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  1. I have never known Lightwater Valley to get large crowds in recent years, even on weekends so it may be a very long time between trains but usually only have to wait a few trains to get on.
  2. I just don't get why the management of this park and Alton Towers is so different. Alton Towers runs its coasters on more than one train, even when dead. This picture taken today by Pleasure Beach Experience shows that! This one train business during the week actually makes waiting for the coasters painful and sometimes longer than overall busier weekends when two trains are running. Madness.
  3. Not holding my breath but hope these tracks are released. The more I hear the more I like
  4. When they've just spent all of their budget on a luxury blue fence and two multimillion flat rides, I can't see it!
  5. 1. Shambhala 2. Wodan 3. Blue fire 4. Silver star 5. Wild mouse (BPB) 6. Nemesis 7. Nemesis Inferno 8. The Swarm 9. Stealth 10. Olympia Looping
  6. Yep It was running one train with a two hour queue. Still at least they opened it.
  7. I am coming now I have literally done the craziest thing ever and am coming Saturday until Sunday as I work in a school. I have booked for the BA flight listed above and am Staying in El Paso as well. Blimey is the week following going to be a killer what with my Sunday flight getting back into Gatwick at 23:50 if it is on time!
  8. The DIY painting hasn't even been done properly! The inside to the roof on the bridge is still the old colour scheme, as is the back of the photo kiosk, one random speaker cover and the emergency lighting wooden supports. Shocking really!
  9. I don't mind the name tbh. I'm just happy we are getting what looks like a decent coaster. Good name or crap name this should be very good for the park and increase visitor numbers significantly.
  10. People that add "The" to the front of ride names when it isn't part of the name. "The Colossus is wicked". "Let's go on The Nemesis".
  11. The park are clearly massively understaffed, especially in terms of maintenance/engineering as virtually everyday they have been unable to have all rides available at opening. It seemed as if they were making this seem normal procedure on weekdays as the screen would display what was open at park opening and what would open later.
  12. I'm not one for creating huge blogs so... Just got back from my second visit to Europa having been five years ago, and think I enjoyed it even more. This is truly a wonderful place and hope to be back sooner than five years. As you'd expect, all rides working, no breakdowns, high capacity, friendly staff, good food (and too much choice). Got on many rides and the longest queue was 25 mins for Matterhorn Blitz, everything else around the 10-15 mins mark. Sunday park open till 7:30 and Tuesday on our second day open until 9:00. Was fantastic to twice see engineers working on animatronics, proving they truly do keep everything going, unlike some places we all know a bit too well I really recommend visiting the Silver Lake Saloon for dinner if anyone visits the park and stays nearby. Great food and great surroundings. Just a few pics...
  13. This is exactly the same for me. Thought it was just me!
  14. The hotel has been planned for years and had some plans changed several times. It doesn't stop them building any rollercoasters at all. As far as I know the hotel money has already been budgeted for.
  15. I wasn't too sure of the music played at entrance and in the dome at first, but after having been on a school trip Tuesday and being able to listen to it for some time it really works. Only part that gets a bit annoying is the birds tweeting in the background to the track. Glad they have an end of day track played again as well. Was able to listen to it on Saturday as park was due to shut at 5 but got extended which meant it was playing in the areas from 5pm.