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  1. Cedar Point

    This ride seriously looks insane. Cannot wait to ride it (and the rest) in late August!
  2. The Walking Dead - The Ride: SPOILERS

    It is quite risky putting an event like this on given the amount of downtime the ride has had of late.
  3. Park Music

    For quite a few years only one section has worked. I think it's literally about 3 speakers
  4. Nemesis Inferno

    Definitely! 20180407_213349.mp4
  5. Food Outlets

    The move is rather interesting considering Eastern Express have just expanded into Dark Forest in Alton Towers, another outside brand. Maybe it was easier to have outside companies!
  6. General Discussion

    Europa Park had two guests go up the exit path for Silver Star whilst I was waiting for backrow this time last year. The staff member held us back and let them on. They were literally the only two guests I saw use the facility though, so certainly must have strict rules to get it.
  7. Stealth

    Yep, definitely been sorted. Just that Green light now!!!!
  8. X

    Have to second that. Fantastic eXpo:\2018 event this evening and brought back so many memories!
  9. 2018 General Discussion

    And coasters went down to one train in the evening (except for maybe Colossus), leading to Inferno and Stealth to have 45 - 60 minute queues later into the evening (then for me to get to the front and them both break down again!!!!!)
  10. 2018 General Discussion

    Agree with Jamie. Certainly my worst visit in quite some time. Got on 5 rides all day due to numerous break downs. I was very unfortunate to have it happen after queueing some time and always when at the front of the queue. At one point nine rides were unavailable! Inferno in particular was suffering badly and stopped many times at the start of the brake run. Haven't seen so many issues on Inferno since its issues in opening year. You missed Rush off of the list above just to add more ammunition! On a more positive note the eXpo event was great. Well done to Phill for that, you did a fantastic job.
  11. General Discussion

    Awesome video of CWoA in 1997. Some good footage of rides and areas, with Vampire, Bubbleworks, Dragon River and Terror Tomb looking good in particular.
  12. Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    They should simply do what Adventure Island do. They say for example... Opens at 11am, closes between 4pm and 8pm. Then they announce the closing time at the entrance and on their website about midday/1pm.
  13. Alton Towers General Discussion

    If they didn't shut Charlie, Ice Age, Sub Terra, Wobble World etc.... There would at least be some things to do in the poor weather!!!
  14. Dreamland Margate

    It doesn't fit with the heritage/vintage idea at all, but I don't believe that alone could bring in the number of visitors they need to survive in the long term. Much of the feedback was that there were not enough thrilling rides and let's be honest there aren't many thrilling vintage rides out there. So I guess they have no choice. This will be better for the park in the long run.
  15. But the company you were with made it a highly enjoyable visit