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  1. Mattgwise

    Europa Park

    There are plenty of parks in the UK that operate with open crossings so don't think that is due to health and safety being more relaxed in Germany.
  2. Mattgwise

    Park Music

    Correction. The "old and more suited" Colossus theme...
  3. Mattgwise

    Park Music

    Correction. The "old and more suited" Colossus theme...
  4. Mattgwise

    Park Music

    Oh dear, how disappointing! Such a shame when the new station/dispatch was so upbeat and tense! This is just like Colossus area, too calm and fantasy like for the ride. Ah well might as well get used to it
  5. Mattgwise

    Europa Park

    Absolutely incredible considering this was the root cause of the fire as well. What a phenomenal company and family!
  6. Mattgwise

    TPM Blackpool Weekend 20th - 22nd July 18

    Ahhh sorry to hear. It was great meeting you and glad you enjoyed it. Keep an eye out for future events and hopefully see you on another later on in the year or next year.
  7. Mattgwise


    Also has a "please note: Vortex is currently closed" message on its ride page on the TP Website. Something TP rarely do. https://www.thorpepark.com/rides/vortex Haha - Look at the tab at top of page when you open the link > it calls the ride "Vortext"
  8. Mattgwise

    TPM Blackpool Weekend 20th - 22nd July 18

    We are definitely staying at Blackpool South Shore Travelodge (near football stadium) and some of us have already booked. Would be great to see some more of you on this trip.
  9. Mattgwise

    Living Nightmare Extreme - SPOILERS

    Slammer was a ride type that was discontinued by S&S, so parts for them became difficult to get and often had to be specially made meaning it would take months every time a new part was needed. This was quite expensive as well leading to it not being worth the hastle and money to keep repairing.
  10. Mattgwise

    Europa Park

    They have handled this situation so well and have worked tirelessly to get as much of the offering back to normal. They really should be commended for their efforts in this awful awful situation.
  11. Mattgwise

    2018 General Discussion

    Another MoS night, guess it makes sense if the park is going to be open till late for the MoS guests too. A good move.
  12. Mattgwise

    TPM Blackpool Weekend 20th - 22nd July 18

    Hotel Venue potentially changed. Looking likely to now be Travelodge Blackpool South Shore, with the aim of most attending so far booking this coming Thursday.
  13. Mattgwise

    TPM Blackpool Weekend 20th - 22nd July 18

    Really? I have just looked. There are still 5 double rooms, 3 twins and 7 single rooms.
  14. Good Evening, First of all, if this comes across as odd me organising this meet this was something Marc and Ryan have asked me to do as a favour, having helped out with half the Christmas meet and helping Marc a couple of weeks ago with the Thorpe/Chessington Meet. The date of the event is set as Friday 20th July to Sunday 22nd July. Please take note if you plan to say overnight, it will be your responsibility to book your rooms and unfortunately if you're under 18 we cannot help. If you stayed the night, under no circumstances will TPM get involved and take responsibility with how you stay overnight, the overnight section will be an over 18's event. We are staying at Travelodge Blackpool South Shore (by football stadium). You will need to book the rooms yourselves. Of course feel free to stay elsewhere, but a great aspect of these meets is spending the evenings together and being able to easily meet between activities. Plan at the moment (subject to change) Friday 20th - Arrive early evening, evening meal and drinks, visit the piers/coral island and more drinks. Saturday 21st - Full day at BPB, lunch approx 1pm. Evening meal and strolls down the promenade experiencing nightlife. Sunday 20th - Merlin attractions and/or Sandcastle Waterpark I can give my number to anyone attending and we will have a facebook messenger group going too. We aim to stay together as a group, going to and from each activity, enjoying getting to know people you share similar interests to. Whilst we can't force you to stay with the group it is the general purpose of the meets. The meets are fantastic and great fun and everyone is invited, even if you have never posted before or been to any meet. If it is your first meet, I understand it can be nerve breaking, I was only a newbie not too long ago! Please don't let this stop you from attending. Once you are there you'll be a part of the group in no time. Please PM me or post here to say if you're attending or just want some more details. If you are bringing a mate please also include who they are so they are not known as "plus 1". The events with TPM have all been fantastic and this one will be no different. Attending: Mattgwise Marc Mr Fish Martin Doyle Matt Creek Stuntman07 Mer Marlehorpe