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  1. hmmm! Don't like it, would rather they change it back! But that said it's not as bad as I was expecting TBH.
  2. They go very fast on peak days, not sure about off peak weekdays (though they too have been busy lately). Best place to get is from the self service tills in the ticket centre. This opens from 9am.
  3. Sorry, but I feel it detracts from the immersive ambience having a song with lyrics blasting out, and the telephone touch doesn't make much sense to me. TBF haven't heard the full thing, but it seems from what I have heard that it isn't fitting.
  4. I have heard people at the park suggest to others faking a letter saying they'd done so themeselves. So whilst many are genuine reasons there are a load that really are just fake. There's also a large number of people who would be completely fine queueing up but just take advantage of the fact they can get it. The other big issue is the number of staff who don't sign the cards and people end up continuously being able to join new queues ride after ride.
  5. Was on park this weekend and literally only saw Funk n Fly have a quick wipe down around 12pm today. However, I didn't even see any cleaning fluid bottles in any ride station the entire weekend, whereas before you'd see the bottles somewhere at the side of the station or through the operating cabin. In terms of the trial with the rows something must have changed as queues moved fairly quick all weekend. The park felt still very busy but didn't wait more than 55 mins for anything all weekend. Apart from Smiler saw very little fastrack or RAP being used which made a change from what
  6. Haha. Is it using 2 or 3 boats out of interest?
  7. Tidal Wave has now reopened.
  8. I really feel given the crowd levels this past week and some of the measures still in place on the rides that the park should have stopped selling fastrack again. Of course, being a business they are going to want to bring back lost income, however It really made a difference last season and given its now busier than any day I remembered last season I feel it could do without that slowing the queues down massively.
  9. Mattgwise


    Hello, you can take any food and drink into Thorpe Park. I recommend you arrive early if you plan on going in with a bag (as in half hour at least before opening) as the bag queue has been known to take up to as long as 90 mins this week.
  10. They were open from what I saw but sold out of timed tickets by 11.
  11. Tidal wave is currently being worked on so let's hope its set to reopen soon.
  12. For those asking about samurai. Significant work taking place but it's happening at least.
  13. Anyone actually know the numbers of people currently on park in it's current capacity? Literally every coaster is out the queues, rumba rapids up to teacups and the flats almost full. There's still a tonne of people queueing to get in. Three rides being down plus timed tickets and fastrack/Rap isn't helping. Edit: Fish has reopened.
  14. With queues seemingly reaching 120 - 150 mins this week they seem to have come up with a unhelpful trick with the display boards to try and reduce people complaining about the initial times they see. They are putting 90+ mins instead. I see this doing more harm as many will read it as 90 mins and then by very upset when they wait 120 to 150 mins.
  15. Can only echo what was said regarding Sunday there. It really was poor. I ended up leaving at 3pm, as I was fed up. Thinking positively, The Big One itself was on top top form and easily the best rides I have ever had on it. The Saturday post 10pm ride was truly amazing, with no wind, pure speed and even some unusual pops of airtime. One of my all time favourite coaster rides of all time.
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