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  1. Probably means it's had issues in testing and will require a new part which takes weeks as it has to be specially made. I would guess its taken off for now and will reappear when the ride is ready. They aren't planning to remove it.
  2. Seeing this in action actually gives me more hope for SW8, as like that this looked dull at first, yet now it's built it seems to be faster than I would have thought and looks a similar scale to SW8.
  3. I don't think the track is to do with Lionsgate/Twisted Pictures as it is not from the official Saw soundtrack, they only use that at Halloween.
  4. Yeah at first when it was posted on friends and family day I was like errr no, but as I have listened to it again and on another clip of the dome it seems fitting, can't wait to hear the full thing.
  5. WWTP, Colossus and Inferno should be left alone, but can't see it as there were already hints over closed season at Colossus and Inferno receiving new soundtracks. Changing those would be a bad decision, although happy for everything else to change.
  6. Literally as it looked this time one year ago, those two boats that can be seen haven't moved.
  7. Nope... From
  8. It's more suited to Amity area, dunno why they put it there.
  9. I like the old theme, but this new one is not as bad as I thought it would be. Anyone notice at the 1 minute mark they have completely forgotten to paint just one section of the fence (a speaker cover), which is still bright green? I just hope they have left Inferno and Colossus alone as they were rumoured to be changing!
  10. Looking forward to going 1st April, first time in five years. Shame the new ride won't be open but the place is awesome enough anyway
  11. It is most certainly an improvement on Bubbleworks 2, but it's hard to appreciate as much as should be when the original Bubbleworks was done so amazingly in a time with far less technology and expectations. I mean add in an image of the original bubbleworks for comparison too. (From British Theme Park Archives) It will be a success.
  12. Looking a lot better than I expected. Sadly lots to maintain and we all know that's not Merlin's strong point.
  13. It still hasn't been perfect but has been more consistent the last two seasons, previous seasons it gave up by April/may and then was never sorted for the rest of season. At least they have managed to bother fixing it if it breaks the last few seasons. The one that surprised me last year was the spinning blades beneath Saw: The Ride's drop. They worked faultlessly every season until last year, and I didn't see them work once in 2016.
  14. I like that it has its current soundtrack even if it is silly to use a video game soundtrack. People actually dance to it haha. The station could benefit from not using the same track and having the old announcements and sound effects there in my opinion.
  15. ^ That clarifies the disagreement between ChessingtonSam and I It was flipping fine when I saw it going Sunday, and wasn't as noisy as in the video.