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  1. jessica2

    Thorpe Park 2020

    I feel like having Deluxe VIP Ultimate car park fast track exit tickets is the most likely 'exciting' 2020 development we're gonna see 😂. I'm sure they'll get gifted to "Celebs" from Love Island in no time...
  2. Not sure yet if I'll come along, its my work Christmas party the day before so may be a bit worse for wear haha. Probably winter wonderland at the earliest I guess!
  3. jessica2

    Thorpe Park 2020

    A new coaster announcement please Thorpe... The Swarm opened in 2012 and derren turd train in 2016 so surely they are due something in the next few years? With towers getting the smiler in 2013 and wicker man in 2018 (I get they have more space but both are great rides), feels like we deserve something better than a rubbish VR train simulator. Not only that but the park has been looking very decrepit, dirty and tatty, whenever you looked at anything too closely you see how filthy and knackered everything is. Even the plants looked crispy and dead in queue lines e.g. the Colossus queue, and graffiti everywhere, it just feels like they honestly don't care about park presentation lol. You definitely wouldnt get that in disney (yes I said it- cliche but true.) Strangely thorpe put a nice flower display near the teacups in a bit of the park nobody really walks through. So yeah a deep clean is what the park needs, and a new ride announcement would be ideal lol.
  4. Forgot to add for anyone interested, on Sunday I only queued 5 minutes for Blair witch as I did it around 9.30 on a Sunday and at that point the park was dead. It was showing a 120 minute queue at some points of the evening so this definitely was the right strategy haha. Living nightmare queue seemed very short too most of the time (even when it said 45 minutes it was actually 20). Did do or die at 9.55pm as again the queues were 100+ minutes most of the evening for that, but only waited 15 mins or so at the end of the night.
  5. After my second visit on sunday here is my review of the fright night mazes. Creek Freak 5/10 So after reading such good reviews I was expecting something decent. Unfortunately both times it fell flat for me. I got hardly any actor interaction, on my run through last Sunday the actor who was operating the saw on the stage bit was just standing there like he couldn't be bothered/was waiting for his break, we got nothing from him at all. I think the most I got was an actor talking to me about my hair but definitely not scary in the slightest lol. Also at the finale, the actor with the chainsaw was again just standing there with the chainsaw off, waiting for other people, so our group wondered out a bit non-fussed. Also of note the tunnel was not in use on sunday for our go at least. Living Nightmare 7/10 I give this a good rating because of the effort the actors went to in the first half or so, really realistic zombie acting haha. We got some really good scares here, and although the maze should have been updated and the ending should have been better (what was the "Shh"ing about?) we had a great run through. My group of 12 preferred this to creek freak. I much prefer indoor mazes, I wish we had a couple more like this and scrapped do or die and platform (like the good old days...). Having said all that hopefully next year it gets a layout update. Do or Die 3/10 Other than a few jump scares this was a complete mess, no story being told at the start other than a mumbling of a "community" when walking through the bus. The new layout is worse than the previous, this maze doesn't seem to know what it is. We had a much better run through last year, e.g. I was held back by actors and all sorts. This year the actors were in short supply/didn't do a lot. Blair Witch 6/10 Actually a big improvement on last year. Definitely felt like a walk in the woods in a good way, it achieved what it set out to do. We got several jump scares and the final scene worked well enough for our group. I think this could be improved by having more indoor sections and actors dressed as something that scares people, rather than the crazy campers who after an initial jump scare didn't do a lot for us. Didn't do Platform 15, we got to the front of the queue and then it was delayed for ages so had to abandon. The vampire high school people - enjoyed the flash mob, hopefully continues in future and goes up to every hour, every 2 is too infrequent. Park theming - non-existent. After a trip to asterix parc, I really noticed that they'd put a lot of effort into halloween theming and thorpe had done none, other than a job lot on buses. Closing thoughts - the event has gone downhill in general from its heyday, and when comparing to tulleys there really is no comparison unfortunately! Hopefully next year we get a new maze and more improvements.
  6. If it’s the same as what was in there last year it was terrible, a dark room with a vending machine and a few photo points at the start.
  7. sounds like I'll get some travel injections before my next trip on Sunday
  8. Going tonight, looking forward to it! My dad has never been in a scare maze and is convinced he will be unfazed by any of it... we will see. Only issue is that its basically guaranteed rain but hopefully will mean lower queues (not VIP so have to queue with the rabble..)
  9. So turns out Mr Morris from Friday Night Dinner was right... These Punk Rockers are everywhere! Back on topic... I'm interested to see how it'll come out, no offense to them but their music just sounds like bog standard emo hardcore. I'd love it if it was anything like Rob Zombie but I do have my doubts based on the back catalogue. I get that they are likely doing it for next to nothing possibly for exposure, but I don't understand how it would get people into your music if its so different from what you normally do. I suppose Thorpe don't really care if its not as good as it could be and see it as a bargain!
  10. I'm definitely a fan of 'intense' mazes, which is why asylum and the chop shop are my favorite mazes of all time. Having said that I used to enjoy Hellgate and Se7en for example, because they each had their own charm and were definitely entertaining, but for pure scare factor they don't quite come close for me. I find platform 15 and blair witch dull and monotone other than the house scene in platform and the finale in blair witch. Hoping there are some tweaks to both. Will wait and see if this new maze delivers the intensity, and balances it with some theming and charm too!
  11. Not sure where they got their stock image from but in my opinion these people look more like 40 with 2 kids and a mortgage rather than 18 year old A-Level students celebrating their results... (obviously I know there are mature students out there but I mean its not the image I would have gone with)
  12. Sorry another double post... This year will be the 10th anniversary of 'Peur sur le parc' so they have a new 'haunted house', aka maze in the UK, coming. From what I can gather using google translate, their mazes are: The catacombs, new for 2019. I think this seems quite a unique idea so I look forward to seeing what they've done with it. The Anubis Wrath, an ancient egyptian themed maze, again quite different. The House of Fear, looks more standard as a haunted house, looks like a man with a chainsaw and the usual monsters in there. Mission Lost, some sort of 3D alien maze, not sure how this will work out Look forward to giving them a try next month!
  13. Yeah I assume this is how it'll work, I guess there never used to be much difference between them so that may be why I don't remember having a choice haha. I agree that its a welcome change for Paris (although I've always loved ToT!), I was worried that they'd get rid of the Twilight Zone in favor of the story lines used in other parks, so for them to keep it and give it a refresh is a great outcome in my books. As Rock'n'rollercoaster will be shut while I'm there next month, ToT will be the ride I do over and over in the studios haha ❤️
  14. Double post... sorry. Details of the changes to the Tower of Terror have been announced. There will be 3 separate stories. Looks a bit scarier if I'm honest so I'm looking forward to trying each of the 3 out! I've copied over the details they've published on each below. Not sure if 'shaft creatures' is a bad translation but it sounds a bit odd haha. The 3 horrors: The Malevolent Machine The little ghost girl haunts this elevator. But she is the least of your worries. Because as soon as you take your seat, this malevolent machine only has one thing in mind – to trap you, and clank and screech with glee as it catapults you up and plummets you down at its wicked will without warning. The only thing you can do is hold tight and scream! Will you be able to free yourself from its grip? The Shaft Creatures “They know you’re here. Whatever you do, don’t scream!” Scary creatures roam around the elevator shaft and are looking for distressed souls to terrorize – as the louder your pleas for mercy, the more powerful they become. Can you stay silent while plummeting – several times – 13 unlucky floors at the speed of fright? The 5th Dimension Don’t get lost in this dimension! A sinister Poltergeist specter has opened the 5th dimension and wants to take your soul with it. Prepare to question everything you think is real as you’re dropped into a terrifying psychedelic journey between worlds. Will the little ghost girl be able to take you back to our dimension? I'm not sure how it will work with each of the 3, whether you will get a choice or not, how exactly it will work in practice I will be interested to see.
  15. jessica2


    Appreciate nobody has posted in here for a while... Usually around late august I start getting in a halloween mood and the amount of Wednesday 13 I listen to dramatically increases. Nice bit of horror metal and some amusing titles (e.g. my home sweet homicide, happily ever cadaver). They are also big film and TV geeks and some of their songs are quite tongue in cheek, there a lot of references dotted about (e..g. their nod to Vincent Price below). from their newest album, slower but quite melodic and haunting
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