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  1. Its a good little rides that can be fun to go on when the larger rides have long queues, aswell as keeping appeal for the younger visitors.
  2. Have you not seen the first film?
  3. LOL yeah, "Dont mind me, I'm just coming to stay in amity cove for a week"
  4. More than a couple of minutes, have you seen the queues at security in airports?
  5. Do you understand how much time that would take to process every single guest?EDIT:- The idea is good on paper, but in practise it just doesnt work out
  6. Yes if it was per day I think noone would work there,
  7. Usually just higher than minimum wage for first year. About £5.80, it should say on the application of the job you are applying for
  8. <--- Clearly wanting to work at TP, but need to get my own car first. I share my dads car and I cant take him to work then work all day and pick him up etc, its clearly impossible. 20-30 mins driving, maybe more depending on traffic. May have to build up some cash to buy a car, then apply. And by the time I have the cash ill be 18 too (end of may). Which means I can apply for any place. I have £3000 I could try and dip into out of the bank, but my insurance on my dads car runs out in december, do you think its worth waiting to let the insurance run out and get my own car or do you think I s
  9. Right lets just make this obvious.Theme Park Bloke. We now understand you mean the train should not have left the station in the first place and then stopped on the lift hill.You have to understand everyone else are saying that maybe the ride operator was not told there was a problem until the train had already made it half way up the lift hill.I'm sure the moment the ride operator heard "Stop the ride!" he/she smashed their palm straight onto the E-stop button.
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