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  1. Daniel W


    Marc and Jack are now dead to me.
  2. Daniel W


    pizza and chips.
  3. was a good day special thanks to marc and mark for the intresting.... lifts like celebrating christmas :|
  4. Right people, I will be there no matter what but if I'm working on that day is another thing either way I will be with you lot and if not I will be in one of the photo units lol.
  5. I'm afraid it is I think everyone is gunna have to call me big D on the trip
  6. Please note that all of Marcs seats are taken
  7. You are only excited because you miss me so much
  8. Daniel W


    Now this is a random e-mail: Dear footywoods, Firstly, welcome to The Mania Hub Forums! This is just a brief message to apologise for any delay in your account be accepted and activated. This is due to excessive numbers of Spam Bots that have been clogging the system lately, making checking for genuine registrations somewhat difficult! Your account is now fully active, and you are more than welcome to come and post, perhaps introduce yourself here! Many thanks, and I hope to see you on the boards soon! Alex Mania Hub Administrator ------------------------------------- Handy Links ------------------------------------- Board Address: http://forum.maniahub.com/index.php Log In: http://forum.maniahub.com/index.php?act=Login&CODE=00 Lost Password Recovery: http://forum.maniahub.com/index.php?act=Reg&CODE=10 ------------------------------------- How to unsubscribe ------------------------------------- Visit your email preferences (http://forum.maniahub.com/index.php?act=UserCP&CODE=02) and ensure that the box for 'Send me any updates sent by the board administrator' is unchecked and submit the form
  9. Both are nasty evil dirty devil crap that nobody should taste or should even see. They make me feel sick just looking at them.
  10. Daniel W


    I never got a reply back! lol.
  11. LOL yeah the ques were unbearble today so I bought fastrack and even then... fastrack ques was soooo long, tidal coming out the que line.
  12. Well I have a nice thorpe vist on Monday with the school, and we can go off and do what we like oh and I have a few lovely priorty passes.
  13. LOL what a crap time you must of had, owned.
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