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  2. Banned again Samuel naughty...

  3. but with the dvd at the front-the ride feels smooth but when you watch it the ride seems really rough
  4. when I went on the AP day-sat at the back and was bored for most of it,went on Colossus and tought it was bettter,went back to saw(walk on queues all day for evryhing)and sat at the front-it was such a shock and thrill,brilliant.got on aout 12 rides in less than 1 hour
  5. how did you get in at 9:15,it opens at 9:30???
  6. could be a helth risk and then thorpe could not be botherd to spend money on the dogs,the trainers,the handlers and the food,drink etc
  7. I think he might have meant its the same as any old gerstleur or maybe doesnt give as much thrill-because it is a bit dissapointing
  8. sam 795


    I was being sarcastic-the idea is in canada creek,a warhouse in the woods of canada where it is hard to be found.it is in canada creek-look on any website or info page
  9. I checked earlier and it was rush which was down,now its Colossus whcih is a big que absorber and ok ride,I cant believe it.does anyone know why it would be down???
  10. sam 795


    no way,that would include saw-I dont want that blown to pieces!!!and what if samurai gets a retheme to cc-do you want that blown up too?
  11. oh great.by the way tim-I never got to use the prioty pass from the first sunday open
  12. when will thorpe start to sell SAW individual fastracks?.will SAW fastracks ever be in a package like the stealth ones?.
  13. but on the 2008 FN the smoke was not there
  14. I saw that video before I joined the forums-I think its really great.any chance of updating it with SAW and putting the new video on you tube?
  15. like me-I havnt seen the Saw films but was expecting scares when I heard the release of the SAW theming.I went on the AP day and I thought it was not that good even the ride(at the back).but then later on there were actors,in the que line and out an it was slightly better but there are rooms for improvements-dont expect much or you will think its not that good.
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