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  1. Cringle


    Happy 50th Birthday Barbie, not a wrinkle on you.
  2. Heres mine. Some rascal in my family decided to put the squeezy bottle of Lyons Golden Syrup by the sink, next to the fairy liquid. I mean, common people, the bottles are practically identical. Cringle just wanted a plate for his toast, goes to wash one up. Next thing I know I'm wrist deep in syrupy water because I've squeezed the wrong liquid into the sink, yes thats right golden syrup, not fairy. NOT COOL.
  3. Cringle

    News Desk

    Heey guys, its good to be back. If you have any issues don't be afraid to Pm me or email me on cringle[at]maniahub.com. Great to be apart of the team once again!
  4. you are a geek =]

  5. Ooh *excited*. I just read your last comment asking fi you worked inside The Asylum.. which impressed me completely and locked me into asking.. did you?! Tell alll!!

  6. Omg did you work inside the Asylum??

  7. yuh I know. Bare Lollerskates. But it's fit.

  8. Cringle


    I swear, who taught you this phill.anyone else thinking he's from an iTestTube?EDIT - just to be mean. isnt that an ipod touch with an iPhone back? =P Its still good though x
  9. Cringle


    Any bournemouth people here. go to GIGGIs!!! You know the guy with the bald head whos always standing outside the burlington arcade trying to get you to try his icecream. DO IT. ITS AMAZINGZ.
  10. Cringle


    Some people on this forum seriously need to grow up. Make the bullying and arguing and all the s**t stop. right here, right now.
  11. Ive been there, its in the woods so its hard to give actual directions. Its down a path somewhere by the chained oak but its actually like a 10 min walk from there. Just a local, thats what we did.Its pretty awsome though, worth a visit.
  12. Cringle


    I WANT IT!!!!
  13. Cringle


    I think those new platforms are so that morning checks can be made on that runaway part more often in the mornings. I guess the scaffolding was for building those then. Good times.
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