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  1. I hope so, would be nice to see it in the other parks!
  2. Even if it is due to syrup running out that's still unacceptable considering its whats supposed to be one of the busiest weekends at the park. Even more worrying the park has been extremely quiet compared to other parks and they still ran out. Not good in my view!
  3. I think this is completely unacceptable, making others suffer as they ran out of capsules. They really should not have shut them completely. I am sure there will be a few complaints (already a couple on twitter)
  4. That's outrageous! I bought it for the sole reason that I would be able to purchase the refill fee every visit. Its an insult that because they have sold out of cups the rest of their customers have to suffer. Surely a sign saying new capsules have sold out and sorry for the inconvenience would have been a better decision.
  5. It looks like it is going to be a popular ride, looking forward to giving it a go in the summer. Here is a video of it testing and going over the top (FB page). Looks intense!
  6. You can run the subgroup of people who want to do it! 😂
  7. In fairness this was probably my first morning ride in about the same timescale so could well be that same reason. I've only ever usually ridden it in the mid to late afternoon.
  8. It felt to me and my group on Sunday as if the ride was doing far more high swings than it has ever done making the ride last longer. Maybe it's been reprogrammed. Any ideas anyone?
  9. For the price of a day ticket, it makes it still insanely good value and so am not surprised it doesn't come with added perks.
  10. Great idea! Only as long as it's just as forceful!
  11. Isn't this essentially a post that could go in "Your Thorpe Park"? And what is with this constant "Planet Snoopy" that keeps appearing? As much as i'd like the park to be owned by Cedar Fair, it isn't.
  12. Absolutely in comparison to recent years! But still a huge amount of stuff going on. Just shows the amount of work and passion that goes into this place.
  13. As per every year her is the English version of everything new for 2019 at EP. Here is the list of all updates for the park. (thanks to EPfans.info and auto translate) Adventureland So far no news known Germany track bed of the Panorama train partly renewed extension of Jim Knopf - journey through Lummerland with new scenes revision of the treasure chamber with preview to pirates in Batavia 2020 treasury: Preview of "Ed`s Adventure Parade" for the 45th birthday of Europa Park "Marianne-Mack-Tor" at the old park entrance (Deutsche Allee) her 70th birthday confectionery stand "Sööte Deern" is now operated by the EP after the death of Ms. Tiemann Puppet boat trip : Redesign of the 1st pavilion and the circus tent, station canceled Renaming of the "SWR3 Rock CafĂ©" in "Europa-Park Rock CafĂ©" "Voletarium" model placed in the queue of the "Voletarium" Elven ride: New scene in the tunnel with ship England So far no news known France Eurosat CanCan Coaster - black light paintings completely renewed Eurosat CanCan Coaster - UV starry sky in the lift Eurosat CanCan Coaster - 7th train in operation taken Eurosat CanCan Coaster - New scene in the area of the final brake Eurosat CanCan Coaster - Test seat, also at the Valerian entrance Madame Freundereich CuriositĂ©s: Waiting area with new decorations added Eurotower: Design of the lift for the handicapped as a tower Silver Star: Designed scene between the station and Lifthill Music pavilion was glazed, additional seats for Petit France (already in winter 2018/19) The lower part of the bistro ship LibertĂ© was glazed (already in winter 2018/19) Greece New movie "Mission Astronaut" in the Dreamtime Dome parts of Poseidon were newly painted Adventure Atlantis: numerous new lighting effects Wood of the Trojan horse was partly replaced Wood on benches, barriers and paths was partly replaced At bridge to Poseidon was a kind of wooden wheels attached The village of Mykonos was painted in large part with new white paint Fairytale area So far no News known Ireland So far no news known Iceland wood at LĂ­till Iceland Child water world has been partially repainted Wood by Wodan has been partially replaced (boarding area, track) new game stalls Italy Ghost Castle: Scene "dining room" renewedGlĂŒckskind-Lounge by dm replaced Hipp Babyservice New flooring in the toiletaccess well over Pasticceria dell Arco repainted Fountain at the exit of Volo da Vinci repainted Minimoys Kingdom So far no news known Luxembourg So far no news known Netherlands JUNIOR CLUB Studios Instead of the former children's theater (opening 12.07.2019) new shop "Ed and Eddas Fundus" (from summer 2019) Reopening of the candy stand "Candy Kopje" (from summer 2019) Austria Toilets in the stable renewed under the Seehaus-Restaurant Magic world of diamonds: new lighting effects and murals as well as revised figures Portugal Basin of Atlantica Supersplash repainted Soil renewed with new sand pad Russia So far no news is known Switzerland So far no news is known Scandinavia New tunnel with special effects for the fjord Rafting Reconstruction Scandinavian village (opening 24.05.2019) Snorri tours - Darkride (opening in autumn 2019) Additional filter plant with new hut in the lake for fjord rafting Fiske Huset (Opening 24.05.2019) Reconstruction Fjord Restaurant (Opening 24.05.2019) Is Huset (Opening 24.05.2019) Snorri`s Varehus (Opening 24.05.2019) Sports Butikk (Opening 24.05.2019) Poengsum (Opening 24.05.2019 ) Spain So far no news known Finally a trailer for Pirates of Batavia...
  14. Thanks for the updates Josh, this ride is looking incredible and loving the logo. Can't wait to get out there to try it in the future.
  15. I'm happy to take digs, a forum is for discussion after all and not sure how me being a meet organiser has anything to do with the comments I made, I'd have made the same comment whether a meet organiser or not, so completely irrelevant. I would certainly never consider myself "important" either, I am nearly 30 years old not a child! If it is coming to the end of it's life then a shame, one of the best ship rides out there! Many fond memories from over the years.
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