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  1. Some short snippets of the new Big One soundtrack, sounds great and has that trance/club style feel to it, from the short part heard I like. Much better than IMAsnore!
  2. Those of you who want to hear the old colossus music, head to the Colossus shop.
  3. The park have even realised its a complete and utter waste of everybody's time and energy, so they are slowly destroying the one good part it has, ready for it to abolish that section next year completely. Demolition crew been organised yet? I am so glad I do not waste my time on this attraction anymore.
  4. Having flashbacks to our routine on every visit of rides, then eating lunch, followed by waterbus to Thorpe Farm, train back to Canada Creek and then more rides.
  5. Mattgwise


    Guys he has already found out what it was! Topic merged with X past topic.
  6. Nice! Maybe the loud lift hills are unique to the hyper RMCs! Blimey! No wonder Thorpe aren't getting one, it is probably too noisy to get planning permission haha.
  7. I have been following all the updates for this and it truly does look like it will be spectacular. Can't wait to see the finished product and try it out.
  8. Chessington was exactly the same in terms of busyness! I think rather than Thorpe scrapping the 8pm close they should have had all Merlin parks open until that time! Although, I guess it's hard to tell completely how many would turn up and with the parks dead yesterday due to the heavy rain, I would expect many pushed back their trips to today.
  9. The one someone fell out of? It was $10 million according to RCDB and it was also a conversion, not full blown new coaster.
  10. Mattgwise

    Wicker Man

    I am totally with you on this as it is only a decent ride in my opinion on last three rows, but where would the space for a seperate queue go in Wickerman's station? Troy oddly I enjoy far more at the front compared to the back.
  11. Very short testing video. Looks amazing! https://www.facebook.com/noclegizator/videos/1312328475596599/
  12. Park was absolutely heaving today, most queue lines were virtually full and fast track was destroying operations. Something is wrong when a park closes at 6 and still has virtually full queue lines and pathways. Rides like Monkey Swinger had full queues because only one member of staff is allocated to it, meaning 6 to 7 mins to get everyone on with all the faff involved with getting guests off, checking RAP and fast track, going to the main gate to let just over half the ride capacity through, then realising you then have 2 spare seats so go and ask the queue again, to then manually check every single seats restraint, etc. Painful! That said staff were trying their best with the situation and I still had a fairly good day. The photos below are of the fast track queue for Vampire at 5:20pm. The main queue was almost full as well. I chose not to brave the potential 2hr plus queue it would be.
  13. Mattgwise

    Wicker Man

    Glad you enjoyed it. Now try a back row then! I find the front to be slow and sluggish so you will find the back out of control and so much better!
  14. That is a shame, but the couple of 8pm closes I was there the park was dead by 630. But saying that I have been a couple of times when it shut at 6pm and it was still pretty busy, today for instance being one of those days.
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