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  1. jessica2

    Park Count - 2018

    Thorpe x2 Chessington x1 pretty poor showing 😂 been a busy year! Oh and Brighton Pier twice.. if that counts..
  2. jessica2

    Fright Nights 2019 - General Discussion

    Each with a different style of bag ❤️
  3. jessica2

    Fright Nights 2019 - General Discussion

    -bring back face it alone - keep an attraction/show in the dome, takes away some crowds from the rest of the park - ditch Vulcan peak and have 1 or 2 new indoor mazes, not from IP. Possibly get rid of IAC, hollow it out and start again. - if there’s any space for an indoor maze near swarm, go for that - refresh saw with new rooms and a new layout. - keep the roaming actors as they are a nice touch - make dead creek woods and Blair one maze. - put DBGT in the bin and use the arena area for the main maze and bring back the carousel (we can but dream)
  4. jessica2

    Fright Nights 2018 - Spoiler Thread

    So I actually had a good time at fright nights when I went (on the day that it wasn’t insanely busy). But that may be due to the group I was with as that’s a big part of it I suppose! It was all new to them and they left impressed. I will always prefer indoor mazes, with actual theming. I enjoyed living nightmare and stand by that. Definitely need another 2 indoor mazes with a similar level of theming inside for next year... but well that costs money and is time consuming when (the young ‘that was sick’) people often don’t care and just want to be chased by a chainsaw. The big top show was enjoyed by those there, well the hundred or so kids running about. I suppose that’s who thorpe aim for with some things (12-16). Sure I’d have liked more but those people will rave about it I’m sure which means more visitors for Thorpe which is their priority... Detonator used to have great music and a count down, would be nice to have that return. I listened to the loop of the WWTP radio several times, had some good bits like the zombie song, but mr sandman isn’t scary nor is lipstick on your collar. Any other time of the year cool but there must be other spooky 50s music (like in fallout 3/4). I liked the roaming actors there and hope they return as they fit well with the theme. I’ll have to keep waiting for a vampire maze 😂
  5. jessica2

    TPM Fright Nights Meet Saturday 13th Oct 2018

    Loving the queue ❤️
  6. jessica2

    Fright Nights 2018 - Spoiler Thread

    At the start there were 2 actors, who showed us a few photo points like put your head in a glass box, they were expressive and enthusiastic but there wasn’t really a story, just more ‘welcome to the carnival, here take some pictures of your friends for a new profile picture’. Then the main event followed which was going into a dark room with a vending machine and some light and sound effects. You couldn’t see the vending machine at first as the room was in total darkness then it lit up as a big surprise. I think it moved a bit. You got one can of Fanta between 4 people 😂 finally you exited through the vending machine as a door. It was a big marketing campaign basically.
  7. jessica2

    Fright Nights 2018 - Spoiler Thread

    I did- see my review. It was pretty terrible. Was just a vending machine in a dark room. Queue moves very very slowly. I’d give it 0/10 lol
  8. jessica2

    Fright Nights 2018 - Spoiler Thread

    Yeah pretty much all the mazes were swarming with actors on Sunday! Had lots of interaction, and chats in some places even haha.
  9. jessica2

    Fright Nights 2018 - Spoiler Thread

    I went in a group of 12 on Sunday. Here are my thoughts. Queues were all short and rides were walk on except derren brown of course. Overall the acting this year was top notch and really stood out from past years especially in quantity of actors! In each maze we hung back to make a gap between our group and others so we got the best run through. Living Nightmare - wow this was very good for me. The actors were amazing, some even had contacts where their eye was completely whited out. Very intense and loads of scares. Much better than last year. Glad to see negan back but I couldn’t hear him properly. For me my favourite, 9/10 Do or die - I enjoyed this, the chainsaw and the tunnel were great as I got plenty of jump scares. I even got separated from my group for a while at the butcher scene! Actors did a great job. 8/10 Dead Wood Creek - I quite enjoyed this, some in our group put this as their favourite maze. Plenty of jump scares and a good chainsaw section. theming was slightly lacking but a good attraction. 6.5/10 Platform 15- better than last year with many more actors including loads in the tunnel and even in the fridge! It was a favourite for many in my group and I did enjoy it. I think more theming could be added in parts but I actually liked the tunnel this year due to the great scares. 7.5/10 Blair witch- 2nd weakest maze that we did, it was very short, glad we didn’t queue long. Not much happened, the witch was a bit anticlimactic. You can see the queue from parts of the maze. 4/10 Saw- was a good run through with plenty of actors but I’m quite bored of this one now. Conga line meant the group was too large so we couldn’t space ourselves out. Even those new to it didn’t put it up the top of their list. The last part was the best. 5/10 Roaming actors were great, had a chat with the prom queen and some clowns. Didn’t see big top showtime and didn’t put myself through the joys of Vulcan peak. Order for me (tho my group may put platform higher) 1. Living nightmare 2. Do or die 3. Platform 15 4. Dead Wood Creek 5. Saw 6. Blair witch The Fanta thing had a very slow queue and was pretty rubbish, we queued for an hour for what looked like a short queue, definitely not worth it. It’s essentislly a haunted vending machine. So avoid!!
  10. lol I suppose going to fright nights you kinda know what’s in store if you’ve done any sort of research/googling. There possibly could be a marked out scare zone/route for wandering actors like in the past, so you can avoid them if it’s not your thing, but I still question the logic of bringing any child under 11 to Thorpe during fright nights 😂
  11. I don’t get why people bring kids to thorpe when chessington or Legoland aren’t far away, especially during fright nights
  12. jessica2

    Fright Nights 2018 - Spoiler Thread

    I agree... somebody tell thorpe that people shouting ‘turn back’ for 80% of the maze is not scary lol.
  13. jessica2

    Fright Nights 2018 - Spoiler Thread

    Hah I haven’t been this year yet but last year it was dull I don’t think there were any actors. Not a fan of how long it was and we didn’t have any finale lol. Just shuffling along for forever.... I mean it’d b nice if they’ve improved it this year!!
  14. jessica2

    Fright Nights 2018 - Spoiler Thread

    I hate the tunnel at the end of platform with a passion, it’s so dull and pointless
  15. Haha show off, I’m doing 7th and 13th at Thorpe (and 14th for tulleys). Excited