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Like a seasonal special of a magazine, welcome to my bumper edition of all thing Halloween!

So this year, it started late September (we'll be doing it in August soon don't you worry, watch you backs Mickey's not so scary thing)

Image may contain: night, sky and outdoor

As per most seasons, it began with the press night at Thorpe

Image may contain: night and text

This is a fab way to try out the new rubbish

Image may contain: night and outdoor

Before these metal fences get full of people

Image may contain: one or more people and food

The two new Walking Dead mazes; Nightmare was lovely to look at, but far too open, far too short and had no ending. Very naff. Sanctum was even worse, like stupidly short.

Saw Alive is the same, Platform was much better with an actual middle section now. And Big Top is now a very well rounded, complete maze. Roamers this year were awful, bring back the good old roaming style of 2011. Theming was alright in places, places you don't expect. Like by Flying Fish

Image may contain: sky and outdoor

Preview night of Tulleys!

Image may contain: sky and outdoor

Felt very stale this year. Is it the first time we've not had something fully new? The tag onto Hellements just makes the thing bearable, Chop Shop is still a boredom machine of repetition. Colony and Cellar are still fab though and hayride a good laugh. But I feel they're pushing to have more mazes and losing quality? There'll be NINE next year. Europa has 5. Thorpe have 5. Most events are 5/6. Mad

Image may contain: night

Image may contain: night and fire

Image may contain: night

Image may contain: cloud, sky, bridge and outdoor

The following weekend was back at Thorpe for the meet. Here's a nice photo of Swarm, cloud and Stealth.

Image may contain: night and outdoor

And the Amity effect

Image may contain: sky, night and outdoor

Friday 13th. Would be rude not to go to an event. This started our trip to the midlands for 4 different Halloween events, starting at The Howl!

Image may contain: car and outdoor

I have no photos from inside cos I was preoccupied! However, this event is much smaller than its sister, Tulleys. 5 mazes but all very close together and this really worked in my eyes. They had a few roamers but all the actors going to and from break would like run at people on route too. The clown maze was alright, hotel de basquerville had great sets, but the scares were very front heavy so being at the back did nothing for us. House of Hounds had such a build up, not an amazing middle but the best use of a puppet I've seen. It physically pushed you over in the claustrophobia tunnel. Then there was Squealers Yard and Shed. Squealers is one of the most intense mazes with being physical I've done. We went through as a 3, and the actors were crazy. And it just kept going! Shed was kinda like Cellar in that it had inhabitants and was conga, very well themed as well with some good jumps. Overall a fab little event. I think this is only its third year?

Image may contain: one or more people, sky and outdoor

The next morning

Image may contain: outdoor

Hi Mr Scarecrow, do you like all the bunting?

Image may contain: 1 person, outdoor

Scarefest, not to be confused with the later to be visited Screamfest 30 minutes down the road

Image may contain: sky, bridge, tree, plant and outdoor

Obligatory Nemesis photo

Image may contain: one or more people, people sitting, night and indoor

Expensive lunch

Image may contain: sky, cloud and outdoor

And bam. Maze building.

So the 3 in here.

Terror of the Towers- It's a solid maze, I said this last year and I stick by it. It works. If this was at Thorpe you wouldn't complain, it's only cos Towers make you pay for it and it's next to much more intense mazes. There's nothing wrong with it.

Altonville- We had an awful run through. No being dragged away, hardly any grabbing, caught up with like 2 other groups. I've heard this a lot about this one though this year. Real shame. It has an ending now though

Sub Species- Pre-show is still fun, the door scene good fun even if it's cut back slightly now. Seems hit or miss, me and Phill had good runs but Jack didn't. In general this year the actors seem less aggressive but Sub is still fun as it's an actual maze, a game. 2 endings as well now so I got a nice shiny new one, yay!

Image may contain: people standing, sky, cloud, outdoor and nature

Then there's this one. Eh. It looks nice, if the SW8 queue gets some of these set pieces I'll be happy. But batching in like 25 people at a time yeah. All odd. No ending really. Idk. Eh.

Image may contain: outdoor

Oh look, a place that knows how to do a scare zone

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing, outdoor and nature

Image may contain: one or more people, night and outdoor

Simple yet fun!

Image may contain: sky, cloud, tree, shoes and outdoor

Have a nice Smiler photo

Image may contain: one or more people, car, night and outdoor

And off we went to Screamfest!

No automatic alt text available.

5 mazes. As per starting with the clown one. Decent enough, really like this entrance feature though

Image may contain: night, sky and outdoor

Little DJ in a box with lights. He seemed like a cool guy

No automatic alt text available.

Strategic photo to have crap next to it? Maybe. It is pretty naff. Bland walls, nothing happening. Worst new thing

Image may contain: one or more people, people on stage, night and concert

There was a fire 'show'. Roaming people with fire at other events were better but hey ho.

Image may contain: night

Soul Seekers had a great start, got lost in the middle then no end. Love Hurts is brill. Such a cool concept going into the sewers, completing weird tasks by a crazy scientist to perfect matching up singles

Image may contain: indoor

Image may contain: one or more people

And then the other new maze. Starts with a little tractor ride around a hill, then you arrive at the party to "enjoy" the local corn maize. But, a lunatic has also just escaped jail with his banditos. And it all goes mad. Actor runs through the corn, 4 things that feel finale worthy but it isn't over. So much fun, kept going, glad it was left till last! And that's Screamfest, some good concepts and mazes, then some awful ones.

Image may contain: 2 people, outdoor

Back at Towers the next day we decided to go family friendly with a flash mob from the awesome ancestors

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing, sky, outdoor and nature

Image may contain: 1 person

And House of Monsters! They really need to advertise this more, it's so much fun and worth every single penny of the £5. Cheesy as a slab of cheddar but a great laugh and interesting little maze ending

Image may contain: sky, cloud, bridge and outdoor

A fun photo of Smiler

Image may contain: one or more people, crowd, wedding and outdoor

Another flash mob

Image may contain: night

And off we went to Twinlakes for Xtreme Scream Park

Image may contain: one or more people and night

With roaming actors who know how to pose perfectly. Ta mate

Image may contain: night and text

6 mazes, 2 rides and a load of roaming actors. We were all very much looking forward to this one especially after the stuff we'd heard. Stilton Hall Hotel was insane. 2 floors, a full hotel tour, and some crazy even kinky actors

Image may contain: night

Hoodoo Voodoo. The best hooded maze I've done. Was like a funhouse with changing floors, wall texture, actors etc and had a decent post hood section with huge voodoo dolls, and an odd finale

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing, night and outdoor

Just a roamer, but better than the previous nights 'show'

Image may contain: sky, night and outdoor

The Village was long. But a good long. 4 different building, one being a creepy school with a cool blackboard effect. Only thing that let it down for us was the finale or kinda lack off. Something we'd noticed a lot this year in general from events

Image may contain: night and text

First half of Pie Factory we saw no actors, just loads of actor runs and potential. Then we caught up with a chain of people and actors. Shame as this maze had massive potential but ending up in a huge group ruined the second half

No automatic alt text available.

The night ended in jail. There was some really cool effects in here, and again a decent length, plus the façade is just great with the guntower going out onto the lawn of the events like arena. There wasj ust no ending! And that concludes our weekend away!

No automatic alt text available.

As storm *MET office being stupid so want to name everything that has a bit of wind or rain or storm storm name here* I headed down to Dreamland for the first time

Image may contain: sky, cloud and outdoor

It's a cute little park with some great vintage rides

Image may contain: sky, cloud, grass and outdoor

The famous "Lets piss off the local flats with a loud coaster" Magic Mouse (no joke, this thing pretty much rests alongside their balconies, even waved at someone who wasn't as impressed)

Image may contain: sky and outdoor

And a wacky worm. Technically a bee actually. With 4 or 5 laps. Can't remember but it was too many

No automatic alt text available.

To kill some time we went to a shell grotto. Yup. It is what it says on the door

Image may contain: 3 people

Image may contain: 1 person, sky and outdoor

Enough of that nonsense, Screamland time! 6 mazes and a photo opportuning shipping container

Image may contain: night and outdoor

Image may contain: night, sky, bridge and outdoor

The maze in the mirror maze is a joke its so short. But has a cool show start. Brotherhood is a new maze, hooded but different and quite a cool hooded concept. Considering the number of hooded mazes I've done this year, we didn't hate it. Carnival of Freaks, great start with Alfonso, weird ending where they trap you in a room that looks like the start. Crank Jack killed our knees, you are crawling for so long! The ending is cool though, we got so lost we ended in an actor spot and got screamed at (in character). Prop store was annoying, had some really nice old Screamland stuff but with a pulsing strobe so you can't properly see it. And then a very expected photo finale. Final cut and Dead n Breakfast is a cool concept going from one maze straight into another. The smells were authentic like popcorn, and a few cool effects but not as good as I'd been told they were in previous years

And then to end the Halloween season like a pro, 2 years running.

Image may contain: night, sky and outdoor

Howl'o'ween. Curse of lost tomb is worse, they don't do half the interactive stuff anymore. Roaming actors were a major plus this year, Tomb Blasters queue had like 5 in. Creepy Caves is great. They can't run a timed ticket system at all, we waiting nearly 80 minutes in the queue but the maze was good. Good story, cool concepts and effects. After the first scene I had no idea where we were in relation to the caves.


So overall, a fab spooky season! Hopefully next year will be just as eventful





Image may contain: aeroplane and outdoor

It was the end of July, time for another trip

Image may contain: cloud, sky and outdoor

Norwegian was really cool to fly with, comfy seats, free wifi and cheap. Gatwick to Landvetter, easy.

Image may contain: cloud, sky and outdoor

After a very easy bus journey and dropping our stuff in the hostel, we were on park queueing for Balder

Image may contain: cloud, sky, night and outdoor

This is possibly the smoothest Intamin I've been on. Made some pretty cool noises over the airtime hills too and the tunnels were fun especially at night

Image may contain: sky, bridge and outdoor


Image may contain: sky, cloud, tree, outdoor and nature

Liseberg banana train! This was really fun, especially in the rain where it gained some serious speed

No automatic alt text available.

Swing on a hill, Rush but a bit cooler

Image may contain: 1 person, tree, sky, plant, outdoor and nature

Some nice views

Image may contain: cloud, sky and outdoor

A horrid device. Unless you ride it like a chairswing like I do :)

Image may contain: sky, cloud and outdoor

The park then gets really nice at night

Image may contain: sky and outdoor

Image may contain: sky, cloud, bridge, night and outdoor

Image may contain: sky, night, cloud and outdoor

Image may contain: night, sky and outdoor

The next day was really wet.

Image may contain: tree, plant, sky and outdoor

So we went kid cred hunting

Image may contain: sky and outdoor

And did their haunted house maze thing. Upcharge but cheaper if you have an unlimited wristband. Not very scary but very well themed

Image may contain: sky, cloud, bridge and outdoor

Image may contain: plant, tree, outdoor, nature and water

The rapids were pretty fun. If a bit spinny

Image may contain: sky, cloud, night, tree and outdoor

This was torture. The queue was long and the ride cycle even longer

Image may contain: sky and outdoor

And all the views were ruined by rain

Image may contain: sky, tree, cloud, outdoor and nature

And then the sun came out.

Image may contain: 1 person, bird

The park is littered with game stalls. But some are quite well done like this Balder ski ball one

Image may contain: sky


Image may contain: sky, night, cloud, bridge and outdoor

And a photo of Helix

Image may contain: 5 people, people smiling, people standing

Oh yeah, I won the group a 2kg Toblerone

No automatic alt text available.

Was actually a load of mini ones, but still very nice

Image may contain: sky, skyscraper, cloud and outdoor

Our final day we wandered the city

Image may contain: sky, cloud and outdoor

Some of the buildings were lovely

Image may contain: sky and outdoor

And historic trams!

Image may contain: screen and indoor

For our big like group meal we went to Hard Rock

Image may contain: indoor

Which was cool and really large

Image may contain: one or more people and indoor

Including this virtual bowling alley

Image may contain: one or more people and indoor

And this

Image may contain: cloud, sky, tree, outdoor, nature and water

Back to the lovely city

Image may contain: outdoor

Image may contain: people standing, cloud, sky and outdoor

Image may contain: sky, cloud and outdoor

Image may contain: sky, cloud and outdoor

Image may contain: sky and outdoor

Image may contain: outdoor

A wall had to be climbed

Image may contain: sky and outdoor

Gained some amazing views from the additional few metres

Image may contain: sky, cloud, ocean, outdoor and water

Image may contain: sky, cloud, ocean, outdoor and water

Chilled in the harbour for a while

Image may contain: sky, outdoor and water

Image may contain: outdoor and water

Image may contain: sky and outdoor

Image may contain: one or more people, people walking, people standing and outdoor

And then it was time to get our bus back to the airport

Image may contain: sky

And that's Gothenburg.


The city is stunning and well worth a visit especially if you're already out there. Liseberg, decent place but lacks a dark ride especially now the only they have is gone. But if you like flat rides and a few coasters you'll be fine!



I have intention of writing a bumper Halloween blog post with all the scare events I'm visiting. But to do this I should really catch up. So from a good 3 months ago, here is Efteling and their 13 hour day celebrating summer nights or something.

Image may contain: tree, sky, plant, outdoor and nature

We were staying in the very nice Loonscheland Hotel. Our room was suitable for up to 5 people, not sure how comfy that would have been but for the 3 of us it was fine. Very nice bathroom, comfy beds. All good. We had a view of the service yard. Fresh breakfast each morning was great though with breads etc.

Image may contain: house, outdoor and nature

Image may contain: outdoor and nature

Climbing frames and goats made it even more fun!

Image may contain: one or more people, table and outdoor

1st July. First day of the festival and Symbolica opening. We used our ERT to wait for it to open

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting and outdoor

Pardoes (?) happy to get a ride about him

Image may contain: one or more people, crowd, sky, outdoor and nature

And the hoards arrive! We made the first batch of guests (should I brag about this?) and it's a very nice attraction. Fun for everyone.

Image may contain: one or more people, crowd, tree, sky and outdoor

Enough of this. Let's start the party! Commencing at 6pm, there was a parade

Image may contain: 1 person, standing and outdoor

Which was basically of all the entertainment that'd be on offer that night

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing and outdoor

So each land had an offering and a timetable of different events. There was so much going on it was fab

Image may contain: 2 people, people standing, sky, outdoor and nature

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing, crowd, outdoor and nature

And a marching band. Think there was one near the front too

Image may contain: one or more people, crowd, sky and outdoor

So Ravelijn land had sword fighting

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing and outdoor

And other stuff. Was like a mini Warwick castle

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing, tree, flower and outdoor

We then went and got some food from this pop up stand area, was nice. And then these guys got involved, with an amazing repertoire of music they were much entertainment. As can be seen, Josh has a video :) 

Image may contain: one or more people, sky and outdoor

Carnival had a random sing-a-long session.

Image may contain: one or more people and outdoor

The area by the rapids had these dancers and Flamenco

Image may contain: 1 person, outdoor

The Swiss (?) area by Bob had this guy, Steinbok. He was very popular, a comedic singing act. Had like a cult following it seemed.

Image may contain: 4 people, crowd and outdoor

Was a very nice atmosphere though

Image may contain: one or more people, people on stage, tree, sky and outdoor

The best in my eyes were the street performers in Arabian Nights land.

Image may contain: 1 person, standing

This guy not giving ice cream (it was free if you could grab it from him)

Image may contain: 1 person, sky and outdoor

Some magic act. And I think I might have been roped into buying an authentic rug?

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing and outdoor

Flying Dutchman had one of those not moving people who then does move.

Image may contain: sky, outdoor, nature and water

And then it started to get dark!

Image may contain: one or more people, crowd, sky and outdoor

Steinbok still holding a crowd!

Image may contain: sky, night and outdoor

And then the beautiful fountains. They had 3 shows on that night, Aquanara as normal, symphony 1 and symphony 2 which were different music configurations from the attractions around the park! We ended up seeing both symphony's and had an amazing night. Possibly one of the best theme park events I've attended. All included in your ticket price

Image may contain: people standing, night, sky and outdoor

Image may contain: night

Image may contain: sky, night, outdoor and water

It must have now been 11:20 but the park were in no rush to kick us out. So much so they had all the acts from throughout the park at the exit area saying bye to everyone, taking photos etc

Image may contain: shoes and night

The entrance is annoyingly large and doesn't fit in my photo.


Next time, Liseberg and the city of Gothenburg!


Movie Park Germany

Image may contain: outdoor

Welcome to Movie Park! A place I had very little expectation or care for and honestly had it not been for the Mack, we wouldn't have gone. This meant we had a fab day

Image may contain: outdoor

We started with Star Trek as there were loads of school kids arriving. We thought it was by the entrance. The coaster is, the attraction plaza and queue is not.


The ride itself is very average, decent for the park but not a great product example. The music was cool though and the transfer table. And if you like Star Trek the preshows etc were probably fab!

Image may contain: sky, cloud, bridge and outdoor

Does look nice around the entrance plaza though. And we got a reride as they messed up the pre show batching so the station was empty.

Image may contain: outdoor

Near the entrance is their immersive tunnel though. The queue line was fab, the ride very average. But yeah the queue line is stunning.

No automatic alt text available.

Pretty queue

Image may contain: mountain, sky, cloud, outdoor and nature

Also by the entrance is Bermuda Triangle, the parks wtf boat splash dark ride thing. We were all so confused but happy. We really wanted a reride but got spited due to weird closing times of rides :( 

The less you know about this ride the better so I'm leaving it at that

Image may contain: one or more people and outdoor

The parks nice main street style street

Image may contain: one or more people, sky, basketball court and outdoor

Woop top spin.

Image may contain: sky and outdoor

Yeah this was awful. Like terrible. Platform 15 bad. Nicely themed I guess? It's a struggle to say anything positive. Especially for a 5 euro upcharge!

Image may contain: sky, cloud and outdoor

Now we enter the "left" side of the park. Complete with; A rundown style pier

Image may contain: sky, cloud, bridge, night, tree and outdoor

A not awful SLC but literally smelt like dung.

Image may contain: sky and outdoor

A woodie that is neither good or bad. It isn't like fun, and it also isn't torture. It doesn't feel like any type of woodie basically.

Image may contain: one or more people, sky and outdoor

And a rotating standing tilting uncomfy drop tower. Yeah. So we'll leave this area now

Image may contain: outdoor

There was this simulator with John Cleese! That was kinda quirky but very rough


So we went to Nickland which features a rapids in its own area. The rapids area starts at the rides entrance and ends at the rides exit. Good job guys

Image may contain: outdoor

It is however very well themed and had some decent rapid sections

Image may contain: sky and outdoor

Nickland was atrocious. Filled with standard rides with minimal theming

Image may contain: bridge, sky and outdoor

We also got spited by (not this one) a Jimmy Neutron 'themed' suspended vekoma flyer family thing.

Image may contain: one or more people, sky and outdoor

You can get wet by Dora though so there you go lads :) 


But we'll end on a few highs!

Image may contain: 1 person, car and outdoor

The parks stunt show was fab. One of my faves out there

Image may contain: one or more people, sky, basketball court and outdoor

Image may contain: one or more people and outdoor

Image may contain: one or more people and outdoor

was a very good show. I was very happy!


And then the true gem of the park

Image may contain: text

This ride is so simple as a coaster. It is just a Gerstlauer bobsled but the whole experience is fab. It's punchy, well themed, good effects and some great music. Again, the less said about it the better but yeah and the queue moved really well!

Image may contain: people sitting

you can have a photo of the car :) 


And to end our day we went into the shop

No automatic alt text available.



Next time we go to Efteling for the Symbolica opening weekend and their summer festival thing! And then maybe, just maybe we make it Liseberg before I get too busy again :) 



Purely for time saving purposes and the fact I've done a Plopsaland blog two years running I'm combining it with Plopsa Coo! Woo!

Image may contain: sky, bridge and outdoor

After being spited by Heidi last year, and Bat and Rox Flyer on both visits, would this year be any better?

Image may contain: outdoor

For Heidi, yes! Cred 199. This great little coaster is fast, twisty and has good pops of air. In a lovely themed little area it is perfect for the park

Image may contain: one or more people, sky and outdoor

Lovely little area

Image may contain: bridge, plant, sky and outdoor

And this, the most random carousel ever

Image may contain: tree, sky and outdoor

Uncomfy, slow and has a minimum height restriction.

Image may contain: sky, cloud and outdoor

The star flyer was also open! Now all we needed was The Bat to be open and finally, after 3 years we'd have completed the park

Image may contain: one or more people and outdoor

And to our amazement it was open!


Thus meaning, my 200th cred is The Bat; Left track. Yay much fun.

Image may contain: people sitting and indoor

They also ruined their amazing slide by giving it new mats that have higher friction, such disappointment.


After a night near Leige where the hotel people were ironing in the café bit of the hotel, we ventured into the hills of Belgium

Image may contain: sky, tree, plant, mountain, outdoor and nature


Image may contain: one or more people, people standing, sky, outdoor, nature and water

A stunning park

Image may contain: mountain, sky, tree, outdoor, nature and water

With a chairlift up this hill to a watchtower thing.

Image may contain: people standing, mountain, sky, outdoor and nature

And the views at the top are amazing. On the right is the parks toboggan ride, but more on that later!

Image may contain: mountain, sky, outdoor and nature

Just the hills of Belgium! Has me even more hyped to go to Spa De Francorchamps next month!

Image may contain: mountain, sky, tree, outdoor and nature

Image may contain: sky and outdoor

New for 2015 is the still new DinoSplash! A slide complex featuring the green one which is bog standard slide, orange one where you can pick a soundtrack and has lights and the blue wall air time hill slide thing. Much fun!

Image may contain: bridge, tree, outdoor and nature

Then one of the 2 creds, Halvar

Image may contain: bridge, sky, outdoor, water and nature

An odd vekoma single seater style ride that was actually pretty good fun!

Image may contain: outdoor

The park also has a hedge maze that was also an escape room with doors and codes throughout. Very confusing and not helped by the language barrier at the start.

No automatic alt text available.

They randomly have spider monkey's too. Cos yeah.

No automatic alt text available.

There was a free mini golf course where the lady doesn't trust you enough to have a ball each so you have to share in your group. Oh and there's only 17 holes in use as one of them just doesn't have a hole for the ball.

Image may contain: sky, cloud and outdoor

Another star flyer but smaller and also operational. What joy!

Image may contain: people sitting, car and outdoor

A free go kart track which was a good layout, decent number of laps just always had a long queue. And one random single seater car that was so much faster. We had fun commentating the races prior to ours!

Image may contain: sky, cloud, bridge and outdoor

Then there's this. Vicky. Arguably the thing that made this park noticed a bit more by enthusiasts.

Image may contain: sky, bridge and outdoor

It's just disappointment the ride in my eyes. Never held enough speed, didn't spin, just very lacklustre. And a horrid slow moving queue full of school kids (yes they are there permanently I asked and that's totally what they said)

Image may contain: outdoor

The facing in meant the cars do look very nice but the ride experience is lost.

Image may contain: plant, tree, outdoor and nature

Now due to the weather of keep raining on and off we were going to be spited by the one thing I was excited for. They kept sweeping the track trying to dry it but nope.


Then finally, without 2 hours to go the weather held up and boom! It opened

Image may contain: shoes, sky, outdoor and nature

The huge toboggan with a backwards lift!


There were two tracks, both seemed to just like race until about 1/3 of the way down where the left one just vanishes off and gains endless speed. We did the ride twice and I only did the left as it was certainly the better track (Josh and Jack did both and they'll vouch for it). So much fun, so fast, such a gem in a gorgeous park.


So Plopsa Coo. If you're nearby go, it's only £20 and a visually lovely park with a few quirks, don't go out of your way though.


Image may contain: sky and outdoor

Our evening was spent in Cologne going to the Hard Rock and a bit of meandering in the city

Image may contain: sky and outdoor

Image may contain: night, sky and outdoor

Image may contain: drink and indoor

We went to Phantasialand the next day. However to save time and as Josh will no doubt do a Phantasialand one and yeah I've done one the last 2 years, the next report will be Movie Park!



 It's been a while since I've done a trip report but here we go. Another road trip which for me meant I would hit 200 creds! WOO.


Where do we start? A French park with an inverted Vekoma boomerang cos why not.


Image may contain: sky and outdoor

We left Dover on a meh British weather Saturday arriving in Dunkirk the Sunday morning. Before heading to the park we went into Calais for a meander as this is where we were staying. Apparently asking for a pain au chocolat is difficult even though it's how we both say it. Language barriers are great.

Image may contain: 1 person, standing, tree and outdoor

Calais had this

Image may contain: sky and outdoor

And this. Cos culture is nice

Image may contain: tree, plant, sky, grass, basketball court, outdoor and nature

Much nicer than the first thing you essentially see at the park.

Image may contain: sky, tree, cloud, bridge, outdoor and nature

Bagatelle was an odd park. I don't know if I liked it or not. They had two coasters made by a company no one knows off cos they basically only made these two coasters.

Image may contain: sky, cloud, bridge, shoes and outdoor

A bright orange torture device (that wasn't awful)

Image may contain: bridge, plant, tree, outdoor and nature

A one adult per boat log flume which shows you the border around the park with local basketball courts.

Image may contain: sky, cloud, outdoor, water and nature

A pirate themed area aka a pirate boat, orange ferris wheel and a chain with a no entry sticker on to stop you leaving the park border.

Image may contain: sky, cloud, outdoor, nature and water

An actually okay rapids with moments of decent theming.

Image may contain: tree, plant, sky, outdoor and nature

An Autopia type ride but with a really good layout. Best ride here.

Image may contain: one or more people, sky, outdoor and nature

A brand new air race with themed surrounding buildings on lovely fresh tarmac

Image may contain: sky, tree, outdoor, nature and water

A normal sized log flume with stupidly fast lift

Image may contain: tree, bridge, outdoor and nature

One of these but allowing adults to ride

Image may contain: plant, tree, outdoor and nature

And the 2nd of the 2 random coaster manufactures coasters.


They also have; a monorail which leaves the park and shows you goats, a spinning wild mouse which was horrific, a single seater tea cups ride for kids, an awful simulator and I'm sure some more awful stuff.


Didn't take many photos as the park entertained me so much I ended up watching the F1. So definitely visit. This put me on 198 creds. Yay.


We did however have a nice evening in Calais

Image may contain: drink

I had alcohol

Image may contain: sky and outdoor

There was this

Image may contain: sky and outdoor

This stunning building

Image may contain: 1 person, playing a sport and indoor

And we played a few games of pool at the hotel with you guessed it...

Image may contain: people sitting

Alcohol. Woop.


I will try and do the rest of the trip when I get time but it might take a while


Image may contain: one or more people and outdoor

Welcome indeed!

Image may contain: sky, cloud and outdoor

Now with added chocolate! Just in case I wasn't happy enough at this place

Image may contain: sky, outdoor, water and nature

And a Hard Rock. And boats!

Image may contain: sky and outdoor

Let's start with the original

Image may contain: sky and outdoor

It's still an ugly entrance street.

Image may contain: indoor

And has the worst positioned ride ever. Not going to lie. This area needs work.

Image may contain: sky, cloud and outdoor

Do still like this ride

Image may contain: sky, cloud and outdoor


Image may contain: cloud, sky and outdoor

And Optimus is still warning us of something I'm sure

Image may contain: car and outdoor

They'll keep us safe though! :D

No automatic alt text available.

The M.I.B will save us too

Image may contain: sky and outdoor

San Francisco currently home to ZERO attractions.

Image may contain: sky, table and outdoor

Do like this new viewpoint you can get too thanks to the Springfield expansion.

Image may contain: one or more people

Whilst we ignore KidZone here's Krusty!

Image may contain: sky and outdoor

Home time already

Image may contain: one or more people and outdoor

But I haven't been on The Mummy yet :(

Image may contain: sky, bus and outdoor

Ohh phew. It's the amazing Diagon Alley! New for my trip

Image may contain: 2 people, people sitting, plant and outdoor

Image may contain: one or more people and outdoor

I'm glad this land has scared Disney. It is stunning. You can't see anything other than DA from it. Hidden paths, shows, endless shops, food, half of it is covered. And when the dragon roars 90% of people stop to get this shot. It is amazing. All lands need this level of detail and depth.

Image may contain: indoor

Gringotts is stunning too. And the ride is great fun

Image may contain: text

But I don't want to ruin it with photos. So we'll get the train to Hogwarts :) 

Image may contain: train, sky, cloud and outdoor

And at Hogwarts we are!

Image may contain: sky, cloud and outdoor

Image may contain: 2 people, outdoor

The key to Universal's current success.

Image may contain: 4 people, crowd, sky and outdoor

Image may contain: tree, sky, outdoor and nature

Fantastic Beasts

Image may contain: sky, tree and outdoor

And a hut to find them in

Image may contain: sky, cloud, outdoor and nature

Plus a castle for good measure!

Image may contain: people standing, plant, sky, tree and outdoor

They also have this dinosaur place

Image may contain: cloud, sky, outdoor and nature

But more importantly, this lovely view

Image may contain: cloud, sky, mountain, outdoor, nature and water

It's such a beautiful park

Image may contain: one or more people, outdoor and nature

And now has another gorgeous thing to ogle at.

Image may contain: 1 person, mountain, tree, outdoor and nature

It's so intimidating and awesome looking

Image may contain: outdoor

The queue line is creepy, the gates are amazing. It is a very good all round attraction. Could do with some tweaks in places but another start to finish ride with a brilliant queue.

Image may contain: one or more people, sky and outdoor

But again, don't want to ruin it with lots of photos. So here is Dudley Do Right.

Image may contain: sky, cloud and outdoor

Yes this still exists

Image may contain: one or more people and outdoor

And this looks awful. Especially now they've gone and done...

Image may contain: one or more people, sky and outdoor


Image may contain: cloud, sky and outdoor

Hulk is back in a modern techno way

Image may contain: cloud, sky and outdoor


Image may contain: sky, cloud and outdoor

Here's some sexy dusk shots

Image may contain: cloud, sky and outdoor

Image may contain: cloud, sky, bridge and outdoor

Image may contain: one or more people, sky and outdoor

Suess is still awesome for kids

Image may contain: one or more people, sky, cloud and outdoor

The entrance is also lovely

Image may contain: one or more people, sky and outdoor

Going to be interesting to see what the 3rd parks icon will be

No automatic alt text available.

CityWalk is cool too

Image may contain: one or more people, night and outdoor

And has a groovy mini golf

Image may contain: night and outdoor

Studios looks lovely at night (as does Islands but it closed too early each day on our trip)

Image may contain: people standing, sky, cloud, bridge and outdoor

Image may contain: night and outdoor

Universal just always feels so much more relaxed to Disney. Their current investments are great and show no sign of stopping. Yeah the parks have their faults, but are clearly being dealt with whilst the resort expands at rapid fire pace. To Disney, do compete. Competition makes this industry exciting, ride wars are what push the boundaries and it's great that Disney seem to be investing heavily with big new rides/lands again.


Till next time Universal!


Florida 2K16

As its been a long time and I have some time over Christmas I thought I'd finally do this one, only got back like 4 months ago...

No automatic alt text available.

This to me is a homing beacon. See this and boom, happiness!

Image may contain: night, fireworks, sky and outdoor

We had a lovely view of Hollywood Studios fireworks too. And as that's basically the only thing there, woo first park done.

Image may contain: sky, grass, outdoor and nature

SeaWorld is a gorgeous park

Image may contain: sky and outdoor

I love just walking around it

Image may contain: outdoor and water


Image may contain: sky, swimming, cloud, outdoor, nature and water

A wanna be Manta

Image may contain: one or more people, sky and outdoor

I still love Kraken. Love the way it loops around the park corner...

Image may contain: cloud, sky, outdoor and nature

And has a new distant friend!

Image may contain: outdoor

And a new sealion show! Great fun, prefer pirates but probably just for the nostalgia

Image may contain: sky, cloud, bridge and outdoor

But Mako is what draws you here

Image may contain: sky, cloud, tree, bridge and outdoor

It's a really good fun ride, looks great around the park

Image may contain: 1 person, outdoor

And has some good theming in its plaza.

Image may contain: sky and outdoor

Flippy Whales conjuring up a storm too...

Image may contain: one or more people, sky and outdoor

Time to leave I think!

Image may contain: sky, cloud and outdoor

The tree of Intamin oddness?

Image may contain: cloud, sky and outdoor

Oversized B&M

Image may contain: cloud, sky and outdoor

Weird Mack cos that's the norm now

Image may contain: cloud, sky and outdoor

Image may contain: sky, cloud and outdoor

More Intamin oddness

Image may contain: sky, cloud, bridge, tree, plant and outdoor

Obligatory heat blurred Kumba pic

Image may contain: one or more people, sky, tree, outdoor and water

A good Oblivion. And its red.

Image may contain: outdoor

A white tiger secluding himself from the orange ones. In this modern day politically correct world too. I'm sure PETA would have a fit

Image may contain: one or more people, sky, bridge and outdoor

And a Zierer. All about this one tbf. Look at it all green and that fence too.

Image may contain: outdoor

I liked this ornate structure too. Such a nice table

Image may contain: sky, night, tree, cloud and outdoor

We also did this, but it's Merlin so we won't go there.

Image may contain: swimming and bird

Oh, too late. This guy wants out

Image may contain: cloud, sky, tree, bridge and outdoor

That's better. Fun Spot is such a great bonus place. And we all had $25 to spend as a gift from our ticket supplier :D


Now it's somehow known that 'I don't like Disney' so I apologise now.

Image may contain: cloud, sky and outdoor

Image may contain: cloud, sky, night and outdoor

Could be worse though. I could have gone to a Disney park.

Image may contain: tree, sky, cloud, plant, outdoor and nature

Hang on

Image may contain: cloud, sky, outdoor and nature

Seems familiar

Image may contain: tree, plant, outdoor and nature

I mean it's nice but...

Image may contain: sky and outdoor

Oh it's alright. They have two of these. No big player then

Image may contain: outdoor

Oh no I'm at a Disney Park. Must be Animal Kingdom

Image may contain: one or more people, sky, cloud, mountain, outdoor and nature

Can't be, it's night and they're still open

Image may contain: night, sky and outdoor

And a nightime show that sucks in every way...

Image may contain: one or more people, night and outdoor

It was Animal Kingdom all along. Oh no. I can only apologise for this mistake and will ensure the next one is Disney free.


Coming later this week, a bumper Universal blog! Gotta balance the world out now you see.


Europa Halloween

This year it was decided we'd upgrade our trips in October and visit a foreign scare event. Europa was chosen having won the Scar award for the best international event the past 2 years.



But it wasn't just for their scare event, it was also for the entire park!


There are pumpkins everywhere, it feels like a different park



Pumpkin cake


Halloween special parade




Special musical for the season based on Ghost Castle. Rides had overlays from the Pumpkin Coaster (Eurosat), coffee cups completely done up, Pirates in Batavia had a Halloween overlay with the audio and speech, 2 daytime walkthroughs; Jack the Ripper and another one that uses part of the night maze Temple of the Undead. And with all the theming on park, music and everything it was just amazing. A proper Halloween do up.


The park also looked stunning at night!



A few more nice photos







Horror Nights!


28 euros for 3 scare zones, 5 mazes, loads of roamers, 3 rides, a VR experience, special ice show, a travelling ghost train and a brilliant atmosphere!.


You enter through a scare zone, Dead End street. This was the best of the 3 with plenty of actors, fire, mist, theming and an interesting way to enter the park.


Once in you have 4 of the 5 mazes laid out in a square shape with a stage in the middle.


The mazes were literally big white tents. But inside they were themed amazingly! Big Shoe was a clown based maze with a casino scene, outside alley, crazy spinning tunnel. You had no idea you were in a tent. There were a few good scares but from the event it was clear they don't go for the jumpy scares but more interactive side. As we don't speak German, we had no idea what was being said but even with that they were still great.


The other mazes: 10 was new for the 10th anniversary of Horror Nights, apparently based on previous mazes you went through portals into each new section. One was a Chinese restaurant, apparently from a maze they had called Takeaway!


The Cave: Unleashed was stunning in how you really felt in a tunnel. However, this one felt really really short but had some great costumes and a brilliant puppet, like the snake one in Cellar at Tulleys.


Nightmare: This was our least favourite, felt short again but had no flow or any idea what was going on, and from the queue you saw the finale of the maze so clearly when people were exiting. Again great costumes and theming though.


Temple of the Undead: Good length and tricks for actors to jump out, one really dark corridor with string which gets some people, good use of strobes and quite disorientating.


So overall the mazes aren't very scary, but they are a spectacle for what look like white tents on the outside!



This Ghost Train was also open and included in the ticket. 3 levels, really old school in feel with a few staff as actors and a female Jigsaw doll. Great fun and just added to the excellent value of the event!


An unadvertised live show on the centre stage. The standard dancing from the Europa ents team, but also a music set from Leon Fuller, who works on the music for the event and the Horror Nights 10 song. Brilliant atmosphere.


Horror on Ice VII, a raunchy ice show with fire, foam, everything you could want from 30 minutes!


There was so much to do that we only just did it all in 2 nights.


Projection mapping on Poseidon's station made it look like it was dripping in blood


Night ridesss



And the satellite was having a rave too!


Coastiality: Adventure Atlantis had a VR Halloween overlay where you thought demons and zombies. It worked really well, you'd tap on the headset to shoot and spin your vehicle like normal to move around the VR world. It was really popular too! This is my eyes is more what VR should be used for!


So with all of this, and an already 15 hour day we decided to hit the Vampire Club. Only 5 euros and you get to witness the Poseidon station overlaid as a club with the EP ents team dancing on podiums, Leon Fuller doing live sets and a decent drinks menu at decent price. It was so weird to be dancing on a board that is over some Mack track.


Not the best photo, but it was really good!


Crazy to think.


Overall the whole park looked great in the day and the night event was a brilliant scare event for the vast mix of things you could do, all the roamers, theming, costume quality. Brilliant value and by far my favourite event I've been to so far. Only niggle is 7:30-11:30 is not enough, they could easily stay open till 1am and you need it with all the stuff. If you go, you need 2 nights!


As usual, Europa did great






Can I have your attention please, due to some people climbing the lift hill the ride is currently unavailable. 


We have E-Stopped the ride, padlocked it and thrown away the key! 


And left the trains stranded.


On Colossus, each wheel unit is inspected heavily every seven days. Fact


Colossus is dirty, also fact :P 




And up we went! Trying to be all artsy but the ride was sinking which made it hard (fact! They blast air into the ground to stop this)


I love the shots you get from these walks! Plus the VIP hosts are always lovely!


The chain is actually huge. I always forget how huge


The lift hill wobbles a lot too, which adds a great thrill element!


Noisy antirollbacks


Saw facts! The ride didn't have the lift system in place to evacuate at first, this was something Thorpe helped design with Gerst and is known as the Thorpe Amendment and is now used on all post Saw eurofighters


There is also a hawk noise effect that sounds every 20 minutes. This was put in to try and scare off the pigeons. It doesn't have that effect, but the sound effect still works!


London skyline just about


The engineers decided to run a train on Inferno. For the fun of it clearly


Hey Swarm!


Sun breaking through and Ghost Train shed! Few things on it.


They have a 6 year contract with DB then it will be reviewed. It's cost can't be published yet as it isn't finalised as they're still paying for all the delays, tweaks etc they're having to do. It initially was set out to be £25 million ish, it's more now due to the issues and could keep rising till next year! They also built a cherry picker into the building not on purpose. Good job. It can join Smiler's one.


Other bits: IAC is on a 3 year contract so runs out end of 2017, possible retheme for 2018 attraction. Next year is probably a flat ride of some sorts. They have begun weight testing on the island behind Swarm for the next big ride and working on the plans. A coaster seems to be most likely apparently. AB contract is also up sometime soon but they want to keep that one, especially as the film got okay reviews! 


Read and learn guys


Night night Colossus!


Next time... Florida :o 



That's none of the above. But we're at Paultons! This bird is happy because of this.


Paultons is lovely



With some great landscapers!


And a volcano!


Want a really cool retheme of a section? Look no further!


Simple, yet great


Really wacky


And fun which is perfect for families


Themed staff area too


And a little aquarium type thing


Just really fun!

Rest of the park is standard. The modern entrance is still nice with a HUGE toy shop, gardens always lovely, main street type thing cool, peppa pig really popular etc.


And now this! 2 new coasters, a few new flats and a car ride plus loads of theming, animatronics etc.


This dinosaur has a hard skull, to protect his head getting damaged and ending up spending so much money on stuff when you can get a real bargain




Oh no, water effect!!!




Baby dinosaur




I feel safe now!


Dinosaur meet and greet!!!!


Final woosh!


Paultons is great. It's better than Chessington in my eyes, they invest wisely and are developing a lovely park! Dark ride and proper water ride please then we'll be good. Go Karts still look rubbish and are hardly used. The next thing though is going over by the back of Peppa Pig, next to the Meerkats. There are markings out there already, I've read it is going to be a small/medium ride, maybe a Peppa expansion (if they do then fair enough, they haven't done since it opened). Go visit is all I can say.


Next up, my annual coaster climb, this year, Colossus!





As we know, Walibi Belgium and Holland got new Mack's this year. Both new types of Mack's. 


This is what Belgium asked for.


It's really grand.


Has a spectacular splash


It's really cool



And there's a cool turntable to improve throughputs and just be cool! Queue was cool too!


So that's what Walibi get when they ask for a ride (and Mack are the company that choose to do it).


Don't know what you want? Then roll up, today is your lucky day as Mack now offers mystery box rides! They'll tease the park over snapchat what they're building and just not think one bit. So what did Holland get from their mystery box?


A loss of gravity. Seems like a great deal.


Mack had some spare yellow and black track pieces floating in their yard and hoped it would all fit together


And even though some of it doesn't look like it should fit together


It all does


Woosh. Now, because Walibi didn't know what they were getting, when they built the exit paths they had to slant these arches, or Mack told them it was necessary. Mystery box fun! 


They also had some shipping containers that were cluttering the yard


And a broken set of these


And the cars are too wide for the track. Mystery box risks you see


Fancy a Mack Mystery Box for your park? Then send a ? and your budget to [email protected]


Beware, they may cause you to drink in hope it'll ease the mind confuddling caused.


Next week we'll go see some cobras, dinosaurs and critters :) 



Phantasialand is a stunning park. Up there was one of my favourites, and definitely my favourite non Disney/Uni park. 


Look at the stunningness. Everything is just so well done. Immersion is great. Rides are fab. Like Maus Au Chocolat. It just has so much magic going for it! Midway Mania sounds tacky compared to this. The fun house down Berlin street is odd for a theme park but great. 


Destroyed Josh on our second go as well ;) 


It's a beautiful park.


And the most well known top spin lives here.


And a solid, well themed B&M. Mamba is an odd case. In the morning near the front it was lame. In the afternoon after some rain at the back it was top 10 contender. But it lacks consistency soooo much! For more park photos see last years report as nothing has changed. Winjas is still awesome. Nighthawk now has music, Hollywood boat tour still looks like it could have the scenery collapse at any moment. Wakabato was just avoided. Still don't get Mystery Castle, had an even shorter cycle this year! River Quest is hilarious. Mad house is an odd theme. 




The area looks great!


Intimidating yet deceiving as it's almost on level with the path.


Looks like a village in a rocky mountain with a coaster.




Watching the coaster fly all around you in the area is great


And Raik which is so much fun with a brill station.


This second launch makes one of the coolest sounds I've heard from a ride ever



It winds all over the place.


WIth a love of design, engineering and sheer immersion it was great to meander about.


But that's it really.


The queue moves fast and has a geeky view of the transfer track.


But what about the ride?


Well, Jack Josh and Matt knew when we came off first time it hadn't wowed me. I wasn't really joyous by what I just rode, I was quite mellow. I mean, there was nothing wrong with it. At all. Just, nothing made me go OMG. I love the dive into the second launch and up past the waterfall. That's the only thing that still sticks in my head. It felt like there were lots of lul moments, then crazy, then lul. But I don't feel it flowed in the right order to make a stunning ride. It's not a top 10 for me. Probably not a top 20. But that doesn't mean it's bad. It is a good fun ride, has created a hugely themed area secluded from the park. It is spectacular to watch, wander the little village with Taron roaring overhead. But the ride isn't standout in my eyes. For the next level of theming yes, as a ride, no. It is a solid ride that will do well against time. It won't be a fad. As long as it doesn't get Intamin rough, it'll always be a good ride. It also got me thinking though, why does every new ride these days have to seemingly be a top 10 ride or the next best thing. What's wrong with just building a good solid coaster that no one will dislike. I guess you could see it as Inferno in a way. Nothing special, but a ride that is always liked, pretty popular and serves the park extremely well. So yeah, Taron. Good.


Now Chiapas however is special.


A gorgeous ride


Now with it's weird issues sorted so you can sit properly.


Wacky ride.


Crazy drop


But a fun theme! Great music throughout, lighthearted nature, doesn't soak you so is always enjoyable. Definitely my favourite flume type ride, sorry Dudley's.


Intamin will sell lots of these once they're confident it won't have multiple issues again. And Taron too, I'm sure they'll sell more launchers now with the new trains. 

Go to Phantasialand! 9/10 park at least.


In more serious news.


If anyone spots Josh, please inform Phantasialand. He is currently trying to rip of the Chiapas rave room somewhere in Monchengladbach. That way he'll get banned ;) 


Paris Asterix


Paris! Because mini breaks are awesome!


With ghostly looking lighting


This is the church in Madeline. Although the outside doesn't look as spectacular as St Augustin or Notre Dame, it is much grander on the inside


View to the Concorde


St Augustin


With a mini version of the tower roof inside the tower roof. ROOFCEPTION


Arc De Triomphe 


Was a long way to the top


Worth it for the views though! And, like many things in Paris, free for 18-24 year olds! 



Because Mickey is everywhere


IT's just a gorgeous place to walk about


Army museum 


The Grand Palais plus crazy french junctions!


2nd floor of the Tower


Oh yay. The Euros are on. So planned that...


Let's look this way instead then.


Just love the structure of it!


And the football, obviously.



Bridge of padlocks.


New addition!




Another free attraction for 18-24s


The shpinx. Yup, THE sphinx. He's the one


Thought Milo might have been bigger.


Woo Mona Lisa. This is the pure definition of overrated.


The opposite painting was quite spectacular though


Notre Dame


And the hunchback!


Iron Man is also everywhere


The very odd Grand Arch


This view was amazing though! Perfectly straight down to the Arc De Triomphe!



Trying to be artsy at the Louis Vuitton Foundation!

Now no mini break would be complete without some cred hunting!


Hello Asterix!


This was really good fun!


Wacky lift hill


And dual load and offload! This is what these rides can be like. Not Storm Surge.


Surprisingly this purple monster isn't the entrance to the ghost train but more the exit. The ride itself is good fun, some decent scare tactics but nothing to shout home about.


This however was an excellent Mad House. The preshows were fun and the water one was fab. The mad house itself was like others, but cleverly used screens with the motion to make it feel like you were going sideways on a boat at points.


It's Europe so there was of course a boat ride which was one of the better ones I've done


Little Monorail type ride. This village bit you can see here has no rides. A few shops, a meet and greet but it was a lovely little walk through. As were two other sections of the park. It's a real shame Merlin and other parks want to cram rides in everywhere instead of having these little sections. It's nice to just wander about in a well themed area. Makes me sad Haunting in the Hollows isn't better. 


Another example here.


With an indoor bit that they used during one of the kids shows as part of the story.


It's the little things that I love about European parks.


Little things.


Moving on. Goudrix. Not great, not bad.


Looks filthy. Clean it up ta.


Or scrap it.


New for this year is another well themed Disko that can so easily be produced. 


Throw in some pyro and water effects and boom.


Nice themed entrance


And you get yourself a relatively cheap but good investment! 


There's also a huge Bobsleigh, a bumpy splash thing that just looked painful


A log flume and a rapids which seem mediocre till cray cray tunnel


This pure cred with a good themed queue


This really ugly out of place flat


And the two shout home about rides.


Really hard to photograph as it's hidden, Zuess is a superb woodie. Proper old school with speed, rattle, harsh turns and ridiculous speed throughout.


And then this. Oz'iris! In this photo you can see a little fountain show taking place which had some score from HTTYD playing alongside. 


It really is a baby Montu, but better.


It's stunningly beautiful



The station building is amazing


The first drop without the predrop is crazy in back row.


The pacing is superb!


Length brilliant! Forces on point


Indoor queue gorgeous! There's so much more to it than this photo.


The elements of the ride portrayed on this wall for you geeks (not the best photo ever)


And this guy in the middles. Sums the ride up brilliantly. Well themed, but with a sense of humour and fun about it. 


Oz'iris, people said when it was being built could it beat Nemesis. Unsure, but it's possibly the closest thing I've ridden that could. I don't think I've quite loved a ride this much in a long time. Definitely my favourite new ride since Manta, and it could beat that. I will have to seriously rethink my top 10 later this year.


Parc Asterix overall is a well themed park with a sense of humour and fun about it. All the staff seemed lovely, efficient, and happy to help. On Oz'iris they were running around unbuckling seatbelts before the train had fully stopped so when the bars were released all belts were undone. I've never seen anything like it. There are a few areas of the park that need work, but that's the case with many parks. Recent investments show they're heading the right way and will no doubt sort out other areas in need. My only real niggle with the park, where's the ride merch??? Loads of Asterix stuff, but no seperate ride merch :( Park rating: 8.5/10


Oz'iris: 9.5/10


Next trip: Belgerand Part2



Europa Park

Been a long time! But a busy few months lie ahead for me and theme parks so time to revive this blog! 

Europa Park is one me and Jack had talked about for a few years, the place of dreams almost. Finally, it happened! This is one of those trips worthy of a realistic report, not some sarcastic attack at the park like I usually do.


We arrived in Basel to get a 100+mph train into Freiburg, followed by a double decker train to Ringsheim and a short "bus" (was a coach) ride to the park.


What a lovely sight to walk in on!


Just looming in the distance


Ed and Jack were ready!


Water fountains were ready!


Let's go! :D


First up Silver Star. I like the Mercedes F1 tie in, it's intimidating, trims aren't as bad as I was expecting but the airtime just got repetitive, twists were great though!


This twist though :wub:




Meanwhile over at Epcot, I mean the silver ball at EuropaPark... Eurosat sits around. This thing is bonkers, so glad it's hidden inside. Caught me by surprise each time we rode! Totally get why people wish X was like it.


It's also huge!


Cheeky bit of lunch in Greece. Food on park is great, so much choice and it's not hugely expensive for a theme park!


I don't know why, but this is now such a guilty pleasure ride of mine


Looks great!





Really nice station too!


Meanwhile, in Portugal there is this. A ride that is newer than Poseidon, yet does less and does nothing for me. 


It photos well


But that's about it

Annoyingly I didn't take any photos of Spain, other than the jousting show with added drama


Bad guy drama



It's okay, it had a happy ending!

Whilst we're talking about shows. They have so many! Lots of 30-40 minute shows, this in itself takes over a day to complete. Plus, on the larger shows they have mimes entertaining the audience as you enter! 


You had Bombay Nights in Holland with the Pirate's of Batavia ride going around the stage!


A live action Italian film set stunt magic show thing


An electronic bird show


In the same room as a bubble magician guy who smokes as part of the show.


A musical show in the Globe Theatre, because Shakespeare was known for his musicals.


A dome screen show where you lie in sleeping bags! Plus, an ice show, flamenco, open and closing show, 2 4D films, a little French dance/magic show and a parade




Ed being boss.


Just this. Quality.


What's this?


A mine train that even with VR has a higher throughput than any Mack mine train over here!


Bears for bare banter.


Okay, I'll move on from that one.


Anyone still needing a lift to any meets this year, there are two options. This. 


Or Jack in his purple sportscar! Can seat another 2 people, it's speedy and laps Silverstone regularly so must be good! Feel free to get in touch with Jack for more details :)


Then there was this thing. Odd is one word I suppose. 


Next please.


Yup, this guy looks like a trusty op. We'll do this then.


I want them everywhere. This is ideal for family parks!


Great coaster section! Fab dark ride.


And great visual in the plaza of the kingdom. Lots of these please thanks.


So many photos it's hard to fit them all in. So let's look at the hotels.


Bell Rock is gorgeous.


Colosseo really cool!


The other 3 really cool!


And not bad views from the bars ;)


Back on park this guy thought he'd set fire to his house. As you do, red fire and that.

So that's it! Europa Park! Stunning park with great rides, operations, atmosphere, just everything! I have loads of photos so if you do want anymore just request in the comments and I'll post more :) 


Oh, guess you want to see something else first though.


Me and Jack with ED :D that's why you're all here.


Or maybe for what this is...



Lots of artsy fartsy photos thanks to a back path that I think used to be an extension but is now open to public for photos, round the back of Wodan village.






This inline is crazy. The little pops of airtime, fast changes of direction, it's all just great. LOTS more of these in the world please, I bow to our new Mack overlords.


Wodan for me though was the best ride on the trip. The indoor queue has some great effects, and is just a really nice place to queue.


It just looks intimidating.


Has a spectacular entrance



Just loved it!

Bye bye Europa, it was fab. Should be back for Horror Nights!





October is behind us, taking with it potentially the biggest time of the year for events all over the country! Each year I have slowly been doing more trips relating to Halloween events and this year was no different.

Like previously, it's great to start off at Tulleys on the first Saturday of the month. Tulleys is a great, well established Halloween event and really shows where you can end up from starting with selling pumpkins (this seems to be a recurring story, more on that later!). Providing 8 haunts, 4 of which were new, one changed and 3 well knowns remaining untouched. They have such a mix, Colony which uses length, suspense, darkness, exterior and interior, just about everything. Hayride which mixes comedy with fear, Hellements which tries to be unique but is just bad, Haunted House which is a classic. Then there's probably the best conga maze going, The Cellar. Volt was different, the circus good and Chop Shop okay. But they constantly change their line up with fresh, new ideas. No story feels the same, they're all unique each year.

Following week Thorpe's preview night arrived. Roll up roll up to an event that wasn't ready in time, filled with glitches and problems all over. It did get better over the week, Big Top was less of a flop, Containment a good concept just not a lot going for it especially at £10 a go, and the other mazes just felt repetitive with jump scares and screaming. I know people talk about cheap tactics, but Thorpe is one of the worst for this with simple tactics, no stories and rushed scenes. Big Top has so much potential, MBV is always a rush, Cabin is nice but can get old quite quick, BWP is the best improvement on park and Saw Alive was pretty good this year too (or maybe the others had got worse...) Either way, Thorpe needs a huge shake up next year for Fright Nights. It's a hugely successful event, they should boom with it, let it grow, go crazy! Not do the same old stuff. A maze with a really good unique story please next year.




Park is pretty though (or should I say Stealth is).


Was finally time for Scarefest!!!!! I'd been wanting to go here for a good 8 years but had never made it. And what a year I chose to go!

Sub Species is the highlight of the Halloween season for me and I'm sure it is for many others. It pushed the limits, many different tactics of scares, suspense, great length. It was just fab in every way! Park looked great as well, Nemesis in the dark was worth the 3 hour drive alone. Scare zones were cool, Ancestors great and the kids stuff looked pretty neat too.




Great event! Especially considering what the park is going through.

Was time to round up the Merlin trio of Halloween events, Chessington and Howloween. Urm. Right, this event used to be great in every way, magical mazes, a brilliant park atmosphere. This year though, they might as well have just let the meerkats loose, that'd been scarier. Trick Or Treat wood is just dire. So surreal, but you don't come out laughing like some bad things, you come out thinking why. Just why. Maybe laughing at the fact people are doing it. Curse of Lost tomb was well, people hated on Krypt. You ain't seen nothing then. This was shockingly bad, story was building momentum and just died. We were told it'd be a 12 minute experience, 5 at most it was. Just oh. Chessington.


Best thing about the event, this projection in the hotel lobby.

It was time to end the Halloween season, ScareCon: Aftershock based at the Broadwitch Halloween event in Broadditch. The first half of the day was talks from other scare events such as Twisted Attractions and the Screamland team. Their events look great and are definitely on the hit list for next season. Also a few independent events that just take place over the half term week in one location with maybe a maze or two. Was quite cool as lots of these were just a small group of friends with a bit of spare money.

Broadwitch started like Tulleys, selling pumpkins! That's it kids, sell some pumpkins and in 7 or so years you'll have award winning mazes. They do an event in the day for kids with two little walkthroughs, a corn maze and a tractor ride. We got to go through them all which was fun and showed an often forgotten about side of the Halloween season. But then it was time for the bigger stuff. 5 mazes, Spooky Castle which is their first like the Haunted House at Tulleys, Thirteen, Massacre, Edge which is new for this year and the SCAR award winning Biometrix. We got to go through them all bar Biometrix without actors to have a nosey at them and the sets, and Spooky Castle and Thirteen were already great in this format. Then the show lighting came on and the actors unleashed.

Spooky Castle: Great maze with many many different rooms from this castle, lots of clever effects and smells.

The Edge: Based on vampires, set in shipping containers, it utilised its tiny footprint brilliantly and there were some good scares. Theming was topnotch.

Massacre: Set in the corn field, you are in the incestous hillbilly town or something. Pretty good, different from everything else.

Thirteen: Based on 13 fears, some are quite funny like walking under ladders, a dentist room, plane crash, dirty toilets. Definitely a different take on fears, and it had some good scares but was more action based than scare based I felt.

Biometrix: This maze is like Sub Species' test subject. Very physical, very different. Just brilliant and how touch mazes should be with larger groups. Not one of us was left out.

So Broadwitch is great, only niggle is the actors are very scripted making it hard to reride without it being repetitive. They struggle to improvise and interact as we found out. Other than that a great event and great way to end the scare season!






Although we were at Efteling for 2 days and the evening of Baron's opening I didn't take that many photos of the park. And of Bobbejaanland I took like 5 in total, so this report will have a Bob ending. Random fact, the name works because Efteling has a ride called Bob.


We arrived at the village, checked in a walked to the park for one reason. It was 7pm, park closed at 8. Let's ride Baron I guess.


First impressions, it is gorgeous. It's not a ride, it's a piece of architectural art! It looks great.


Was kinda expecting it to look a bit bigger though, but I was open minded to the mini dive machine


Unsurprisingly it had a queue of 60 minutes (as we waited for front too which was nice, they let everyone in that queue ride in that row although trains were going out with just one row being used towards the end)


It was very slow moving. They hadn't quite grasped 3 train op on it so the next two days only ran 2.


But it was pretty


Nearly there! The whole queue is outside with inside all being preshows.


Was alright. Story and experience great, ride just missed some punch.


Detail was ridiculous


Bird invading my photos.


That night we went into Kaatshuvel, nothing was open bar one very nice kebab shop. After we went to the Efteling Hotel because their bar was still open. The guy in there was great and it looked like a nice hotel! We were in the village though, quite a walk but nothing bad.


Next morning we went on the pagoda thing.


Lovely area


Coaster central


I really liked this. Simple yet clever


Vogel Rock entrance, great little indoor coaster with effects and fab music


This show with a huge animatronic!


Lunch at an amazing pancake place! Also had amazing profiteroles!


More dragons


Very rude to keep yawning though.


This is the worlds largest pirate ship. Doesn't matter though, I've done Europes largest the day before so didn't see the need.


Flying Dutchman <3 was really surprised by this ride!




More Baron




And a bigger fountain show!


So much water


Baron told us we were running late the following morning, especially after Peaj left Bucky in the room and we'd checked out.


It's all I took photos of really


This was the village entrance. Went back after our final day for dinner


Josh loves napkins.

So that night we went to the last hotel place. Had a free breakfast in the morning which was a cheese, meat and bread platter. Better than nothing!


Rode this not so good ride


Was just dragged out after the first loop


Looks a mess too


And here is broken Kong who found Bucky. Wish I'd taken more photos at Bob now as it would have made such a good sarcastic report. Possibly the oddest park I've been too... Oh well, that concludes Belgerand for me. Next up I've no idea, Wales :P




Tadah! It's Toverland!


Ticket booths (note these were taken at the end of the day, it wasn't quite this quiet)


Chairswing with no chairs. Kinda closed




best Boomerang of the trip


It's very pretty


Like a mini indoor theme park


Great for kids (also the dark twisty dingy slide is sooo cool)


Teacups that tried chucking out Josh's bag


And out we went


Nothing to see here


Log flume


Lovely park


Inside part of flume. Nicely done rock work


Was very nice


Lady said it was closed


Some maths happened and it opened


It's really cool


Out we go to a Mack :D


Dwirliwirlwirliwind or something


Station is very nice


It was all very nice


And they had a pulley tower thing


Waterfall of refresh


booster bike of wee


They're actually good fun


Dive show construction


Nothing here


Zomg Scorpio! Apparently it reaches the highest angle or something of a pirate boat in Europe. I hate pirate boats, I've done Europe's largest supposedly :D


Must be some bad guys living in there


Such a clear blue sky!


Oh, no some wisky clouds. Oh well moving on


Yay Vekoma!


Lots of wood, don't know why


And grass.


Look at Europe's largest pirate boat. Look at it, scary or what.


Back indoors as there's nothing else outside they have a closed one of these


And a rope thing we climbed, was actually quite hard


Gave some good views


Close up


It's a lovely looking ride


We watched the fountain show


More Mack goodness




Was an odd spinner though that's for sure


we'll end with this lovely photo of the sky. Can't remember what we were queuing for, can't have been very good. Oh well, Toverland is a lovely little park. I kinda started to give up taking photos after this though, so Efteling and Bobbejaanland will be in one report (and Efteling mainly focusses on a mine- please relate to JoshC.'s reports when he gets round to them)



For a park to stand out to me it has to be really special. Not many parks do that successfully, give such a great balance of fun, imersiveness, magic etc. But Phantasialand is right up there for me with the great parks of Florida (probably my 2nd or 3rd favourite park I've been too). My only tiny complaint, there didn't seem to be a like big impact entrance. But that might just be they only have one and it's at the Berlin park entrance, not the mystery one (so many entrances and car parks).


Not a bad thing to have at the entrance though (this was the only thing we saw over the trees driving to the park)


Crazy rapids!


It's just such a lovely park! Nothing opened at 9 that we saw so we did a bit of wandering and it's so beautiful. This is a madhouse. Yep.


The Berlin street (with a brilliant funhouse in it!)


Was now 9:30 so we went to our first ride, Maus Au Chocolat! And it's amazing!!!! Same system as Midway Mania and just so much fun!!! Highlight of the trip by far!


Not knowing how busy it was going to be on park (8pm close and lovely weather) we did Chiapas.


You don't get soaking wet, or really that wet at all but it's a sublime ride!


Boat travelling the station.


Hidden away in this area is Talocan. A really forceful topspin with brilliant effects, music. It was like a show to watch :P


So much fire!!!


We headed back through Berlin past this really cool looking chairswing!


Simple but so effective!


To find a hidden boat ride :D Hollywood Tour with Hitchcock.


Could tell it was old but was still great with all the different sets. This is Amity.




Can't remember


There's also a coaster up there called Temple of The Nighthawk. All enclosed, quite good but is a bit dragged out.


Now was to try Winjas


Now I won't spoil it but when riding it you think they're quite modern spinners with what they do. Surprisingly they open in 2002.


Fury and Spinball could have been special




They had one of these. We did the one at Plopsa and got the dirtiest looks ever. Plus they're not that good so no thanks.


Josh didn't want to walk under the bridge in the maze because it might get him wet.


There was also an interesting splash battle. Might have been good if the effects worked but yeah. No. It was at the back of the park hidden away, I can forgive them like it almost wasn't real...


It was time for the hyped up ride of okayness.


It looks great with its surroundings. And you can't work out the layout one bit.


But yeah. Even Jack points at it as a "oh I wanted that little bit more"


Definitely not a bad ride. Not at all. Just overhyped


So we had some Currywurst and watched a man through some ming vases around.


Was time for Mystery


With rapids


The drops are ridiculous. If you're unlucky in your seating you get soaked.


Again this looked amazing. Like sooo good!


It's the only imposing thing on park


It was just quite disappointing. Although we've now heard it has two settings and we caught the naf one.


Having done the park we hit up some rerides. Jack and Peaj did Talocan again so me and Josh watched the show


Bucky also enjoyed the show, shame it set his ears on fire :o


Yes, lower Peaj and Jack into the fire :good:


We made sure we caught this.


So I've now seen the show in English with no effects and German with effects. Wish I'd just seen it at Thorpe jeez :P


I really like this ride sign! It's subtle, works with the theme and you get a great view of the ride in it!


We went and watched the ice skating show which was pretty good. Was nice to be able to see shows at a park, added a lot more to the day than just rides.


Their mine ride


Again very good. I liked here how everything interacted with something else basically.


More B&M


More Jack






Lovely view of China


And here is the cake we saved from those mice on Maus Au Chocolat!

This is the only park from the trip I really want to visit again. Was my favourite day, and the 11 hours were so easy to fill, we didn't even do that many rerides. We thought it would be our longest day, nope. Join me next time where we go to Toverland, and then dash off to Efteling to hit up Baron on its opening day :)



Welcome to Walabi. This isn't the entrance but it has the logo so it'll do. Plus it's a thrill ride on park, the dodgems.


Revenge of the Wallabies! Oh, no. My bad. Did have the classic Sally Corp gun noise which is annoying.


Zomg serious cred.


Wee! Thing even went backwards a bit :D


Urgh. Pointless waste of space.


Yeah... this thing spins... wasn't impressed.


It's a very colourful park!


And a good flume!


I-Spy: The Queue line experience!




This should have been at the entrance with cattlepen written underneath.


Mad house of applause.


Woo it didn't align properly and we're stuck let's clap!


Until we were let off.


Fun! Look at the people looking at all the fun


Yeah it's not a Wallaby. It's a vampire.


Nice SLC.


But I am weird and do like them.




More SLC.


Vekoma park or what. Choo choo


good Vekoma


Oh no water.




Pure awesomeness! The sheer speed is amazing!


Duck is more awesome though (not sure with the obsession of these random boat rides around lakes with ducks in)


Look at them all!


It's tall.


Artsy slightly blurred shot


Oh woop. Let's go underground.


To get there we went upstairs.


Impressive launch, urm that's it. Far too short, I don't like vertical loops backwards and it was just eh.


Proper big style rapids boats :D


There was a tunnel too which looked cool


Yes more boomerangness.


Don't ride wood. But that's the fun part says Fanta.


Fine we'll ride boomerang.




Was very good. Not amazing, just very good. And it's vekoma too (which was odd for it to be quite smooth...)


Yeah this was dead as well as Buzzsaw and some other stuff.


Rock on! And that's Walabi. More school kids than Wallabies and lots of Vekomas. Off to the park I've always liked the look of next... Phantasialand :wub:




Welcome to the park down a road behind some houses on some grass where we parked next to a tree. Look who's in Jack's bag!


No temple not open yet.


Jack is unimpressed by lack of temple.


Correction- the temple thing that's now a mine shaft is open!


Correction- it's an awesome tomb!


See the awesomeness.


Temple of awesome mineshaft tomb with broken on board audio.


Well I'm glad I tried one.


Really doesn't feel like you tilt much at all on ride.


The excitement!


Look at the fun!


the lion mascot, called Lion approves (although he approves of most things...)


Shocked face!


Probably what we all pulled when we saw this coming.


Must be a shocking life


The local enjoyed it!


He was coughing spreading his Europeness... ewwww.


Oh no.




Tigers are the best.


The elephants laughed in disagreement.


The Lion probably approves of this, they said it was magic, I think there was a wild animal in their once.


called Houdini. They say he's dead, I don't think he is.


There's Houdini! A real wild one!


"Just you wait till you get round here..."


"We'll move here so you still don't get too close"


Houdini magiced us away to Niagra Falls.


A water ride, of dryness. Seriously, are Europeans afraid of water?


These guys weren't afraid! But they might be imported.




This Leopard disapproved of the non natives.


So we went to India to ride the traditional rapids you find there.


The holiday in Mexico had ended when we got back though.


Temple must have taken them. Oh well time for 2.5 hours of driving that should've taken one! Thanks you accident prone natives in your cars!


Toot toot Brussels!


Very nice place


I'd play where's Wally... but it's too hard.


Nice surprise.


Nom nom! Dunno why but people love going to a restaurant to eat guitars.


Till next time where we get stuck in more Brussels traffic! :D



Much like a year of Britain, A Year of Europe looks to expand upon its predecessor by including some European parks (of which I already have gained 7). Aim is to end this around this time next year to start a further, worldwide one (one can dream). So, my first European park outside of DLP when I was 15, Plopsaland.


It was an early morning when we left Dover (5:15am).


To arrive before 9am at a park that opens at 10. Notice the oversized door, yeah we didn't understand why everything was so large until the end of the day.


What do you do when you're early? Go for a mile walk. They have horses in Europe (must be near a Findus factory)


Something the others had never seen were the war cemeteries they have. They are astonishing in size, and Belgium is littered in them.




Just down the road though it was a birthday. My 15th birthday cake wasn't that big :(


Lovely entrance area.


Like stunning


European trees.


Apparently this is a ride station!


And this is a queue line


I thought we were invading a house and the owners were going to kick us out.


See, have something protecting your house Anubis! Dragons are the way.


Didn't work though, we still made it in.


Lights were cool too!


Zomg it's like home!


Well half like it.


There was a pedal thing.


A Vekoma Roller Skater called... Roller Skater!


With an oversized washing machine. From a dark ride on a boat we learnt that the Plops (a race of things) are very small people. Fair enough, why buy an already oversized machine? That will surely kill them.


More random house invasions!


Not even a mat for us to wipe our feet on.


Pirate boat of forever. Like a 5 minute cycle.


You could honestly race the boat from this splashing down to returning to the station with the pirate boat. Both took ages.


Start your watches.


Swan boats are faster.


It's a big lake though. Jack and Josh are awful drivers.


This duck agrees.


Time for the Mack watersplashofdrynessthatgoesbackwardsunderawobblybridge.








So this has a height restriction of 1.2 or 1.3 can't remember. Still, I'm pretty sure the Plops are smaller than that. Can't even ride a ride in their homeland.


Luckily we could, was a very good ride.


yay land of bees.


Was all a bit overgrown if you ask me.



This was good fun though!


This was from the Plops water ride thing. I had no idea what was going on.


Oh look a nicely themed hill.


Wouldn't have even known the Disko was broken, can't even see it.


Minus that... shhhh


Splash battle! Was very welcome with the weather. Again though, the Plops so would not be able to reach the guns.


So Plopsaland, a very nice park, just feel bad for the natives. Might have even stood on one accidentally if they're that small.


Au Revoir Plopsaland, till next year with your GCI (just think about the height restriction yeah?)

And off to Hotel Joly we went (yeah, wasn't Jolly like we were hoping...)

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