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  1. Well you'll have to check with javs as I've stopped modelling TP. And just look around you, there's millions of buildings that are not on Google Earth for you to choose from. I love modelling for Google Earth, but I just haven't had the time lately. (:
  2. Nice to see I finally got support with javs adding the rest of the rides, I became tied up in important work. But the models are excellent! Well done (: Be nice to get a free ticket to Thorpe park one day for my modelling effort =D I joke.
  3. Pizza Hut models are LIVE now on Google Earth, the rest are to follow within the next week or so. I'm still working on Tidal Wave, but have just finished CRUST Food shop located next to Colossus.
  4. Thanks lol Tidal Wave model is taking me so long to do.. Quite a fiddly one to be honest. And I've always been one for detail. Next on the line is X:\ No Way Out.. which from early test models may seem tricky as I can't find sufficient textures for the building. Might have to make them up..And for the others.. Sketchup is easy to learn. You just got to stick at it and watch the tutorial videos and play around with it all the time.
  5. Arr! always wondered about the flame & why thank you! lol =D TIDAL WAVE IN THE MAKING
  6. 10 points to whoever guesses what this is I've modelled.. lol
  7. That was my mistake sorry. Only just discovered TP on street view.. and thought it was up to date news lol. Another view of Burger King Building:
  8. SHARK? lol well I didn't see any sharks from the pictures I've used to texture it.. Show me and I'll add it [= And thanks! And finished the model just this second:
  9. Really? =D What software you using? I'd love the help hah
  10. Well I think TP deserves it =D I'm just working on Amity Hotel
  11. Hey everyone =D Just thought I'd let you know that I've started to make 3D models of Thorpe park for anyone in the world to see on Google Earth. Here are 2 models I've done so far: BURGER KING http://sketchup.google.com/3dwarehouse/details?mid=ac2331b64fe63328d88a7002dfb37846&result=12]PIZZA HUT http://sketchup.google.com/3dwarehouse/details?mid=24a29f604b413fc1d88a7002dfb37846They are currently waiting to go live on Google Earth, but when they do.. You can check them out in full 3D. It's going to take me a while to model the park in my own time, as each model takes about 4/6 hours depending on detail. Although some guy has modelled STEALTH which is live now.=DSTEALTH or visit map location on Google Earth. http://sketchup.google.com/3dwarehouse/details?mid=8eccf97caf4515c2ef70d2754009e26f&prevstart=0LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK FACTS+ Google Earth is FREE http://www.google.co.uk/intl/en_uk/earth/index.html+ The software I use to model is FREE http://sketchup.google.com/ - So start learning and help me! lol+ I do a lot of other models in my spare time - http://www.geomod3d.co.uk
  12. Well they better sort out there ride reliability, and iron out the creases. As main season is coming, and you dont want down times on rides with a packed park everday ... Ohhh mrs thorpe park, will you ever go a season with a break down
  13. Some of them SRQ people are cheeky, they wait in the SRQ and went the staff aint looking. They run up the stairs and join the main que...
  14. Well we know they bought a few more of them, knocking the time in to the under 2 second barrier. So nothing stops them buying more in the future and enhancing the ride.
  15. I know thats why I took nearly full advantage of it, got on and got off and went back up the single riders que and straight back on it with my mate.. Though after the 15th time feel a bit urghhhh lol Went for pizza hut buffet... not good was fighting the urge not to gag , and looking at stealth just outside the window didnt help either lol. Good day though :DWanna get 20 in a row next week
  16. Woohoo paid for the on ride video of me and my mate on Saw yesterday.. only shame is that we been on it many times before, so reactions werent as great on video compared to going on it for the first time. Everyone elses videos, were full of them screaming and holding on tight - eyes shut and some even on the verge of puking lol. While my video is just me and my mate casually talking on it.. which is a little funny I guess but a shame as first ride video footage would be priceless.Hope people will start uploading their saw videos online, and hopefully get some funny ones of people being sick or something
  17. Woohoo, rode Stealth 15 times today.. 13 of them in a row within an hour
  18. Hey sorry for long reply.. yeh was a good day. Stupidly busy. Managed 13 rides in total. 4 of them were exit passes as I got stuck on slammer lol. When's your next visit :)

  19. Not good, not good Hope they can get it fixed and running efficiently soon
  20. That Skyhawk at Cedar point looks Awesome You can see KDK in the background too.. oh I soo wanna go there. I wish Thorpe would let me put Rush in my back garden lol
  21. Thrillseek3r


    Slammer is awesome, and to me detonator scares the hell out of me , and I wont go on that again ever again... But I been on slammer sooo much that I was getting really bored of it . Until it broke down the other day , and thats replaced the fun fear factor of the ride again. Go on it!! Its wicked
  22. 1st ride on it: Scared rating: 50% 2nd ride on it: Scared rating: 75% 3rd ride on it: Scared rating: 200% ahhh4th ride on it: Scared rating: Haven't gone on it since hahaEverytime I go on it, I crap myself even more For me, detty is scariest ride at TP for me
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