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  1. Thanks for the tip. It seems that at alton unless you're booking the 4 maze ticket, you can only buy a £10 per maze ticket on the day on the app or in person. Seems a bit strange, not sure why they want to do it that way vs trying to upsell when people book online! I was keen to give the invitation/the passing etc a miss this season, even paying £5 for it is too much in my view from the description given lol. Also seems like the two mazes are very similar, I've heard something about a lift mechanism in both.
  2. I saw that the one new 'scare experience' will not be a maze in the 'traditional sense'. It looks like it will be like the passing in a way, sort of you lying in the dark with headphones on while someone brushes your leg occasionally. Either way I think its a hard pass for me, but hey here are some shipping container pics from towersstreet: The other 3 mazes are not changing which understandably has left people annoyed given its supposed to be the scarefest anniversary, and no scare zones which I think is also a shame given theres plenty of room. I think I will do one maze but will wait for staff previews/press night reviews to pick.
  3. It is unfortunate that there is no approval and no date for it to be discussed. To be honest, they should have been working on a new coaster several years ago rather than wasting time with black mirror/derren brown. So I do hope they are really pushing and lobbying for this to happen asap as this is what they really need. A new flat ride on the slammer location would be a nice way to tide people over but I doubt will help visitor numbers that much.
  4. I also can't wait and have open dated tickets, haven't picked a date yet but likely mid week early on!
  5. Personally, I think thorpe shouldn't try to appeal to young families, especially not in the half hearted fashion of adding a playground, realistically why would you go there when you have the likes of chessington, legoland and paultons as alternatives with a lot more available for kids? It just leads to a day of saying 'sorry you aren't tall enough for that ride'. Frankly there isn't enough space to make it a park that appeals to literally everyone and I think that would be a waste of time and effort. I think there is nothing wrong with thorpe focusing on families with older kids, teenagers, adults etc. There is a market for that, but having said that they are harder to impress and with the lack of any decent additions over the past 9 years I'm not surprised by the attendance figures. Agree with above- black mirror and derren brown were way too niche to appeal to the majority of adults/teens and wouldn't be enough to draw someone to the park that wouldn't have been going annually anyway. I think exodus with the right advertising will bring people to the park, and hopefully will have results that demonstrate to management that the park should focus on these sorts of things that will appeal to its main audience- adults, older families and teenagers. On chessington- I'd be interested to see how these figures compare to paultons, having been to both I think a day at paultons is much more pleasant, much shorter queues, and plenty of rides for kids of all ages, so without hesitation I'd recommend to families with kids <10, I just wonder why chessington struggles so much more with queues.
  6. sadly can't attend as I'm at alton towers that day!
  7. Agree that allowing standard ticket holders to do redos will unfortunately result in the more 'popular' mazes having a much longer queue, whilst perhaps any maze that is more 'average' will have a shorter queue as people may think, why do a scare rating 6 or 7 when I can redo a 9 or a 10? However, now the cats out of the bag of allowing redos, could they ever go back to one go per haunt for standard tickets? Is this some sort of test run? I don't know. I have open dated tickets and struggling to pick when will be the least busy time, I went on a random weekday in mid october last year and there was a long queue to even get in the car park, all the mazes had long waits, and that was on a day with torrential rain! the videos I have seen again of this doom patrol maze suggests there is some sort of game and one guy is wearing a blockbusters shirt, I don't quite get the theme myself but perhaps later videos will be a bit clearer.
  8. The second new maze is called doom town, some sort of 'zombie mixed with 80s' maze. The 80s thing is slightly odd, is that some sort of nod to trailers which also has a slight 80s theme..? I think although a zombie maze isn't very original, at least it has the potential to live up to that 10/10 scare rating.. lets see. The teaser/announcement video they posted I found quite long winded and I switched off 😅 Also sorry if I missed but does anyone know where this one will be located? Description: Hell is bubbling over and the dead rise to walk in the realm of living. The molten evil rises and seeps out from every opening, every passageway into a purgatory of a time gone by. Doom Town is governed by evil and inhabited by the dead; walking corpses whose only need is to earn back their place back in Hell. Find sanctuary if you can. Find a Priest. Find salvation. Not even the church can stop the Hell Mouth from opening wide and spitting from them an army of the dead. Dare you enter Doom Town? Will you be the saviour of the past? Or will you be trapped forever in an 80’s Video-Nasty? Use your… BRAINS…
  9. So they've so far announced darkest depths, the attic and altonville mine tours are returning for scarefest this year, and a new 'scare experience' on the way. I've heard people mention they've seen movement in the nemesis sub terra building, so whether that is related I don't know! I do think something using the wicker man theme could be a good choice, though not sure where they'd put it. Now I've not done any of these returning mazes, however from a quick look at their socials, many people are complaining that some of these mazes have been around maybe 6 years now and perhaps they could have done with a bigger reshuffle for the anniversary. If I went annually to scarefest, I imagine I'd have felt the same also. I'm also hoping they have some decent non-maze things going on, scare zones etc would be great, something akin to the crows of mawkin meadow would be ideal for them imo.
  10. The back to back could be a very practical idea- for families/groups of 4 they can face each other which would be nice. Although I imagine for people you don't know it would be slightly awkward depending on how close the seats are hah. I think another (family) coaster is what chessington has needed for a while to divert demand from rattlesnake/dragons fury/vampire so great to see this sort of investment happening, with an IP that parents (and grandparents) will also recognise. Given the jumanji brand has been around since 1995, I imagine it'll stay relevant for a good while yet.
  11. I enjoyed the location of the crows by the lake with the smoke machines etc created a great atmosphere, so I am glad to hear it will be extended- that saw alive queue line really needs taking down at some point. On my last visit we went via the crows where we could, as from memory there wasn't a queue so I am pleased its returning- I also think the mask/makeup and costuming for the crows is pretty striking imo. Given the detail in the Trailers set, I doubt they'll do a major change of the layout for a good few seasons yet personally, but I don't think thats an issue given the effort thats gone into it. The new maze is also giving me slight Se7en vibes where each room was based on a different deadly sin, so different fears concept sounds similar. I don't think that layout changed much either but the actors really gave it their all in each room so it was fantastic on each of my run throughs
  12. yes I was going to say this- I think I remember the ground literally becoming like a boggy swamp where the queue line was so I do hope they sort it! However it was a nice size space so interesting to see what they do with it.
  13. Does anyone have any experience of chessington's reserve and ride system? They've used it to replace fastpass and there are 3 levels- one where you wait virtually for the same time as the ride's advertised queue time, one where you wait 50% of that time, and another more akin to a true fast pass where you enter straight away. I'm not sure how new this is and whether there are still any teething issues. It does say in the FAQs sometimes the app says the ride is 'full' when the queue is very long, which slightly negates the benefit so I assume this doesn't happen very often. It reminds me of the thorpe reserve and ride they had at fright nights many years ago, and I guess similar to the systems at black mirror and DBGT with timed tickets in a way although of course this is not free. Thanks!
  14. Interesting- wonder what they'll be doing to achieve that- more actors per person/smaller groups, more 'intense' theming or will it be this potential electric shock thing..? Looking at the website- it does look like they have 4 mazes at 9/10 so perhaps they do need to differentiate one or two (wastelands, cellar, chop shop and coven). On the website, as mat said, the question mark logo for the first 'new for 2022' is blue with an electric sort of design and is up near the 9/10 scare mazes, so I assume of course this one is going to be the 10. The second 'new for 2022' though is a differently themed question mark and is at the bottom of the list near to street theatre, so makes you wonder will it be an easygoing haunt, or not a haunt at all and maybe something new..? Also which will be the first announced I wonder? Either way I have my tickets sorted for tulleys so looking forward to it!
  15. Shut up = stormzy the ride? or Mak(ing) your mind up = bucks fizz the ride? Seriously though this gibberish really is getting quite boring now. If you have something to share, share it by all means but not like this...
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