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  1. They were fixed two seasons ago, but then broke again (or weren't swithched on). Last season i saw only the sink work on one visit and nothing on the rest. Was just nice to see them all working. The house sets certainly do look worn which is a shame. At least the park are trying to touch little things up and repair things.
  2. It did from about ten days into the season. A shame!
  3. Nice to see all water effects have been fixed on this. Also saw them emptying the boats water twice today, something I haven't really seen before.
  4. Seems a lot more people are getting the coca cola freestyle capsules. They really are great value and offer great choice. Only £4 refill charge with an AP is a steal! Hope it gets rolled out across other Merlin parks.
  5. Great to see that overall operations continue to be great at Thorpe this year. It has certainly been improved this year compared to the last few years and nice to see coasters consistently opening on more than one train! Also nice that the park was pretty much fully open from 9:30am despite advertising as open from 10am.
  6. It's great seeing this working again as well as a couple of other effects like Tidal queueline and Stealth smoke. Adds to the atmosphere a lot!
  7. It really was awful, only inverted once fully when riding it, and no force or intensity at all. Hope its not going to always be like this now.
  8. Not too late to join us for this weekend. We always have a great time at Towers and in Derby during the evening! Let me know if you wish to join.
  9. Those attending this trip can now buy 2 day tickets for the price of one. They are running an offer of a free second day all throughout July and August. https://www.phantasialand.de/en/park/tickets/ferien-fun-x2/
  10. It looks better than i was expecting and seems well paced and has some good inversions, plus decent pops of airtime. I shall be riding!
  11. There could be as many as another 8 films! 😮
  12. Thanks for that! I'm now booked for Friday and Saturday night.
  13. Mattgwise

    Logger's Leap

    Maybe they have changed their mind and it's going to make a splashback soon! 😂
  14. Was just having a bit of fun! 😜
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