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  1. Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

    Yep I did it last year and got on most, but arrive at 5 to make use of the evening as they shut at 9 sharp. I worked out that I got £130 worth of rides in the time I was there including three on Munich Looping. Wristbands are sent in the post so no faffing in a long queue to collect them. I am booking with my friend on weds morning when the tickets go on sale.
  2. Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

    I am looking forward to that as well, probably more than anything, That said Samurai (although still not Chessie intense) has been performing well this year and I have had some intense cycles. Hopefully all it's previous issues have finally after years been resolved as this is the first season in quite a few it has not died for a prolonged amount of time, during open season.
  3. Fright Nights 2017

    That's a shame, because those problems were not present the previous week at the TPM meet, just shows inconsistency.
  4. Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

    So Wild Maus xxl is going to have VR this year at winter wonderland... Information can be seen on the rides Facebook page. Peoples thoughts???
  5. Park Music

    Yes that jungle track is pretty good I agree. I'm a fan of all the new music just not liking the new Colossus and lost city track playing through Colossus when the previous track was miles better. I feel so much more of the old track could have been utilised in its new track and maybe I'd have liked it more. The previous track would literally have people humming to it at most sections of the track, even the non enthusiast guests. I don't think I've seen a soul do that with the new one, except for maybe the one main section of old Colossus theme that was kept.
  6. Park Music

    I agree, it doesn't suit the ride. The previous theme was perfect. I think the new track worked well for the Lost city area, just not Colossus.
  7. Merlin Entertainments

    Yep - I hope this could end up being a positive. Upon reading your comments, some very valid points there, and if it could strengthen the theme park division as a whole then it could mean more investment. Time will tell (if this even goes ahead)
  8. Merlin Entertainments

    This is not a good idea in my view and apologies for those pro merlin but this is just my opinion which is what the forum is about after all. Busch Gardens currently is well looked after and maintained. If Merlin get there hands on the place. Landscaping will become poor and overgrown with weeds, rides and infrastructure will never get cleaned or painted regularly, effects will become broken etc. Just my view. Maybe I'm wrong (and would like to be) and hopefully due to the sheer competition out there I could well be.
  9. Canada Creek Railway: The Bear Hunt

    Extremely unlikely/near impossible as lumber jump has been placed where the track would have to run and part of that area also turfed over.
  10. As Han30 has said defo come just need to get over that initial nerve wracking hurdle. I only started out this year back in March and already feel a regular member of the group having now been on 4 meets this year and getting to know a fair number of the crew quite well. I wish I'd had the bottle to meet up sooner and regret not doing.
  11. TPM PortAventura Meet September 2017

    Awesome trip Ryan. Thanks for organising. Still recovering from sleep deprivation now haha.
  12. Let's complain at the false advertising haha
  13. Sounds good I will tag along if you don't mind
  14. Fright Nights 2017

    Yes agreed Ryan. I am very much looking forward to this and have high hopes for once.