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  1. I'm not so sure on this as the article below says Alton Towers and Madame Tussauds were under a 35 year lease. So that would mean no renewing/taking back can be done until at least 2042? Thorpe must be similar.
  2. I don't think they should change them either. Hope this is just a rumour and doesn't happen.
  3. Can the camp resort/hotels be accessed by the general public? I am also heading there in April and would quite like to visit the Silver Lake Saloon, but will be staying in Rust.
  4. There is something about seat number 3 on Skyforce. It is the only seat I can get a significant number of spins on (usually around the 40 mark). Whenever I have sat in any other seats I have not managed more than 5 spins
  5. I don't remember there being a train wash, where abouts was it? I only remember that on the Chessington Railroad at the back of Mystic East.
  6. Great video of the ride in it's opening year, Some footage of Runaway train too. Credit goes again to British Theme Park Archive.
  7. Great interview. Looking forward to what he plans. It really is useful having someone with so much history in the park in that role!
  8. Or the rockwork beside the main drop of Dragon Falls that hasn't existed for numerous years now in their adverts!
  9. Some nice footage of Thorpe park from 1998. No sound.
  10. It was a misprint from the very start as this has been brought up before. The 196 metres meant to say 19.6 metres. Shame it isn't 196 metres though, that would require decades of digging with the parks height restrictions :-))
  11. Would the rides fit on the small patch of grass next to Depth Charge, maybe they will go there?
  12. Yes, crazy to think that used to be the norm and what's sad is your mention of four minutes is not an exaggeration, sometimes it's longer! The old trains didn't have belts to be fair and from what I remember all the restraints used to just fling up when released and if they didn't they were light to lift.
  13. And not forgetting how the old trains used to dispatch in no more than 40 seconds on three train operation! Never used to faff pulling into the station stopping several times before reaching its final position. Who remembers the unique sound the trains used to make pulling into the station?
  14. Awesome. looking forward to following this more than SW8. Confirmed to reach 100kmh. strange that the construction 2018 site still says 80kmh.
  15. I believe Saw Alive only remains because if the significant amount invested in what was supposed to be a year round attraction. I may be wrong but I can't see it going anywhere. It's an easy option for them to just leave it there.