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  1. Despite me hardly EVER coming onto tpm anymore (which I intend to do more often) I shall hopefully be there. I seriously miss everyone!!
  2. ellerby


    bring me the horizon - rawwrr!!madina lake - never take us aliveyoumeatsix - jealous minds
  3. ellerby


    Calvin Harris - Ready For The WeekendEnter Shikari - JuggernaughtsAerodrone - SceneboyBFMV - Waking The Demon
  4. Nandos wins superiorly in my eyes, well mouth
  5. Kiss on the first date ftw! ^__^I'll make a confession, ive done even more than kiss on a first date...(Garr, now I sound like a major boaster xD)
  6. I'm 100% straight Although, I normally say if a guy is hot or not xD oli sykes, chris drew, ian watkins etc... I find nothing wrong with gay/bi people either =O nothing wrong with it in my opinion, its up to you what you wanna be, and dont let anyone change your mind =D
  7. ellerby


    Placebo - Bitter end:)
  8. Dang right! I shall be known across the world xD They might let me enter Area 51, ive allways wanted to know what REALLY happens in there...
  9. Hmmm...1) Be able to fly ^__^ and when I did large black, angelic wings sprouted from my shoulder blades =D Oh, and a top speed of 200 mph xD2) Money, not lots and lots, then I'd seem like a arrogant person, but enough for everything I wanted 3) Be some invincible, sword fighter then I'd be able to end wars the old fashion way with a sharp piece of steel =PTwud be very awsome, I'd be able to fly around seeing mates far away, but also fly around to end wars, and be looking good whilst doing so xD
  10. heyy, my names james, and jimmy to some =PI joined in february but never was online since so technically I'm still new ^__^everyone says my hair is the sex =D and I totally agree lolmusics?? were do I start xD anything for me except: chav, folk classical and anything similiar =Psuperly duperly tight skinnies ftw!!!and yes, I suppose I am kind of a scene kid =Dme wrapped up in a bun; awsome music, insane skinnies and sexy hair =Pcatch you laters =D
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