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  1. I personally think it's the end of it, but when Jack asked in his behind the scenes video Russ didn't say yes or no. Almost as if he wasn't 100% sure. Maybe they haven't completely decided yet. If it does close it will be interesting to see what replaces in time or if it will house a new FN maze.
  2. This was certainly the case back end of last season, thankfully it didn't make too much of a noticeable difference, but interesting it has supposedly stayed that way. I wasn't even aware that Storm Surge was not reopening so interesting. Anyone else know anything??? This is Thorpe however so don't expect it to get "removed". It'll add to it's collection of SBNO so it can have a worlds first title of "worlds first park with x amount of SBNO rides".
  3. Ah the nineties and early 00s, how I miss you more and more! Agreed. Maybe the most extreme of other cases could be part of it, but majority of RAP cases are not 'cannot queue cases'.
  4. All jokes aside this could well be a possibility. They have tested some of the painting on Tuk Tuk Turmoil. Taken only yesterday...
  5. Vampire allocates 4 rows for RAP alone. A significant amount were being let on monkey swinger too. Don't know about others TBH.
  6. Was a nice day overall and whilst it was far too busy it was still a good day. Throughputs were not great but it is only four days in so fair enough. Availability was good with only Dragons Fury really going down for a couple of hours. Audio is a bit messy in places. Dragons Fury and Rattlesnake has no music, though the latter only ever had music in a couple of spots anyway. Scorpion Express was playing station announcments in queue instead of he station and Carousel was blasting out of the entire adventure point area. There's new Mexicana and Blue Barnacle audio is d
  7. It truly looks outstanding. Have enjoyed following the updates and cannot wait to see it (and the park) for the first time in a couple of weeks. Thrill Nation also posted a great video walkthrough of the area... https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=472847837482136
  8. This is very bizarre. I had Pizza Pasta at Towers last year during Scarefest and it came to £32.79 with my MAP (so say £40 with no discount) and that was for two adult pizzas (full size), one child pizza (half a full), 2 soft drinks (as I had freestyle) and a full size garlic pizza bread with cheese. So effectively 3.5 pizzas. That first deal is daylight robbery. Whilst the second deal is not AS bad and they're probably pushing towards that, i think it's still significantly poor value all round here. Will be interested to know what is in place for the other parks.
  9. Oh no absolutely not, just saying that I wouldn't have minded if the park had followed a very different direction. Upon rereading I can see it may have come across like that. I just would have liked the old model of a new coaster every x number of years to have continued and would have preferred that system.
  10. Its more people continually asked about it in the leaked pic from his Instagram TBF. Im also not that fussed about the areas TBH. I think the nature of Thorpe anyway it'd be suited as an amusement park. If it meant a load more coasters I'd happily go away from themed areas. I know some will disagree. I'd be quite happy for the place to go Cedar Fair or Six Flags style if it meant lots more new rides.
  11. The park are clearly trying and beginning to take more pride in the park which is nice to see. I am more looking forward to getting back to the park seeing some of these updates than I otherwise was so looking forward to it. Seems all Merlin parks have put in a bit more effort this closed season, with general stuff. Hope this is something that will become the norm going forwards.
  12. It looks nice. Those arches have needed work for some time. The front of the PB with all the frontages repainted in the last couple of years should look a lot more appealing now.
  13. What I am truly shocked by is the image of the RR boats! For the first time since 2002 they've actually cleaned the boats! They look super shiny! They were also covered this winter for the first ever time! The park is finally realising they should clean and look after their rides! The future is bright!
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