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  1. Vampire

    I am pretty sure the old trains didn't have seat belts on the restraints which would have been a factor into slowing down loading since the current trains were put in place.
  2. Cedar Point

    Steel Vengeance announced at Cedar Point, looks awesome. Some facts mentioned in the live video on Cedar Points FB page: 205ft Tall with 200ft drop making it the only hyper hybrid 90 degree drop 74mph 5,740ft long 4 inversions. A phenomenal 27.2 seconds of airtime making it have more airtime than any other coaster The ride breaks many records for the park as a whole as well including: Most coaster track in 1 park: 11.4 miles Most steel track in 1 park: 11 miles Most coasters over 200ft: 6 Most rides in 1 park: 71 Most coasters in 1 park with 90 degree or more drops: 5 Really hope I can get out to Cedar Point next year. The park have partnered with Planet Coaster and there will be an update at 5:30 containing the Steel Vengeance coaster.
  3. Vampire

    Chessington are just laughable sometimes. Post on their FB page to celebrate national rollercoaster day says: "did you know in 2002 Vampire became the WORLD’s first floorless rollercoaster?!"
  4. Park Music

    Yes agreed, it is great for the lost city area, but not great for Colossus. That area should have been left untouched with the original Colossus theme.
  5. 2017 Season General Discussion

    There is still an option for just day tickets, but yes once you get to the ticket pop up it only has entry+fastrack and Fright Nights. https://www.thorpepark.com/tickets-passes/tickets
  6. Thorpe Ticket Kiosks

    There is was a sign Saturday saying for all day tickets head to the annual pass building.
  7. Park Music

    Beach and Flying Fish has been playing Tidal Wave loop of WWTP radio I believe since last year.
  8. Vampire

    Totally agree and it would be the only way to add a few more years of life to the ride. Although wouldn't want to lose that iconic arrow suspended lift hill sound 😀. The train stopping in the station has always been an issue. Generally surprised there hasn't been a way of sorting that out.
  9. Park Music

    The overall track is longer but I find this much more repetitive than the old one. The old track consisted of completely different sounding parts ranging from slow, upbeat and tense bits. This new one essentially repeats one aspect of the old theme many times, throws in the island theme and then just sounds slow and samey for the rest.
  10. General Discussion

    Who remembers this. I used to be obsessed with this as a kid in the 90s.
  11. Vampire

    Rare video of a modern train vampire running with three trains and slowing/stopping on the lifts back in 2010. You can see a train already at the top of the first lift as another leaves swoops over the buildings in Transylvania as it was at the time.
  12. Park Music

    Had a listen of the Colossus soundtrack yesterday and personally I prefer the old one. It is too slow paced, echoey, overplays the island melody and it just sounded blander. Shame as I love the island soundtrack. Who knows it may grow on me. I guess Nemesis Inferno will be next so made the most of listening to that yesterday, even if it did keep cutting out. Yes, noticed yesterday, Tidal Wave area of Amity was much louder than before, a big improvement. As Marc said, it is good to still be noticing dead zones and speakers that haven't worked for a long time getting sorted out, so good job to the team:)
  13. Chessington Howl'o'ween

    Alton Towers have done mazes as paid extras for years and it works. It might help reduce the queue for it. But then again saying that everyone has always been used to paying extra. Down here where it has always been included is sure to cause moaning, complaining and whining from the guests.
  14. Park Music

    That is surprising. I'm pretty sure I read somewhere they were leaving Colossus as it was. Still I look forward to hearing it.
  15. Phantasialand

    Wow they don't mess about do they. Interesting that this flyer is using their newer suspended coaster track. I'm wondering if the trains will be two across seating rather than the four across of some of the older flyers as the track doesn't look any wider than the suspended coaster style. Still at least that's the smoother Vekoma Track.