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Europa Halloween




This year it was decided we'd upgrade our trips in October and visit a foreign scare event. Europa was chosen having won the Scar award for the best international event the past 2 years.



But it wasn't just for their scare event, it was also for the entire park!


There are pumpkins everywhere, it feels like a different park



Pumpkin cake


Halloween special parade




Special musical for the season based on Ghost Castle. Rides had overlays from the Pumpkin Coaster (Eurosat), coffee cups completely done up, Pirates in Batavia had a Halloween overlay with the audio and speech, 2 daytime walkthroughs; Jack the Ripper and another one that uses part of the night maze Temple of the Undead. And with all the theming on park, music and everything it was just amazing. A proper Halloween do up.


The park also looked stunning at night!



A few more nice photos







Horror Nights!


28 euros for 3 scare zones, 5 mazes, loads of roamers, 3 rides, a VR experience, special ice show, a travelling ghost train and a brilliant atmosphere!.


You enter through a scare zone, Dead End street. This was the best of the 3 with plenty of actors, fire, mist, theming and an interesting way to enter the park.


Once in you have 4 of the 5 mazes laid out in a square shape with a stage in the middle.


The mazes were literally big white tents. But inside they were themed amazingly! Big Shoe was a clown based maze with a casino scene, outside alley, crazy spinning tunnel. You had no idea you were in a tent. There were a few good scares but from the event it was clear they don't go for the jumpy scares but more interactive side. As we don't speak German, we had no idea what was being said but even with that they were still great.


The other mazes: 10 was new for the 10th anniversary of Horror Nights, apparently based on previous mazes you went through portals into each new section. One was a Chinese restaurant, apparently from a maze they had called Takeaway!


The Cave: Unleashed was stunning in how you really felt in a tunnel. However, this one felt really really short but had some great costumes and a brilliant puppet, like the snake one in Cellar at Tulleys.


Nightmare: This was our least favourite, felt short again but had no flow or any idea what was going on, and from the queue you saw the finale of the maze so clearly when people were exiting. Again great costumes and theming though.


Temple of the Undead: Good length and tricks for actors to jump out, one really dark corridor with string which gets some people, good use of strobes and quite disorientating.


So overall the mazes aren't very scary, but they are a spectacle for what look like white tents on the outside!



This Ghost Train was also open and included in the ticket. 3 levels, really old school in feel with a few staff as actors and a female Jigsaw doll. Great fun and just added to the excellent value of the event!


An unadvertised live show on the centre stage. The standard dancing from the Europa ents team, but also a music set from Leon Fuller, who works on the music for the event and the Horror Nights 10 song. Brilliant atmosphere.


Horror on Ice VII, a raunchy ice show with fire, foam, everything you could want from 30 minutes!


There was so much to do that we only just did it all in 2 nights.


Projection mapping on Poseidon's station made it look like it was dripping in blood


Night ridesss



And the satellite was having a rave too!


Coastiality: Adventure Atlantis had a VR Halloween overlay where you thought demons and zombies. It worked really well, you'd tap on the headset to shoot and spin your vehicle like normal to move around the VR world. It was really popular too! This is my eyes is more what VR should be used for!


So with all of this, and an already 15 hour day we decided to hit the Vampire Club. Only 5 euros and you get to witness the Poseidon station overlaid as a club with the EP ents team dancing on podiums, Leon Fuller doing live sets and a decent drinks menu at decent price. It was so weird to be dancing on a board that is over some Mack track.


Not the best photo, but it was really good!


Crazy to think.


Overall the whole park looked great in the day and the night event was a brilliant scare event for the vast mix of things you could do, all the roamers, theming, costume quality. Brilliant value and by far my favourite event I've been to so far. Only niggle is 7:30-11:30 is not enough, they could easily stay open till 1am and you need it with all the stuff. If you go, you need 2 nights!


As usual, Europa did great






Recommended Comments

Loving the scary report here and it certainly sounds like an event to definitely consider visiting in the future.


I'm guessing in regards to closing just at 11:30, it may be something to do with noise levels or placement in the village but it's difficult to say. I think Silver Star closes after a certain time as a result of this.

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They basically own Rust though, almost every house is a B&B. Silver Stars queue closes at 8pm but other than that I don't see issues. The park is open till midnight once a year, and the Vampire Club lead to loads of people walking through Rust at 2/3am so I don't quite know why they couldn't get 1am agreed even if it's just for the more peak nights of the event. 


And Roland wants to have the national rail line extended to Europa plus more hotels and a waterpark, I think there's a good relationship between the Macks, Rust and the whole of Germany it seems :P

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