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  1. Oh right, cool :P. I'm part of quite a few forums so maybe that's it? lol

  2. Recognise the name? Haha.

  3. Yes it's me lol! Why, do we know each other? :P

  4. The launch is the best part of Stealth! I don't know anybody that has been on it and has hated it.
  5. Sunday here we come! :D

  6. Does anybody else think that Stealth would be so much better with Lap bars instead of the full restraints. I don't know if this has been discussed before because I haven't been on here in ages so sorry if iv'e just brought it back up again.
  7. We've already discovered this man , few pages back .
  8. Ha same here. I love the ride so much yet my photo always turns out really bad lol.
  9. I love the thought of nearly crashing into the 'bridge' when I go over the air time hill lmao. My favourite Roller Coaster at Thorpe .
  10. JackDee


    But thats the thing, the website is always wrong lmao.
  11. JackDee


    I'm saying that say someone was planning to go the next day and their favourite ride was closed, they would be put off thinking that they may not be able to ride it. Especially if they only go a couple of times a year.
  12. JackDee


    I'm not saying it has to be put up 'the second' the ride opens, but at least at the end of the day. Its not really fair to the customers is it.
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