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  1. Getting there slowly Any ideas on the freestyle machines? Towers have been in use since Tuesday?
  2. Yep It still needs a minimum of 15 to ride. But one reason is to stop it getting stuck in the position shown in the video. 15 or more is supposed to make it weigh out to the 9pm point from what I remember. So not sure why it's gone to the 12 o clock point.
  3. A woman has died after she fell from the Formula 1 coaster at Parc Saint Paul in France. Seems its not the only time someone's fallen. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8490215/Woman-32-dies-falling-Formula-1-rollercoaster-Parc-Saint-Paul-theme-park-France.html
  4. I think you have hit the nail on the head there. It's exactly why the forum was thriving ten years ago! If Thorpe announced a total multi million pound refurb, major new coaster or even a new buyer then conversations may be different.
  5. To be fair the entrance looks a lot fresher, even just the bright orange and yellow banners on the hideous metal fences makes a huge difference. Even the dome and Infinity restaurant look modern, sleek and stylish. BUT for a theme park it's all soul less and bland. It is not theme park material. Fins at least aimed to fit an "island theme", which the audio and branding was changed to. Now yet again we have a mis mash of themes and nothing makes sense. By the time the park gets updated to its new brand (how many brand changes have there been in the last decade or so?) it will change again and there will be a mismash.
  6. You forgot to mention the lovely landscaping in the queue to that sinking boat. Courtesy of Theme Park Guide.
  7. Haha! I'm sure it will be sorted. Is the green light fixed more importantly? Hope you're having a great day.
  8. Yep I guess so. Well looking positively at least people have something to read on their Saturday afternoon
  9. haha, I won't continue, I will accept I am wrong and that there is potentially huge love for the ride and if I ever get on it I will THEN give my TRUE opinion
  10. So people don't share opinions and discuss things people say the TPM forums are dead. We then discuss things and people share views (which is what this place is for) and people don't like it. I give up and will say no more.
  11. TBF it doesn't look like they are ready, there was nothing at all in prep for covid 19 measures in that JS video only filmed a few days ago. But I suppose on the other hand you could argue that in fairness it's more sensible to hold off all the signage/markings what with the high chance of the measurement dropping to 1m. Would have been a pain if they'd printed and put signage up with 2m guidelines to then have to redo it all if it does drop to 1m.
  12. If it's your thing then fair enough. Doesn't do it for me and until I have kids I won't be making any effort to ride it unless it has a very short queue. Aside from the station, its a very dull layout, has a poor queueline and ride area of soulless. I just feel it's a bit disappointing for Efteling personally. But I suppose when you think of the plans they had with their expansion not being able to happen due to the planning getting rejected I guess its a decent enough addition/replacement.
  13. You can go with Matt then. You'll have a grand day out haha. I'd queue no more than ten minutes personally, although once I have children of course, I'd happily queue for it
  14. But you are looking forward to riding it haha! The station whilst good doesn't look as great in comparison to some of their other attractions (although still knocks the socks off of a lot of stations of course). I think for Efteling personally all aspects are just a bit disappointing.
  15. Matt! Yes decent enough for any children out there. Not for you! What looks great?
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