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  1. Minor - Stray Firework catches tree alight and fire put out quickly. The whole damage courtesy of TowersStreet Social Media
  2. It ranges from £10 to £18 for AP holders depending on the day before Christmas, and then it should be free after Christmas.
  3. Hello TPM Peeps, Christmas is yet again rapidly approaching and that means time for the last TPM meet of the year The date has been set as Saturday 14th December. 10:15 - Meet inside London Waterloo Station under the clock by WHSmiths. 11:00 - London Eye. 12:30(ish) - London Dungeons 2:30(ish) - Wetherspoons for food and drink ("The Metropolitan Halls" next to Baker Street Station) 4:30/5 onwards - The main event - Winter Wonderland All TPM meets are great fun and everyone is welcome whether you have attended virtually every meet or you haven't been to any at all. Please don't feel put off if you have never been before, everyone is friendly and everyone gets included. We had two new members join last Christmas that enjoyed it. If you have any queries please PM me. Please message below or PM me if you are coming. Attendance EpicSmatty (LD onwards) Glitch JoshC. Marc Martin Doyle (LD onwards) Mattgwise Wicker Matt
  4. Noooooo! The classic noise those grabber machines make is one of the last things remaining that has been there for years! Can't imagine walking in the dome and not hearing this... https://youtu.be/AO-p-KRZDgA
  5. I thought it was a pile of turd! Good riddance!
  6. It's simply the return of X. Goodbye Walking Dead. In all seriousness I don't think it means anything, just merely pointing out the countdown to 2020 has begun. I expect similar events to last year, maybe something new.
  7. You're missing the point, they are older rides to samurai. Age shouldn't be a factor as to whether they go so was a sarcastic response as I don't believe samurai should go. I don't want them to go either. Zodiac has been pretty unreliable of late tbf!
  8. Slightly off topic although I would like it to be an improvement for 2020! Having experimented with one of these a few days ago for the first time with someone it isn't that that Is that issue! The problem is the staff not utilising it properly. At one ride (inferno) the person wrote the actual queue time down for us not to reuse it again in that time. On nine seperate rides (some the same) the staff member just looked at the card and waved us through telling us not to worry about having it filled in. On the rest they just wrote about 20 mins or half the actual advertised queue time down. If it was utilised properly there wouldn't be masses of people in the lines for RAP as they'd have to wait in the park somewhere or join actual main queue for rides with smaller queues. There were several occasions where up to 8 people were trying to get on rides with one RAP holder. This they were a bit stricter with when I saw but wouldn't have been all rides I'm sure! When people were confronted at Inferno for being there too early as they had another 20 mins left on the sheet, the staff member suffered abuse as he was doing it properly. The member of public wasnt happy as no one else had stopped him. Hopefully going forward into 2020 staff become stricter or utilise a better system
  9. Well with it about to complete ita 23rd season who knows! In fairness Samurai has been far more reliable in the last few seasons than it was prior, where it would regularly die for long periods of time around twice a season! Zodiacs time should be up before Samurai, as should Rocky Express, Teacups, Flying Fish and Depth Charge.
  10. I left at 7 and walked past it and it was well and truly closed with nothing happening, a closed sign or any staff there. Then about 15 mins later as you say suddenly it was all fine and open. Guessing a staffing issue rather than the ride still being broken seeing as nothing happened on it all day. Had I known it would open I'd have stayed to get one ride this year on it. Ah well always next year. Samurai also had some engineers looking at it during the afternoon although they were not there long.
  11. Can confirm the park was very busy today, but didn't help that Nemesis Inferno opened late and on one train until 3:30, although kudos for them getting it open. Colossus was also evacuated and closed until afternoon. Lets not forget that Vortex, Samurai and Quantum also down. Once Nemesis Inferno opened it had a completely full queueline in all extensions until I left around 7pm. They were running the ride flawlessly having a 30 seconds until the train leaves announcement and staff running around. Ride was run best I have seen in years!
  12. It hasn't run since 27th. I think it has less than a week this season.
  13. Looks like a drop tower to add to the list of rides mentioned in @JoshC. post as well!
  14. Brilliant update. This is certainly an exciting looking project and cannot wait to see the finished project and further announcements for its future. Will certainly be visiting here next year.
  15. The ironic thing, they actually painted some of the fencing again only about a month or 2 ago.
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