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Taron- A controversial view




Phantasialand is a stunning park. Up there was one of my favourites, and definitely my favourite non Disney/Uni park. 


Look at the stunningness. Everything is just so well done. Immersion is great. Rides are fab. Like Maus Au Chocolat. It just has so much magic going for it! Midway Mania sounds tacky compared to this. The fun house down Berlin street is odd for a theme park but great. 


Destroyed Josh on our second go as well ;) 


It's a beautiful park.


And the most well known top spin lives here.


And a solid, well themed B&M. Mamba is an odd case. In the morning near the front it was lame. In the afternoon after some rain at the back it was top 10 contender. But it lacks consistency soooo much! For more park photos see last years report as nothing has changed. Winjas is still awesome. Nighthawk now has music, Hollywood boat tour still looks like it could have the scenery collapse at any moment. Wakabato was just avoided. Still don't get Mystery Castle, had an even shorter cycle this year! River Quest is hilarious. Mad house is an odd theme. 




The area looks great!


Intimidating yet deceiving as it's almost on level with the path.


Looks like a village in a rocky mountain with a coaster.




Watching the coaster fly all around you in the area is great


And Raik which is so much fun with a brill station.


This second launch makes one of the coolest sounds I've heard from a ride ever



It winds all over the place.


WIth a love of design, engineering and sheer immersion it was great to meander about.


But that's it really.


The queue moves fast and has a geeky view of the transfer track.


But what about the ride?


Well, Jack Josh and Matt knew when we came off first time it hadn't wowed me. I wasn't really joyous by what I just rode, I was quite mellow. I mean, there was nothing wrong with it. At all. Just, nothing made me go OMG. I love the dive into the second launch and up past the waterfall. That's the only thing that still sticks in my head. It felt like there were lots of lul moments, then crazy, then lul. But I don't feel it flowed in the right order to make a stunning ride. It's not a top 10 for me. Probably not a top 20. But that doesn't mean it's bad. It is a good fun ride, has created a hugely themed area secluded from the park. It is spectacular to watch, wander the little village with Taron roaring overhead. But the ride isn't standout in my eyes. For the next level of theming yes, as a ride, no. It is a solid ride that will do well against time. It won't be a fad. As long as it doesn't get Intamin rough, it'll always be a good ride. It also got me thinking though, why does every new ride these days have to seemingly be a top 10 ride or the next best thing. What's wrong with just building a good solid coaster that no one will dislike. I guess you could see it as Inferno in a way. Nothing special, but a ride that is always liked, pretty popular and serves the park extremely well. So yeah, Taron. Good.


Now Chiapas however is special.


A gorgeous ride


Now with it's weird issues sorted so you can sit properly.


Wacky ride.


Crazy drop


But a fun theme! Great music throughout, lighthearted nature, doesn't soak you so is always enjoyable. Definitely my favourite flume type ride, sorry Dudley's.


Intamin will sell lots of these once they're confident it won't have multiple issues again. And Taron too, I'm sure they'll sell more launchers now with the new trains. 

Go to Phantasialand! 9/10 park at least.


In more serious news.


If anyone spots Josh, please inform Phantasialand. He is currently trying to rip of the Chiapas rave room somewhere in Monchengladbach. That way he'll get banned ;) 



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Has Josh been found yet or is he still on the loose somewhere in Germany?


Phantasialand sounds absolutely fantastic, though I'm surprised Taron didn't wow you. Where would you rate it amongst Blue Fire?


I do wonder what the park has in line next with Atlantis now demolished and Hollywood, Night Hawk and that ghost train ride apparently on the chopping block. A modern dark ride would probably be nice.

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I always enjoy reading your blog entries - great reviews and fab pictures!


Taron looks like a fun ride - those twists and turns look pretty good.  I would love to visit Phantasialand at some point and have done for a while now - mainly because of Talocan and Black Mamba.  The theming looks incredible and puts Merlin to shame (from what I've seen in pictures).  Europa Park, Phantasialand and Port Aventura are my top 3 parks to visit but I think it may lead to me feeling a bit "meh" about our Merlin parks.  I went to DLP back in 2000 so the only one I've visited abroad.  Just need to win the lotto and sort out my massive fear of flying.


Great blog!



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