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  1. Martin Doyle

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    So I noticed this has been flying around on social media. I don’t take this seriously for a minute (it just has hoax written all over it from where I’m sitting) and highly doubt it will ever happen, however I really don’t know how to feel on the matter. On one hand, RMC make some absolutely phenomenal coasters (Steel Vengeance as far as I go is easily the best coaster in the world) but on the other side of the coin Grand National is a piece of heritage and still a coaster the public genuinely enjoy. Most coasters that undergo the conversion are coasters that are universally hated but that’s not the case with grand national. I would love an RMC in this country more than anything, but I would rather see one freshly built instead of at the expense of heritage. Again I don’t take that “plan” seriously for a second but just talking hypothetical plus raising the question as to what people would feel if this actually became a possibility. Plus Grand National is also a listed structure so I’m pretty sure that puts an end to that possibility as well as the fact I’ve also seen somewhere that the foundations are not suitable for that sort of work to be done on Grand National.
  2. Martin Doyle

    TPM Christmas Meet 2018

    Count me in I’ll be around for the full thing this time.... probably for the best given how difficult I was to find last year!! 😂😂
  3. Martin Doyle

    Park Count - 2018

    Alton Towers +4 Thorpe Park +9 Chessington +5 Drayton Manor +1 Blackpool Pleasure Beach +1 Dreamland Margate +1 Cedar Point +4 Liseberg + 2 Next year the priority is hopefully a return to Cedar Point (if not then certainly 2020) or a trip back to Sweden to finally ride Wildfire!!
  4. Martin Doyle


    -books trip to Poland!!- Hyperion AND an RMC in the same park?? Yes please!!
  5. Martin Doyle

    Fright Nights 2019 - General Discussion

    What I hope - a complete revamp of the event with priority on actual maze quality and original ideas for story/theming (goodbye IP’s) aswell as Freezer and Big Top returning. Would also very much like to see the return of park wide decoration and the atmospheric midnight syndicate tracks. What I expect - Another lacklustre event with priority on using a damn IP to market the event with little to no quality in the mazes whatsoever aswell as Vulcan Peak and Big Top:showtime returning. This accompanied by those beautiful floodlights and ASDA Halloween sourced theming.
  6. Martin Doyle

    Fright Nights 2018 - General Discussion

    So tonight I decided to bite the bullet and give fright nights a chance. Before I say my own thoughts, I would just like to mention a brief chat I had with a couple I met in the Do or Die line. This years fright nights was the first year they went since 2008 (the best year in the events history) and the first thing they said to me was “what happened?? I remember this used to be so good!!” So this couple has not seen the decline of fright nights since 2008, they have seen the then and the now and that to me must be even worse than the decline that I’ve seen year on year. Without mincing my words, this years fright nights is EASILY the worst fright nights I have been too and I have been going since 2004!!. Vulcan peak is an absolute insult to the space that once occupied The Freezer/Asylum. It really is not only comfortably the worst horror maze in the events history, it is the worst horror maze I have ever had the displeasure of going through!! Honestly want to know who thought that maze was good enough to open to the public some of whom are paying good hard earned money to attend. The other new “mazes” to me also felt cheap and last minute.com and as a whole it just all felt rushed together this year. Next year, the event needs a major overhaul as far as I’m concerned as it really has now turned into a laughing stock in relation to both other events in the country AND what the event used to be back up until the damn Lionsgate IP’s came in. The event now lacks a “go to” maze that you know would salvage the event no matter how bad everything else is thanks to the absolutely ludicrous decision to not bring The Big Top back and that has always been something fright nights has had since the start of the event (Freezer,Asylum,Studio 13, Cabin In The Woods and Big Top) so now there is absolutely nothing in my opinion that saves this event. For those of you who are reading this who never got to see how great this event once was, I truly am sorry!!
  7. Martin Doyle

    Fright Nights 2018 - General Discussion

    “Nothing can be worse than Big Top 2015 or Platform 15 2016!!” Vulcan Peak: “Hold my beer!!” Seriously sad seeing the reviews for the quality of attractions this year especially given that 10 years ago, we had four solid indoor mazes in the form of Asylum,Hellgate,The Curse and Se7en!! Goes to show, “Quality over quantity!!” I myself can’t really say anything about the event this year as I am not attending fright nights this year, but hearing all the feedback from friends of mine who have gone to the event and seeing the reviews online tells me that it really is concerning times for this event which has been on the decline for some time now in my eyes. It really does need a major shake up next year in order to save the event now because in terms of quality, it really is starting to really lag behind other events such as Scarefest and Shocktoberfest. That is quite sad for those who remember the years when Fright Nights was right up there as one of the best Halloween events in the country.
  8. Martin Doyle

    Park Music

    RIP the atmospheric Colossus and Nemesis Inferno old school soundtracks!! I do love a lot of what Imascore do (Big Top,Helix,Wickerman and Taron ETC) but I also find a lot of what they do quite bland and lacking in atmosphere. Yes they make long soundtracks but just because something has a longer lasting time does not make it better.... otherwise by that logic, The Attack of the Clones is a better movie than The Empire Strikes Back.
  9. Martin Doyle

    The ultimate question

    Wickerman by the skin of its teeth for me. That is largely down to the fact that I find Icon in any row other than the back to be painfully dull. Both coasters to me are 6/10 rides but I just prefer the overall feel of Wickerman when you throw the smoke,fire and interactions with the Wickerman effigy into the mix.
  10. Martin Doyle

    Cedar Point/Canada 2020 (TBC)

    I think it’s almost a cast iron certainty Cedar Point will be opening a coaster for the anniversary. They are having a quiet investment year next season so they will most likely go big for the anniversary. So I would personally recommend waiting for the anniversary year (plus I myself will be going back then too!) In terms of “when to visit weather wise”, any time in August would be ideal really given the long opening hours (this chances on the last week of August as it is considered “off peak” so the park closes earlier at 8pm) the lines ofcourse will be long but if you are investing in fast lane plus anyway, this won’t be an issue. Be aware though they do seem to do a Merlin with fast lane and oversell it (Steel Vengeances fastlane can still easily clock in at over an hour) For flights, I flew to Iceland first before getting a connecting flight to Cleveland Hopkins. Both flights together are around 8 hours worth of flying time. From there it’s a one hour drive from Cleveland to Sandusky. Hope this was some sort of help!! Cedar Point is the best park out there so it is definitely worth going.... don’t even think....just go!!
  11. Martin Doyle

    Next Roller Coaster

    Honestly if Thorpe Park give us an RMC, I will forgive them for the Loggers Leap treatment!! They are amazing coasters and pretty much all of them get good at worst reviews so they could open the worst RMC and it would still be an instant hit to the UK audience. Heck if they want to slap an IP on it to market it, go for it!! Hell theme it to “My Little Pony” and market it as “worlds first My Little Pony coaster” if you want merlin!! Just seems a no brainer to me for parks to get an RMC. Airtime in abundance, unreal transitions and that perfect mixture of fun and intense.
  12. Martin Doyle

    Tulley's Shocktober Fest Scream Park 2017

    Personally, I am quite delighted to see Tulleys get Circus of Horrors as I used to love watching them back during the good old days at fright nights. Yes I can understand the advertising of “9th haunt” was stupidly misleading, but I feel this could really add to Shocktoberfest massively (a great thing to do outside the haunts) which is a good thing given it’s already the one of the best (if not the best) Halloween events in the country.
  13. Martin Doyle

    Fright Nights 2018 - General Discussion

    Don’t worry!! Big Top will return!! Then the circus will be rocking up to the park and protesting that the maze is “too offensive to clowns” and that will be good night Vienna to Big Top!!
  14. Martin Doyle

    Top 10's

    Well ChiapasC has more or less covered the bulk of it!! Essentially, The Asylum was pretty much 85 percent the same as The Freezer with the main difference being the layout was reversed. You’d walk in through The Asylums exit and run out onto the old showcase stage. Theming wise, Freezer was themed to more of a morgue where the dead have come alive whereas Asylum is themed to....well just that!! The Freezer also had dead ends in its first year (I never got to experience that though) aswell as much more smoke used in it. Apart from that, both of them more or less was the same maze!! Same strobes,same audio (inside and outside!!), same fencing and relied on similar tricks but with different presentation (For example Asylum used hanging clothes and cloth in one scene for you to weave in and out of whereas Freezer used body bags) but Freezer felt better presented than Asylum in that the layout worked better in its original form and there was a bit more theming and different scenes in The Freezer. Doesnt add anything I know but I’d have Freezer back at the event in a heartbeat!! Easily the most terrifying maze in the events history and it’s been gone since 2004!!
  15. Martin Doyle

    Fright Nights 2018 - General Discussion

    I wouldn’t joke about that you know!! 😜