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  1. alrightttttt kellliii :) x

  2. keli


    well its safe to say that I am super jealous! If anyone feels like buying me one it will be greatly appreciated
  3. keli


    How can you win something that you are not playing? You can't.
  4. keli


    boom, boom, boom let me hear you say wayyoooWAYOOOOOO
  5. keli

    This Or That

    Gimme More, its awesomeThe bird is equal to the word or the bird is greater than the word?
  6. keli


    We don't get snow down here Rich! Need to go on a trip to the North if we want snow! Still get the cold temperatures though
  7. keli


    Yeah! Obviously has its limits... but still will consider, and probably agree to, a lot more than usual!
  8. keli


    My oh my I love being able to enjoy my Thursday lie in properly! Just woke up! Have only been at 3 lessons at college this week, its been awesome because I've actually got some work done. Played glow in the dark Frisbee last night and had a lil bit of fun with local signs and a very boring looking tree :unsure:And Heroes was better than the last few weeks episodes on BBC 3 last night! I'm actually in a VERY good mood, so if anyone needs a favor ask me now!
  9. You seem shocked... and you know me... doesn't that answer your question?! hehe
  10. keli


    3, oh dear. Well it is Monday
  11. Bi. 70% towards guysnobody can be 100% straight... honestly we decided the best was 99%
  12. keli

    This Or That

    Bingo - more chance of winning moneyBoobs or Bum? (hehe)
  13. Ha maybe...but then we would have had to put up with Seb longer...and as much as I love him...after about 11pm he becomes too much to handle! Kidding, kidding. I guess so but either way Dan would have slept on me because he was sleeping on me in Marc's car on the way to Woking.
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