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  1. Me,Martin C and kerfuffle are now booked and sorted!! Looking forward to the concussion that comes with a ride on baco!! gonna be a great trip!!
  2. I am 100 percent in. It looks like I'll be rooming with Kerfuffle and Martin C. We will be booking soon (ish)
  3. Count me in. I'm good for either date
  4. Hex

    Couldnt agree more!! Such a brilliant piece of music and just adds so much to the final part of the ride.
  5. Oh this is an easy one....storm surge by far!! Being serious though, I'd say Nemesis Inferno with the swarm just behind it.
  6. Big Top returning is a no brainer really as it was the saving grace for fright nights just gone and was simply fantastic. Platform 15 returning though is a massive shock taken into account it was a disaster in the eyes of 95 percent of those who did it. I do have faith however that Thorpe will make major alterations to it as there is no way on earth (surely) that they will just bring it back the same as it was when it was utterly panned by the public. So I have hope it will end up being decent when October does roll round.
  7. Have to agree with that big time. It would be sad to see Colossus go when it does eventually go because of how much it raised Thorpe parks profile but it is just getting to a gwazi level of roughness now. theres plenty of space there to easily make a great replacement when they choose to do so.
  8. The three mazes you just listed blow today's line up out of the water!! Just sad to think that few years ago we got experiment 10 and now we get platform 15
  9. It was a tough list to make. On reflection I suppose I could remove Hulk for El toro (hell even Nitro) but I kind of have a soft spot for Hulk for some reason.
  10. Indiana Jones at Disneyland Paris!!. Uncomfy to the point that it makes Colossus look like a spa session. Dreadful in every sense of the word.
  11. Favourite rides 1. Tower of terror (Orlando) 2. Shambhala 3. Nemesis 4. Incredible Hulk Coaster 5. Sheikra 6. Dragon Khan 7. Kraken 8. Amazing adventures of Spider-Man 9. Montu 10. Kumba to be fair, the top 3 are set in stone but 4 down could really be in any particular order
  12. That or some big changes and allowing actors to touch. I think touching in this would enhance it massively but yeah as it is it is stale as anything.
  13. I'm in!! not really fussed as to what day it is as I literally live 20 minutes away
  14. Apart from me and Steven losing to peaj at air hockey (at the same time!!), this was a great meet!! Those views from the top of the London Eyes were simply magnificent!!. Winter wonderland was fantastic this year apart from me being an idiot and deciding to pull the restraints down too far on Olympia (which is a magnificent coaster especially for a temporary one by the way) which near enough killed my shoulders. Well done to Ryan and Paige on becoming the new meet organisers and all the best to Peaj (by the way me and Steven only let you win by the way....)
  15. Here are just a few of the opinions I've had that got me a couple of "are you mad??" looks off my mates. Even though some of these opinions are quite split down the middle. 1) Hellgate was better than The Asylum back in the day. 2) I prefer Detonator to Apocalypse. 3) Floridas Rock N Roller coaster is much better than the Paris one. 4) Flying coasters are a waste of time. 5) I like Furius Baco.