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    I play guitar and have a passion for music and theme parks

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  1. yeah had a great day for q's no more than 10 minutes for everything was brilliant and loved saw
  2. Perks


    totally agree - if in the right seat (Which is pure luck!) vortex is amazing and really fun - much better than rush except for the q!
  3. Longest queue for me SAW it was 6 minutes - really tough!
  4. That was it! Rather you than me!
  5. Perks


    The setting was really long again today - was great
  6. SAW was about 10 minutes max - longest q was Inferno and Colossus as their was only one train but even these were only 15 minutes, I got on saw 11 times - thats how quiet it was today (not feeling to great now!) so hopefully SAW keeps this up
  7. Ok closed today - Stealth, Bannana Boat, Slammer, Loggers, tidal wave - and I think that was it none of the rides closed for any huge amount of time so all in all a really good day. Stealth wasnt being worked on which is a shame really love that ride
  8. I have just got back from TP - SAW has been running fine with only one delay that I noticed (which only lasted about 10 minutes) great ride hopefully it stays open now!
  9. Cheers Fraser! Your totally right - thorpe has to sort its self out or all people will do is complain and ask for their money back - hopefully this will only get better
  10. No - they have has the closed season to run the ride as much as they can - cant they then find out the potential problems and fix them ready for opening?!?!
  11. I'm going monday, and from what you guys have said it sounds brilliant - I'm so so pleased that they have focused on the theming as thats what makes a ride!
  12. Paul - I totally agree - dont advertise so much until the ride is running fully, anyway I thought that what testing was for - cant they just get it right for once??
  13. Ahh! the long running tradition of tidal wave - to only ever go on when there isnt any que (and I mean NO que!) that means it is at it coldest (sad I know but some how fun!) P.S only just started posting after a year or so break (been busy in America but great to be back - next trip 16th first in 18months so nice and cold for the wave - if open!) however great to see the site looking as it is, and of course great to be posting again!
  14. I love the music they play at the end of the day - not sure why but its quite chilled - nice end to the day I think you'll agree!
  15. Fair point didnt see it like that - will have to go for AP this year
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