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    Nemesis Inferno addict =p
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    Nemesis Inferno, Vampire and Dueling Dragons!
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    Mitcham Surrey
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    Anime, Japanese Culture, Manga, Music, Computers, Cosplaying, Emily the Strange, Tim Burton's work, wearing bright coloured clothes, theme parks, chocolate, leopard print, converses, doc martins, Neon/bright colours, piercings, tattoos, shopping on ebay, gothic culture and loads more =]
  1. I looove you too Jack! ^_^

    xxx <3

  2. Had a great day at Thorpe Park! ^ ^ 14/03/10

  3. Awesome reading or maidenhead my dear?


  4. I think going to Maidenhead will be a bit cheaper


  5. they don't mind Reading or Maidenhead?


  6. Yeaa it is lol

    Weekdays are always the expensive and busy days xD

    and coolie saturday it is! =]


  7. yeaah saturday is good x)

    is it cheaper for you on weekends then, it's just I don't want you to spend alotta money

  8. Ohh I see!

    So your parents prefer you to stay in the reading area?


  9. Oh dear =/

    Hmmm maybe me and Paige can come to reading over the weekend if you're not busy then?


  10. yeaaah ... it's not that they're worried about you guys cuz the fact that Timm knows you all it's just the fact its london =/

  11. Fraid it's a no...

    parents are being over protective which is sooo annoying.

  12. Alrighty!

    Parents being strict about where you should or shouldn't go?


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