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  1. Kevin


    I wish they had gone with the Club X idea.Would have been so much better for X:/NWO..
  2. The trim brake on bottom of first drop is active however at a minimal strength in accordance with speed sensors on the first drop. Depending on train entrance speed, it can make the whole trim and brake run from between 5 seconds to 30 seconds. Massive difference!
  3. It's algae from water running down from rainwater - it's easy to clean off but N:I is a bastard to access to clean.
  4. I believe it is to clean the track over too.SWARM flame effects were testing today. It's bloody amazing.Rush is also now nearly fully back together.
  5. Jesus christ if that happened I'd have lost total faith in CWoAR.Oh no wait - I lost total faith when they sacked every good manager that park had and installed a load of LegoLand managers; and stopped investing in the park.And NOW look where that's got them! Haha!
  6. The park when it is closed is nothing more interesting than when it's closed. Except people drive around in cars and the rides aren't moving. I promise you it isn't that interesting.
  7. I have recently left the park however worked there for three years consecutively, along with winter Engineering work. Read this is you want a fair and unbiased view of it. If you want a good start within the company, then any RTP is a good place to start. I bang on about this but if you want to go far and you have that business acumen to want to succeed - then you will.The company has some fantastic courses and training schemes that get you either as a manager, supervisor, senior leader, attraction manager to get the most out of your job. However, you need to start at the bottom if you have no
  8. Clearly someone has worked very hard however the controls are very hard to manipulate, and actually operating the ride is a lot different to the simulator.I mean - where is the adult screaming at the platformer because his kid is too small to go on SAW, when the main gate staff member said he was tall enough?!
  9. Haha. This question works every time..Just don't go in and mention YoChessington. That's if you want the job.
  10. Here's a small clue.The best price CWoAR could get for a Vampire track and support repaint clocked in at £500,000.
  11. Tips for assessment is be personable, be interested in what other people say, and take from it what you can. Learn people's names, and refer to them by their first name. Don't be afraid of the assessors - they won't hurt you or think any less; be happy and interested in what other people have to say and try and engage as much as you can.
  12. Might see a few of your over at TP this year...
  13. The train won't be able to pass by the right hand side scaffolding.Seems the ride may nearly be ready for commissioning, which is pretty damned good considering most rides in the UK at present aren't even being rebuilt after winter strip.
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