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  1. I think if it came down to being between a B&M Hyper or RMC, the higher ups at M£rlin would go for the Hyper over the RMC. Why?. Well they know that the last two big investments for Thorpe wasnt seen as a success in terms of driving up the gate numbers for various reasons. So they know (or should know) the very next big investment for Thorpe needs to work out. Now with an RMC, yes if Thorpe went down that road the enthusiasts would absolutely make a beeline for the park. That however does NOT mean the same thing can be said for the general public. Ask ANY non enthusiast/GP what an RMC is and I highly doubt they will know what it is. Enthusiasts only make up a super niche part of the overall audience and in terms of buisness model and strategy, M£rlin who as I just mentioned will want the next big investment to work out financially are simply not going to make an investment that only appeases a niche group. They will want something that will appeal to everybody. A B&M hyper absolutely ticks that box. They are huge coasters which the GP seem to think automatically makes a coaster must ride and is a model of coaster that enthusiasts enjoy given the popularity of Mako and Shambhala. I also think a GCI would be higher up the food chain here than an RMC given theres the chance M£rlin could look at Wicker Mans success over at towers and could possibly think cashing in on that and making a Troy scale woody at Thorpe. I hope I am wrong in terms of Thorpe getting that elusive UK RMC. I just personally cant see it unfortunately.
  2. Well this season its been pointless running it on three trains as they are let alone with people clambering for the back rows now. Hope I am wrong but this could very much be an operational disaster
  3. The legendary Karen who works in guest services has also confirmed the return of professor burps bubbleworks!!
  4. The funny part there is I've smelled it at Thorpe MORE than I have on ANY visit to the Dutch theme parks AND THATS A COUNTRY WHERE THE DAMN STUFF IS LEGAL!!
  5. Anytime I hear "innit bruv" or the smell of weed hits my nose!!* *so I was thinking of the place endlessly when I was in Amsterdam recently!!
  6. A quick recap of my visit last Tuesday to this beautiful park!! Pros 1. Baron was riding much better than in previous visits. Actually took me by surprise given I am far from its biggest fan. Joris was also riding insanely well compared to past visits. 2. This park EASILY has the best dark ride collection of any park NOT owned by Disney or Universal. Symbolica and Fata Morgana are sensational dark rides and need to be seen to be believed. Sorry Europa and your disney knock offs. 3. Polles Kitchen!!. Quick service and gorgeous pancakes....not much more to say. 4. The park was clean and well kept. Something that is consistent with previous visits 5. Max and Moritz was actually a lot more enjoyable than I anticipated. Yes, its only a family coaster but it adds a much needed coaster for kids to the line up and was actually quite quirky in places. Cons 1. Baron,Dutchman and Joris was all on reduced capacity. Even with Barons queue coming out the entrance. 2. Loads of broken effects on Baron and Dutchman. Especially Dutchman, the condition of the show section really was abysmal to the point I made the statement "has Merlin secretly taken over!!??" 3. Both Ravejin AND aquanura broke during my visit. Was evacuated from Ravejin towards the finale and aquanura went kaput half way through. Poor show in that regard. So whilst my visit was a mixed bag, there is no denying that Efteling is absolutely one of europes best parks. Yes it lacks a true thrill machine coaster, but the thrill coasters they have are more than adequate to give that niche audience the kick they want to go with what makes this park. Which is its charm, feel good vibes and its stunning collection of themed experience attractions. Absolutely visit this amazing park if the chance presents itself!!
  7. On trips to Cedar Point, I have seen old couples walking around the park and still enjoying themself. I was at Efteling on Tuesday and again I saw people a wide variety of ages enjoying the park. So I wouldn't say there is a "too old" for going to theme parks. I suppose it entirely depends on how much you enjoy them personally as the years go by. I fully intend to be riding Steel Vengeance and Zadra well into my 70s if my health allows!!!
  8. Europa has Ed Euromaus Efteling has Pardoes Liseberg has the bunnies Thorpe has Jack Sickstone
  9. Correct me if I am wrong But unless the upcharge for mazes is just the cash grab I said it was last year, isnt the whole point of upcharge timed ticked maze admission to STOP long waits?
  10. I know right!! Who on EARTH puts Fury 325 and millie over SteVe for worlds best coaster!!!?? I do find Valhalla continuously getting that award to be a bit off given the condition its been in over the last few years prior to its "revamp"......and surely Chiapas could have won the award at some point!! Goes to show the people picking the awards more likely than not have not ridden Valhalla over the last few years and are solely giving these awards on reputation.
  11. Think I've said it often now but Asylum absolutely blew practically every other FN maze that ever existed out of the water. I wouldnt necessarily say it is nostalgia that gives me that opinion, its the genuine fact that for me and 95 percent of the people that did it, it just did its job which was to scare. It was loud,chaotic,disorienting and the cast that was in it on most of my visits during its tenure absolutely went all out to deliver. No FN maze that has came after it has came anywhere near matching it in those regards. Then we look at some other mazes the park historically had. Experiment 10 created one hell of a sense of isolation that at the time was a breaking of the mold for UK theme park halloween mazes Se7en was the single most disgusting and psychological maze I have seen on these shores. Those scenes,smells and sights to this day have stayed with me Hellgate whilst not particularly unique in that it was just a generic haunted house themed maze, was an absolute jump scare ridden fun experience. Those opinions to me are nothing to do with nostalgia. Its just as I remember them on their own merits during their time at the event. They did their jobs far better then MOST of the mazes that have been at the event since Asylum left. Aside from Big Top and Cabin, none of the other mazes that have been at the event have done anything for me personally. For all Platform 15 is worth, one might as well leave the park early and just head round to monks walk for an evening stroll....you're now doing Platform 15 for free.
  12. Whatever gave that idea away!!?? Its a world clASS event!! Tulleys should apologise for digging Thorpe to those who actually prefer FN to shocktoberfest* *all 3 of them
  13. Gotta love tulleys!! Ah Thorpe we love you really.....
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