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  1. After 2 trips to Thorpe park for Fright Nights 2020 (the past 2 Fridays), thought I’d write up a review. Starting off with some general comments, I certainly was pleased at the variety of things going on in the park. It’s nice that in most areas, there was something happening, when in the past there would be several dead areas in the park without shows, actors, zones or anything to tell you you’re at fright nights. I’m assuming this is also to help spread people out covid wise. It is hard to rate things given how different things are compared to any other year due to
  2. If it helps, in that tunnel people are supposed to stand one group to where the hazard tape is on the wall and leave two of the crosses empty. We did only find that out at the end of the tunnel (where the staff were trying to get people to distance and explaining the hazard tape rule) but the staff at the start should have made it clear where the markers were. We did also have to put our masks on before entering the tunnel (I'm sure some removed them once in though). We were distanced anyway but most groups weren't.
  3. Super jel ha. Bet you can't wait for the coveted #sociallydistanced selfie with Gemma Collins and Katie Price, probably the most scary attractions there! Here’s some progress photos (not mine) from thrills and attractions uk’s Facebook page showing the fearstival arena, creek freak unchained, and the roots of evil board for anyone interested.
  4. Will certainly be interesting to see how they'll ensure everyone is off site by 10pm, I guess these early queue closing times will help but I can envisage it will cause some confusion/frustration with some queues closing quite so early I'm sure. Looking forward to my first 2020 visit to Thorpe, and the first day of fright nights/fearstival, on Friday! Does anyone know when press night is this year? Was hoping to see a review of which one is stronger of the two mazes, as I've got to pick one (friends aren't keen enough to do both given the overall price!) but I may just end up pick
  5. Not sure if this should go here or the covid thread but if the news is right and there is the potential for a 2 week lockdown in October (which could be during the half term weeks to minimise school distruption, and naturally be over halloween) that would really wipe out the majority of the fright night dates. Would they even hold it at all if it was just for 2 weekends? Hoping it doesn't come to that of course and its just a rumour/speculation, as it would be disastrous for the leisure and hospitality industry in general. Also hoping they can still do the house part of the villag
  6. Yeah I did wonder how the mazes would work, and I guess charging £10 a maze and requiring people to book a time in advance is one way to reduce the demand a bit! I know there are 2-4-1s about but combining the website price of £42, plus the two mazes puts you at £62 which is pretty punchy. Having said that, not a lot of choice for other halloween events so I'm sure it'll be as popular as ever. Sad that creek freak can't return this year in its full form but it did feel very unlikely that a maze indoor could be done safely. It says this about roots of evil: Unearth the h
  7. So as mentioned in posts above they're continuing with the drive in cinema in October, which they are hoping to make more 'halloweeny'. An excerpt from their facebook: 'the challenge of celebrating Halloween with Covid has created new opportunities, many of you know that we have been running a Drive In Cinema experience at Tulleys over the Summer months. What you didn’t know, was that the Summer season has been a test, to learn and fully understand how to operate the cinema, giving us the potential to run a larger Drive In cinema experience this Halloween. The Haunted cinem
  8. After watching the video (and I think the first time someone said "sick" wasn't until the end so that's something) it feels like we could have platform, some other outdoor maze in the Blair Witch space and terror at amity high or something similar based on the job postings. Then some other walk through scare zone or similar (could have actors in cages or something) might work too if thorpe go down that route. Just speculating here though. As much as I'd hope we can have an indoor maze like creek freak I just can't quite see how that would work given the Covid guidelines without m
  9. This is a makeover that has to be described as ‘only at thorpe’ effort lol. Hopefully some theming is going to be put in its place. Of course the rides are the main draw but theming is a big part of theme park escapism for me so it’s a little sad to see sights like this, even though of course it’s not going to make or break anyones day by itself lol.
  10. Disneyland paris is reopening on the 15th July, both parks, disney village and one hotel (Newport Bay) will be reopening. Guests aged 11 and over are required to wear a mask. They seem to be going for the 1 metre distancing rule.
  11. I mean the coaster community certainly is male dominated, I can only comment from my perspective but I guess you can’t force people to be interested in something if they aren’t, although more diversity would be nice it can’t really be forced as we all like different things. My sewing and dancing groups by contrast tend to be female dominated, and the current admins/staff are all female. I guess the only thing that can be done for a hobby/interest forum is to ensure there are no barriers to entry, and we all make an effort so that new members are made to feel welcome and tr
  12. Reopening and safety update for Disneyland Paris, translated from French here (from ED92’s Facebook page): The newspaper Le Parisien 77-Seine et Marne today reveals some of the health recommendations planned by the management of Disneyland Paris for its reopening. The newspaper says they are not yet final and can still evolve. ➡ mask from 9 or 11 years old; ➡ Reduced capacity of shows; ➡ visual checks of harness and seat belts; ➡ Empty seats between different families in the attractions or one vehicle per family whenever possible; ➡ cancellation of outdoor shows; ➡ N
  13. 3rd place: The Big Top (I didn't realise anyone actually liked the curse, I just remember coming out of it feeling very 'meh') 1st place: Got to be the The Asylum. I never got to do The Freezer (I think I was 12 in its last year...) so I can't really comment although from videos it does seem like a strong maze.
  14. Haha it doesn't change the fact that asylum is still my fave maze of all time lol, I loved how chaotic it felt. Its nice to have a bit of variety for sure when it comes to mazes, and they both had their own appeal!
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