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  1. Admittedly checking of tickets at Thorpe has been rare, despite Towers actively checking. However with it being what they expect to be the busiest part of Fright Nights they may well check tickets. Its a 50/50 gamble really TBH.
  2. Reopened last week Matt. Odd I know.
  3. That's hilarious! Not the image I had seen so my mistake there. I don't really know what else to say there!
  4. Seems odd that all the signage referencing fish and chips was stripped and it now simply states Ben & Jerry's. Does the new Ben & Jerry's addition look temporary? Maybe they kept it for now to get through the stock and then do the full change over closed season. Of course it could stay as it is and just have been a "too good to miss" advertising deal hence the huge, hideous, unfitting Ben and Jerry's styling around the building.
  5. Sounds like a decent lineup actually based on circumstances. I am for the up charge tbh as its going to likely be really restrictive in what they can do and could be the future for managing horrendous queue times during the peak of the event. Maybe £8 each or a combo of both for £15 would have been a better pricing structure.
  6. Completely agree with your opinions there. Wish the other two parks had a Chiapas style ride though as that's certainly the best water ride there is!
  7. Agreed, completely inevitable. Sorry to not be mr positive, just my opinion, but I think big events are still gonna have issues next year as I can't see a vaccine until at LEAST this time next year, probably later. I think a lot of 2021 and big events will have similar fate to this year. I think 2022 will be when we really see events make a comeback.
  8. Another testing video. This time aerial view. Looks to be quick and forceful! Certainly going to be another fab coaster!
  9. As expected the event has been cancelled for this year. Tickets already booked will be revalidated for 2021...
  10. The irony is they reintroduced them on a troubled day of many ride closures, excessive queues and a now 60% capacity which is higher than it was before. If that was their way of 'reducing queue times' then they haven't got a clue!
  11. But a lot of those rides have been updated over recent closed seasons. So the future is still looking good.
  12. Thanks for bringing the updates to here Josh. Looks better and better as time goes on. Can't wait to ride this next year. A large space for the mine train. Intrigued as to how it will be themed given how great Aqualantis will look when done.
  13. For those wondering it is now back in operation.
  14. Must just be unfortunate as I think all coasters were being run very well on the two visits I've had. I was mostly impressed with Inferno getting the trains out within seconds of hitting the final brakes following a few seasons of dire operations.
  15. Maybe. Seems logical in that sense I guess. Just glad it isn't another park going under anyway.
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