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  1. The dome looks so dull and bare without the Atlantis theming... strange choice! I know it’s being done in stages but I liked the lost city/underwater theme personally
  2. I don’t think there’s a topic on this park yet. This may well be the most beautiful theme park out there! The theming is just next level, it’s such a pretty park I am very glad I took the day to go. That said you probably don’t need more than a day. I hear they are expanding the park in 2022 with a new ‘port’, themed on tangled, frozen and Peter Pan, so that should help with the crowding. Some of the food options were very memorable including garlic shrimp popcorn and potato churros. Journey to the centre of the earth was a fun ride, and both Indiana Jones rides were quite dull, so it will be interesting to hear what rides the new port will have! Great excuse to go back 😂
  3. I went to Fuji-Q highland in late November this year on a weekday, here are my thoughts. We got the priority (fast pass) tickets for the main coasters, despite arriving at the park at midday and leaving at around 3/4pm we had no issues getting them for the times we wanted. Their website is hideously complicated and you need a Japanese credit card to buy fast pass online, so just buy them on the day or as an add on through one of the popular tour websites (I got my ticket through voyagin). You don’t go to this park for theming. It’s quite like a fairground in that way, there aren’t themed ‘lands’ from what I could see. It’s essentially the opposite of Disneysea in that it has no theming and it’s all about the rides. On to those... Do-Dodonpa - great ride, the launch is so fast you can barely react and wow you’re outside already. Aged well considering it’s 17 or so years old. Would defo like to ride again! Fujiyama - god this ride made Colossus look smooth. It’s an old coaster and it felt like it. It’s quite a long coaster which is good but it was very uncomfortable to ride. They were running one car and the loading times were super slow, I can see why the queues take forever. Takabisha- not a fan of the sequencing on the steep part, it actually seemed like it wasn’t as exciting as e.g. obvlivion at Alton Towers. Nice little launch near the start. The ride itself is very similar to Saw, definitely it’s long lost twin, just with no theming. Eejanaika was sadly down for maintenance. So in summary it was a fun way to spend a few hours. It’s not a ‘pretty’ park by any means, though the view to Mt Fuji was spectacular. I would recommend the priority passes if you do go! If you’ve been to eg six flags and/or europapark maybe this isn’t a must do park but it’s worth the trip if you’re in the area.
  4. I mean this is clearly a troll lol but regardless I tie mine up to be safe 😂 even if it isn’t ripped out, you end up looking like you’ve been dragged through a hedge if you don’t tie it up lol.
  5. Maybe they are hoping some people sign up and like a gym membership just forget to cancel it 😂
  6. Hope you guys enjoy! I’m busy this weekend sadly, hope to make the Park opening meet though.
  7. jessica2

    TPM Awards 2018

    Will vote shortly some big decisions there... #DBGTbestrideofthecenturym8
  8. I’ll add Disneysea to my count... what a beautiful park it is ? theming is incredible. I wish I could have done 77 parks- impressive!! edit- I’ll add on Fuji-Q Highland also
  9. Thorpe x2 Chessington x1 Disneysea x1 Fuji-Q highland x1 pretty poor showing ? been a busy year! Oh and Brighton Pier twice.. if that counts..
  10. Each with a different style of bag ❤️
  11. -bring back face it alone - keep an attraction/show in the dome, takes away some crowds from the rest of the park - ditch Vulcan peak and have 1 or 2 new indoor mazes, not from IP. Possibly get rid of IAC, hollow it out and start again. - if there’s any space for an indoor maze near swarm, go for that - refresh saw with new rooms and a new layout. - keep the roaming actors as they are a nice touch - make dead creek woods and Blair one maze. - put DBGT in the bin and use the arena area for the main maze and bring back the carousel (we can but dream)
  12. So I actually had a good time at fright nights when I went (on the day that it wasn’t insanely busy). But that may be due to the group I was with as that’s a big part of it I suppose! It was all new to them and they left impressed. I will always prefer indoor mazes, with actual theming. I enjoyed living nightmare and stand by that. Definitely need another 2 indoor mazes with a similar level of theming inside for next year... but well that costs money and is time consuming when (the young ‘that was sick’) people often don’t care and just want to be chased by a chainsaw. The big top show was enjoyed by those there, well the hundred or so kids running about. I suppose that’s who thorpe aim for with some things (12-16). Sure I’d have liked more but those people will rave about it I’m sure which means more visitors for Thorpe which is their priority... Detonator used to have great music and a count down, would be nice to have that return. I listened to the loop of the WWTP radio several times, had some good bits like the zombie song, but mr sandman isn’t scary nor is lipstick on your collar. Any other time of the year cool but there must be other spooky 50s music (like in fallout 3/4). I liked the roaming actors there and hope they return as they fit well with the theme. I’ll have to keep waiting for a vampire maze ?
  13. At the start there were 2 actors, who showed us a few photo points like put your head in a glass box, they were expressive and enthusiastic but there wasn’t really a story, just more ‘welcome to the carnival, here take some pictures of your friends for a new profile picture’. Then the main event followed which was going into a dark room with a vending machine and some light and sound effects. You couldn’t see the vending machine at first as the room was in total darkness then it lit up as a big surprise. I think it moved a bit. You got one can of Fanta between 4 people ? finally you exited through the vending machine as a door. It was a big marketing campaign basically.
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