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  1. For those interested the track was virtually replaced completely. It should still have a fair amount of years left.
  2. Looking forward to the weekend. See you all tomorrow.
  3. Two pieces of nostalgia here, the park in the 90s, and a kids tv show I grew up with
  4. That's great! Looking forward to this trip even if I am only there the Saturday and Sunday 
  5. Put me down for the weekend, but I will organise my own room. Thanks
  6. Read a few posts up haha.
  7. A ride like air force would be a disastrous choice. It just has such a poor throughput. That with often slow operations just wouldn't be good for a park like Thorpe Park. It was a silly decision putting in the two kids rides in old town as it was a perfect chance to properly redevelop the entire area. Unless they plan to still do that and the two new attractions are part of whatever image they plan on moving that area to, hence why they don't fit currently.
  8. A blue wild mouse was there for a very short period of time before being removed. The park has been upgraded for this year and the area used is now bigger. This has been put in and is actually Fantasy Island's Wild Mouse which they have replaced with another model (Ice Mountain Hyde Park). The upgrade for those interested
  9. Oh dear, I bet they end up having to remove it...
  10. They have already got its replacement. Its the little kids drop tower seeing as it wasn't on the map at start of season. They are going to suddenly advertise it as it's replacement. Obv joking but knowing the park will end up being the case. 😂
  11. I have never known Lightwater Valley to get large crowds in recent years, even on weekends so it may be a very long time between trains but usually only have to wait a few trains to get on.
  12. I just don't get why the management of this park and Alton Towers is so different. Alton Towers runs its coasters on more than one train, even when dead. This picture taken today by Pleasure Beach Experience shows that! This one train business during the week actually makes waiting for the coasters painful and sometimes longer than overall busier weekends when two trains are running. Madness.
  13. Not holding my breath but hope these tracks are released. The more I hear the more I like
  14. When they've just spent all of their budget on a luxury blue fence and two multimillion flat rides, I can't see it!
  15. 1. Shambhala 2. Wodan 3. Blue fire 4. Silver star 5. Wild mouse (BPB) 6. Nemesis 7. Nemesis Inferno 8. The Swarm 9. Stealth 10. Olympia Looping