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  1. Fascinating, I never knew that the 446 bus could take you to thorpe park. I always nag my wife for caramel hob nobs but we're trying to save for the new merlin pass so we can play unlimited extra-ordinary golf. Lovely t-shirt, DMT is a personal favourite of mine. Stay safe! Lots of love, -wegloo
  2. pognoi

    Wicker Man

    Alton Towers | SW8 | GCI Wood ram head going up
  3. good thing that 10 million is an 8 figure sum ey?
  4. S&S free spins are still, well anyway I thought, a barrel of fairly intense laughs. Favourite drop.. Probably wicked cyclone back row. It made me gasp every single time and smashes the likes of boulder dash and superman and even geforce out of the water.
  5. remember when reserve and ride was being trialled and there were all those comments saying it was going to become a permanent fixture the following season. ha
  6. No, thats already been and happened. That's either a set piece or a second level.
  7. Dunkirk was utterly disappointing too.
  8. Havin a Nice in New York n tha' - Six Flags New England, Lake Compounce & Coney Island Just come back from spending 2 and a bit weeks in America. Fantastic time to say the least. Coney Island itself is a bit of a wreck. Picture a depressed, ran down Adventure Island, and then bunch a whole ton of Russian and mob gangsters there, and a touch of history. Voila, you got Coney Island. The old parachute drop makes a real cool impression from the beach, can be seen all over the island. Thunderbolt was odd.. I really enjoyed it but have come to learn that's a controversial opinion. The restraints are a bit of a red herring, on the drop you forget the 'ostrs' are just slack seat belts, so I fully thought I was going to fall out as we went over the top. Cyclone was really good fun. I'd recently shaved my head so I had a few shocked faces when I took my cap off to ride. It's cool seeing a 90 year old coaster run so well, and it had some proper air time to it. New York is cool. I really like the city, there's so much to see. We went to a place called Do, where they sold cookie dough as if it was ice cream. That was really cool. Also, I recommend going up the rockefeller tower if you're looking to go up a tall tower. We did the freedom tower last time and it's not as good, on the rockefeller you're open to the elements and get the view of the empire state and the rest of the city much more nicely. Went and crashed at my uncles place for the rest of the time, and he live right near by Lake Compounce, so it'd be rude not to ride boulder dash.. Rode a lot less well then I remembered, disappointingly. Still masses of fun and craziness, but there was absolutely nill air time for me this time. I remember being absolutely thrown out of my seat 3 years ago, but they've changed the trains a fair bit and the rides been retracked I believe, and its left it an a disappointing state compared to previously. That, and I've developed a better stomach for forces now. Maybe I'm immune. That's sad Those premier off the shelf thingies are fun. Spent a couple days catching waves on a tube on a nearby lake, and entered on a quest to get diabetes. Then, to finish off the trip, off to Six Flag New England! I've heard horror stories about these parks, but I really liked it! Headed straight to Wicked Cyclone. What. a. ride. Pandemonium was alright I guess, but we quickly skipped over this and thunderbolt and headed to the world renowned Superman!!!...... which...was... an intamin pmbo. First drop, incredible. Thereafter, utterly disappointing. Done this in a vary of seating arrangements throughout the day (the same with boulder dash) and nothing changed. I was actually really disappointed by this. Very little airtime throughout the hills, especially compared to the intensity of Expedition Geforce, it's little sister! Fed up we headed over to the Joker. One of those icky S&S 4D things, which was actually a barrel of laughs. Really intense, good fun! Mind Eraser. Now, this is an SLC with the new vekoma restraints, so I gave it a go. Regretted it instantly. Whilst the vests are extremely comfortable and prevent headbanging, I'm fairly sure the lap bar shook the nerves in my thighs so aggressively I'll suffer from some sort of muscle deterioration later in life. Did my first floorless - Batman. It was alright, very B&My, with a super intense zero G. Other then that it was a bit meh. Only ride with bad ops throughout the whole trip. These Americans are efficient! Grabbed some really expensive lunch, and then went and whored out Wicked cyclone for the rest of the day! If there's one thing I got from SFNE it's an RMC cred that I am so thankful for. Before riding this I thought the stall looked stupidly awkward, and it makes a few noises that are... unsettling, but it's probably the smoothest, best flowing ride I've ever been on, and it was so, so intense. It has a small height restriction too which made me laugh, because 4 hours after our final ride I was still having blood rushes in my legs. In the back row you truly get thrown over the drop, and dragged relentlessly through every inversion and air time hill. Soooo intense, so fun, and utterly ridiculous and unparalleled by any other cred I have. I absolutely fell in love with the back row. I'm already gagging to go again. The upside down, side ways, inside out air time is unique, and brilliant. I urge everyone who can to get to an RMC. I am so eager and excited to try one of those big ones. They look cool. Thanks for reading, here's a dodge ass video you can watch that I made.
  9. Superman was extremely disappointing. Fantastic first drop, but thereafter it's an intamin big one, down to the colours.. Wicked Cyclone however, vomits, poops, pisses and ****s all over everything I've ridden. Extremely intense, amazing fun, unique and a decent length, this ride is utterly incredible. The rush on my legs lasted for about 4 hours after I got off. If all RMCs are like this, they are surely winners and the UK needs one desperately. The joker 4D thingy looked even worse in person but was honestly really good fun. The rest of the park was very mundane and bland, but the good operations meant rerides were easily available, including 4 turns on back row wicked cyclone. Honestly so so fun.
  10. pognoi


    Really into my little gem, Mothica recently, who makes like indie EDM, which is really chilled, slow, and has a good mix of sounds. But really recently Ive got thirsty for really oldschool dubstep for whatever reason. Something really humbling though, finding out one of the old school leaders of the genre lived down the road from me, and started the whole scene in a shop on one of my local highstreets.
  11. Unrealistic how? The movies have always been gloriously over the top, this one just looks better combed for me. From the trailer anyway, it looks less... cultlike? More hollywood-y, like insidious 3 was for that series. The traps look very samey which I think is a shame. Three different pulley traps which are basically the same just in different locations? I hope there's a reason for that. The sand trap looks sick though.
  12. pognoi

    Wicker Man

    Have people forgotten how massively towers can alter the layouts of rides from the MTDP to when it's being genuinely constructed? Like seriously, we were literally trolled by the smiler. Have you forgotten that all? Heights, banking, and even some elements can all be altered when being constructed. Whilst the concept does look lack luster there are already signs on the construction site that elements will be different to what we previously could expect..
  13. Everyone gets invited to press night though. APART FROM ME.
  14. pognoi


    THIS. COMMENT. MAKES. ME. HAPPY. It's so true, Th13teen is one of the most complete ride experiences there are in the UK, which takes advantage of the technology we have now to make the ride different. I love it so much <3
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