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Tulleys Farm Shocktoberfest 2016 review



Beware this review may contain mild spoilers!


So Tulleys Shocktoberfest is back!

Overall being located at my local farm Tulleys is a must each year, this year sees two new attractions and a bunch of classics return!


Creepy Cottage

Image result for tulleys farm haunted house

Even though being the smallest attraction at the event, Creepy Cottage is still a strong attraction.

The theming and the eerieness of the attraction is really what makes it, plus a few actors make this attraction a little gem.

Overall a fun start to the event- 6.5/10



Image result for tulleys farm clowns

Overall very similar to other incarnations of Tulleys yearly clown maze, Pandemonium's was pretty fun.

The maze like Nightshade Circus from last year shared a lot of scenes, but the 3D element towards the end made

the maze even more confusing!

Overall the maze was pretty good, but more funny than scary like usual-7/10


Haunted Hayride

Image result for Haunted hayride tulleys

So the infamous hayride returns!

The Hayride seemed to have a lot of work done to it this year, with a ton of new scenes!

Overall the Hayride is fairly similar in tone to previous years, the attraction can sway between laughter and utter terror!

The Hayride is just as impressive as usual, though we missed the twerking nuns -7/10




Image result for Tulleys Hellements

Hellements has always been decently dull for me, but this year it was actually pretty good!

The scares where pretty effective, and the group where pretty desperate to get out!

The effects are fun as always, the fire was as hot as ever, and the wind tunnel was so strong

our hoods nearly fell off!

Overall a improvement from last year-6.5/10


Coven Of 13

So Coven was quite a disappointment..

Some of the special effects where good and well executed, but the scares not so much..

The scares where piss-poor, and the maze lacked actors in places..

The maze had some pretty good theming in some places, so I'll give some credit..

I think Coven could be great once actors settle in, But Coven was somewhat poor from Tulleys- 3/10



The Colony

Image result for tulleys farm the colony

The Colony was a mixed attraction for me last year, but the actors where surely rocking on preview night!

The Colony last year lacked actors and was quite spread out, but this year the maze seemed to have a lot more actors than previous!

The Maze still has a long length and great theming, but the scares throughout the attraction seemed to come thick and fast!

One scare in particular was a very loud car horn which had me jumping outside my own skin!


Overall the attraction is now a highlight of the event, and is well rounded maze which seems to go on forever-9/10


The Chop Shop

Image result for tulleys farm the chop shop

The Chop Shop returns!

The Maze still has a beautiful facade, and chainsaws galore!

The Pacing is really the thing thats makes the Chop Shop, you'll go from hillbillies teasing you

to being attacked with chainsaws at all angles!

Overall actors seem to constantly re-appear, and the amount of hiding places and shortcuts for actors also make

scares for actors pretty easy!

A very impressive attraction-8.5/10


The Cellar

Image result for tulleys farm the cellar

The Cellar is the crown jewel of Tulleys.

It is yearly great, and seems to never get old.

The Cellar is a long, well themed, and very great with scares.

The Maze itself at points seems to flood with actors, some scares being back-to-back!

Overall a classic which always seems to be a highlight of the event every year-8.5/10


Roaming Actors:

Tulleys is famous for its great roamers!

This year is no different, the roamers are really something special at Tulleys!

Had a few conversations with some of the roamers, and there really are brilliant-10/10



Tulleys has had a mixed year, some mazes being as good as ever, some being improved, some new additions completely failing.

Overall I think the good outweighs the bad, if you live near the area it is definitely a must visit!

Also to note its only preview night, so there is still time for stuff to change!









Recommended Comments

Glad you enjoyed yourself... I was the Chopshop's mohawk chainsaw hillbilly and I'm glad you have had another fantastic experience at Shocktoberfest! Everyone puts in an incredible amount of work to keep up the standard and improve year upon year... And also thanks for the constructive feedback as you have said this was the first night of real guests and improvements can and will be made.



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