that it looks a short coaster. Look forward to this on my next trip to Ohio!!
  3. Think I will be kicked off this if I say what I really think of this. The ride was my absolute favourite water ride and that was largely down to the animatronics, characters (NO Uncle Remus BTW!!) and the songs during the ride. This has upset me even more so than Loggers or the mouse at Blackpool going. Sure this theme will look good in FRONTIERland too.... cant wait to ride "Dr Faciliers Voodoo mountain railroad" too!!
  4. Thing is this. Yes the price hike is steep but clearly in selling out opening day, people are willing to pay it. So to Thorpe, that is a win. Inevitably its profits first to any buisness never mind merlin so if a park or any sort of entertainment put prices up yet the consumer still pays the price, that kind of is a win to the buisness. If you feel the asking price is not worth the product then simply do not pay it. If you went to a shop and you felt the product was not worth the price then you put it down and walk away. To me the same goes for theme parks. Thorpe has prices in line with some the elite of European and American parks. Places like Cedar Point,Phantasialand and Europa park IN MY OPINION offer the premium product so I am happy to pay the premium prices. I do not feel ANY uk park offers a product warranting them sort of prices so I simply do not go. To me, its take it or leave it.
  5. bIG tOp iS CoMInG bAcK!! *Source: HP
  6. More expensive than Efteling Or Cedar Point for instance on the gate if I am not mistaken. If I am mistaken then I apologise in advance and if correct.....wow this country is overpriced.
  7. Well think of it this way. Atleast they put in this rather than a damned bouncy castle!!
  8. Honestly, I think this ride looks good for its target audience. Its just a shame that Bob had to go. The music is quite nice and quirky sounding too. I do maintain I feel Efteling is crying out for a thrill machine coaster in the vein of Taron that accomodates to the thrill market whilst also being accessible to the family market. Can't wait to HOPEFULLY get out there in October!!
  9. Fred Grubb of RMC filling suit against Busch Gardens. Busch still owe RMC 3 and a half million dollars of the rides 9 million cost. Poor form from both in my book. Busch really should and could have paid way before but bit poor of RMC to time this with the park only just opening post lockdown. On a side note. ONLY 9 MILLION FOR AN RMC!!??
  10. Wait....this is UNpopular!!??
  11. People who hate on fastrack users Yes. I personally am not keen on paid for fastrack but we got to accept that it is very much the norm at most parks now and when it brings in a fair bit for the parks, there is simply no way it's going anywhere any time soon. If a guest however wants to pay their hard earned money to cut the lines to maximise their own enjoyment on a day out, then its their prerogative. Their money,their decision. Simple as that. I can think of more dishonest ways to cut the queues ;)
  12. When people defend their favourite parks with things that if any other park did it, they would be right on the war path. Just gets on my nerves seeing that.
  13. After Rise of the resistance and Iron Gwazi, this is the development in Florida I can safely I am most looking forward to experiencing whenever I get the chance to return to Florida. Universal apparently have been interested in an Intamin multi launch/blitz coaster since Taron came around and I can see them looking to make this an intense and snappy experience given the use of the Intamin double spined track. The only other question I suppose this will leave is wherever or not the addition of this coaster will open the flood gates to Universal retheming the Jurassic Park island into Jurassic World with the River Adventure getting a similar retheme to the Hollywood version. Personally, I'd rather they have a mix and have rides and experiences themed to both the older Jurassic Parks and the new Jurassic Worlds. I mean, I'm sure if they can get away with King Kong on the island that they can manage that. I MAY be able to forgive them for doing away with the Dueling Dragons now!!
  14. I am really getting quite sick and tired of seeing enthusiasts moaning and crying about POSTPONED trips to theme parks this year thanks to the pandemic. Look, I know this page is ofcourse a forum dedicated to a theme park and I myself am very proud of being an enthusiast. However, I do feel some enthusiasts on social media really need to look at what's going on in the world before they go on an Ian Beale style "IVE GOT NOTHING LEFT" sulk about postponed park visits. People are losing their jobs and with that, the abillity to make a living to pay the bills. More importantly, many people are losing loved ones to this virus. So with all that happening, I personally find it hard to feel sympathy to a bunch of people who are crying over not being able to visit parks that will STILL BE AROUND when all this is said and done. Those who are losing loved ones do not have that luxury. I have a friend who lost her nan recently and was not even allowed to attend her own nans funeral. So yes, forgive me if I find it hard to feel sorry for having to wait a little longer to ride the likes of Shambhala,Taron, Zadra,Taiga and Iron Gwazi or going to flaming Disneyland Paris. Rant over. Again I know this doesn't apply to all enthusiasts but I am seeing enough of it to really get on my wick. It's not just postponed park trips. It's also the sulking over canceled festivals and concerts. People should check their priorities as far as I'm concerned.
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