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  1. This is a makeover that has to be described as ‘only at thorpe’ effort lol. Hopefully some theming is going to be put in its place. Of course the rides are the main draw but theming is a big part of theme park escapism for me so it’s a little sad to see sights like this, even though of course it’s not going to make or break anyones day by itself lol.
  2. Disneyland paris is reopening on the 15th July, both parks, disney village and one hotel (Newport Bay) will be reopening. Guests aged 11 and over are required to wear a mask. They seem to be going for the 1 metre distancing rule.
  3. I mean the coaster community certainly is male dominated, I can only comment from my perspective but I guess you can’t force people to be interested in something if they aren’t, although more diversity would be nice it can’t really be forced as we all like different things. My sewing and dancing groups by contrast tend to be female dominated, and the current admins/staff are all female. I guess the only thing that can be done for a hobby/interest forum is to ensure there are no barriers to entry, and we all make an effort so that new members are made to feel welcome and treated with respect.
  4. Reopening and safety update for Disneyland Paris, translated from French here (from ED92’s Facebook page): The newspaper Le Parisien 77-Seine et Marne today reveals some of the health recommendations planned by the management of Disneyland Paris for its reopening. The newspaper says they are not yet final and can still evolve. ➡ mask from 9 or 11 years old; ➡ Reduced capacity of shows; ➡ visual checks of harness and seat belts; ➡ Empty seats between different families in the attractions or one vehicle per family whenever possible; ➡ cancellation of outdoor shows; ➡ No direct contact with characters; ➡ appearance of characters on high points; ➡ Setting up selfie points with decorations or inlays (mounts); ➡ 2450 points gel gel; ➡ closure of the toilets in turn during the day for cleaning; ➡ 18 to 24 control lines on the esplanade thanks to the addition of two new tents; ➡ 1 out of 2 window open; ➡ No ticket sales on site; ➡ Presence of barriers to separate flows; ➡ Many services not available in hotels (valet, kid s' corner, video games room, pool and water activity, fitness, pool, baby soccer, pony); golf, tennis and table tennis allowed. ➡ masks for Cast Members and visors for those closest to visitors; ➡ Reinforced cleaning on the whole destination. Given the popularity of the parades, shows and illuminations show at park closing, unsure how popular the park will be as a result.
  5. 3rd place: The Big Top (I didn't realise anyone actually liked the curse, I just remember coming out of it feeling very 'meh') 1st place: Got to be the The Asylum. I never got to do The Freezer (I think I was 12 in its last year...) so I can't really comment although from videos it does seem like a strong maze.
  6. Haha it doesn't change the fact that asylum is still my fave maze of all time lol, I loved how chaotic it felt. Its nice to have a bit of variety for sure when it comes to mazes, and they both had their own appeal!
  7. Definitely! I personally preferred it to the other mazes they had after it in the arena (MBV, studio 13, experiment 10), it was a solid attraction and I remember lots of great actor interaction thats stuck with me lol (including a crazy screaming guy with a barbie doll...). RIP Se7en!
  8. The Freezer Cabin in the Woods Experiment 10 The Asylum (although Se7en would be by second favourite out of these 8 so its a shame it was up against Thorpe's best ever maze!)
  9. Big Top (2016-2017) The Walking Dead: Living Nightmare Freakshow 3D Hellgate Creek Freak Massacre The Asylum Se7en Saw Alive (hellgate+asylum+se7en was such a good combo )
  10. Terror at Amity High Carnival of the Bizarre Blair Witch (2017-present) The Freezer The Curse 10th anniversary roaming actors (2011) Cabin in the Woods Big Top (2015)
  11. At DLP, they've cancelled the parades and outdoor shows and no 'face' character meet and greets. They've restricted numbers in shops and indoor shows. They also cancelled their passholder evening tomorrow night. People seem to be expecting a closure announcement from them any day now. I believe they are offering for people to move their trips to alternative dates.
  12. lol I did miss that, although it just seems odd they'd then go on about Surrey where there isn't really any competition...
  13. Best Halloween event in Surrey...what exactly are they competing with there Assuming that they've now accepted that they aren't aiming to be the best halloween event in the UK anymore lol.
  14. Perfect valentines day purchase to enhance any date night atmosphere I can't think of anything worse than having your house smelling like "blood, rusty metal and raw flesh", Surely the only people buying these are people using them for commercial use (horror events..?)
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