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Remembering Sun Scream at Thorpe Park




As we approach the start of the 2022 season, I thought I'd do a few blog post ramblings on some nostalgic Thorpe memories I have.


Let's start off with Dr Pepper Sun Scream!




Launching way back in 2009 when Saw opened, Sun Scream ran every year for many summers at the park, bringing live music, silent discos, stunt displays, beatboxing, sideshows and festival vibes.


In reality, Sun Scream wasn't much in terms of an event, starting off as simply a stunt show and some yellow t-shirts for the rides staff, it evolved as the years went on and new things were tried, but I do have a lot of good memories from my annual mid-summer visits in the sunny weather!



The amazing Stunt Show


The standout feature of Sun Scream for me was the incredible stunt show in the Arena in the centre of the park.

This was one of the few times during the season that the Arena was actually used, but it was used well!

I remember sitting in the stands watching the Red Bull Stuntriders going over jumps and performing in the small area, and it was very impressive! I do remember one year one of the riders came off his motorbike during one of the performances, and was luckily ok, but the show was very good and (other than fright nights and Thorpe Blast) was probably the best 'show' the park has ever put on in my opinion, even in later years when it was replaced by a BMX display team.



Other activities


There were some less than ideal 'activities' as part of Sun Scream..

I distinctly remember a silent disco was tried one year in the Colossus queue line.

At a point early in the queue, everyone was offered a pair of wireless headphones which played music for everyone to jam to in the queue.

The thing is, in a typically British fashion, very few people actually took the headphones, and even fewer took part in the disco.

A nice idea, but didn't really work in reality.

I also remember several performances, like a beatboxer one year.. Again, nice idea, but the crowd in front of the stage (in front of X) never really grew to more than about 10 people at any time despite the best efforts of the staff pulling people in.



Late opening


One of the great things about Sun Scream was the 8PM closing time.

Being summer, this didn't really allow for night rides, but it was 'dusk' at least towards the end, and on the warm summer evenings it was great to stay late in the park after the crowds left.

This no doubt paved the way for the Summer Nights event that followed years later.



That 'Thorpe Park feeling' was at its strongest


I'm not sure about what it was about Thorpe in the 2009 - 2012 period, but for me that was when Thorpe was at its absolute best.

I always remember driving home from Thorpe, especially in the summer, with "that Thorpe Park feeling".

I can't describe it, but it's the feeling you get when you've had a great day, you're knackered, aching and have a fuzzy head, your hair is a mess, and you stink... But you can't wait to go back and do it all again, preferably tomorrow.

Sun Scream brought this feeling more than ever - it was such a positive and lively event, the sun was nearly always shining, the staff were lively and happy, and the park was always on top form.

We also had a new ride in Saw, and The Swarm was under construction. The park was alive in this period and at its best.



Dr Pepper


Dr Pepper was the sponsor for Sun Scream, and as such during the event the staff handed out free little Dr Pepper cans.

Because of this, I always associate the taste and smell of Dr Pepper with Thorpe Park, and every time I have it even all these years later, it takes me right back to "the good days" at Thorpe.





Does anyone have any memories of Sun Scream?



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Nice write up, and a nice trip down memory lane!


It's funny, I don't have too many memories about Sun Scream, aside from it being "a thing". I remember watching the stunt show, and never being as interested or excited by it as some of the stunt shows in previous years at the park.


It was a mix of something and not a lot at the same time. But then, it was an excuse to open late and just create a bit more of a vibe on park, which it certainly succeeded in doing! Sometimes it's easy to overcomplicate things, but Sun Scream was a nice simple event which added a little bit of extra value to the park's season.



I don't know if this happened during Sun Scream or just summer more generally, but I do also remember having people dare you to press a "big red button" with the slogan "What's the worst that can happen?"...where either nothing would happen, or "something" would happen and you'd win a prize. That was a bit of a laugh if nothing else.

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Was either 2011 or 2012 I went and remember a silent disco in the Stealth queue line and the stunt show. I also remember the free doctor pepper and doctor pepper boxers.


Good memories. I was young back then but was some of my best memories of Thorpe park.

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