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  1. Couple of updates re Stealth single rider and fire effects Understandable regarding Stealth, I know they've put a lot of work into improving its throughput this season and that's clearly worked. I do hope they still manage to add this in the closed season though, the single rider works great on SAW and theres no reason that Stealths wouldn't too if its in the right place. The fire effects comment has got to be a joke surely? I'll believe it when I see it
  2. Interesting! I remember being pushed on the final breaks back in the day but I didn’t realise that was an issue on lift 2 as well. I imagine that’s just Chessingtons standard poor reliability. Having a look on the app now everything is open apart from vampire which is scheduled to open from 12. They’ve been closing Wild Asia, Tiger Rock and Zufari at 3:30 on off peak days for a while but this seems to have stopped for now.
  3. Cal


    That's good to hear, agreed its not uncommon for all restraints needing to be rechecked on Colossus so that should seriously improve its throughput. I wonder if this also means they won't have to lift up all the restraints for every dispatch? That's an absolute faff on quieter days. On another note it was great to hear the original area music and original dispatch audio being played in the station the other week. What a difference that made
  4. If you go on a weekday term time, you shouldn't expect it to have a queue all day I went a couple weeks ago during the week and it was empty. It was running 2 trains, but they were only loading the front half of 1 train, which was a bit annoying as it meant I couldn't get a back row ride. They were dispatching the empty train as soon as the the other train was on lift 2, so it was nice having the 2 trains going round at the same time. A very rare sight nowadays
  5. The crows scare zone has started to be set up in the same location as the last couple of years. A small part of the Platform 15 tunnel has been set up and looks like it'll form part of the scare zone which looks good! Didn't take any photos but I'm sure it won't be long until someone gets some 😄
  6. Rode Mandrill for my first time today, and I really enjoyed it. It still isn't the coaster of choice I would've gone for Chessington, but it rides really well and fits in perfectly. It now has a single rider queue and you don't need to use the virtual queue for this. Wonder how long they'll keep the virtual queue for? I'm amazed they bother with it on off peak days. It was walk on all day and they were allowing rerides in the station, yet they're paying 3 members of staff to stand at the entrance all day to scan people into the queue? Unnecessary faff
  7. Stealth is back open thankfully
  8. I don’t think we’ll ever see the return of the bass cannons unfortunately - I saw somewhere the reason for this was due to the sound traveling to the local area Do agree though would be nice if they turned the volume up in the station and the original dispatch audio made a return
  9. Not yet no, however they have confirmed there are still plans to do this
  10. I wonder if they lowered the capacity not knowing if they’d have Inferno? Very rare for them to reach capacity this time of year but looks like it was justified looking at them queues
  11. Perfect timing with them coming up to a busy period, the park has sold out today too
  12. Inferno has been testing today which is a good sign. I highly doubt they’d be testing it if there were cracks in the track as rumoured
  13. Cal


    Colossus is opening today It beat Ghost train by 1 day, just got Mr Monkey to go!
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