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  1. Random question but did you go to London Pride '09? I think I saw a photo of you =P xx

  2. That was a classic day and I still watch the videos :)We even rode the highest ride in the UK that evening :(I guess it had direction and purpose, no ert or that, just a bunch of great people who had a great day. There was certainly a tear in my eye as each person left to go home, and when it came to an end ... although the quest to find a Tesco was quite long
  3. I couldn't agree more. An immature 15 year old wouldn't make that post Ryan. Nor would he step in and deal with the situation I created on X://NWO. :$One point regarding the Matt/ Sam situation, it wasn't anymore than a reaction to the shock and pain Sam experienced when Matt dragged him down the hill. It was actually me who started it by pulling Sam off of the speaker on the grass, as a joke, and Matt simply joined in. Sam did get hurt and his reaction was more of a reflex, which settled down almost as quickly as it started.The meetup was a disaster and, I am afraid, was predictable. Without leadership and purpose at these events, as well as better timing (I.e. not a Holiday Weekend) these events will not succeed. I have resigned from the Team tonight, but will continue to visit MH as regularly as I can.
  4. That's a shame monsterdan5. I was looking forward to seeing you again. I thought you lived at Chessington? :)Yay for Benin and Steve
  5. Yeah, 2 Sams in one day, how will I cope
  6. Thanks James. I am just credit picking the Parks I missed last time I ventured to the extreme south
  7. I am on holiday next week and, unsurprisingly, will be hitting some Parks. Anyone who wants to join me, either post in here, or contact me by telephone - the number is on Facebook.Sunday, 23rd May - Clarence Pier / Blackgang Chine / Adventure WonderlandMonday, 24th May - Brean Leisure ParkTuesday, 25th May - Flamingo LandWednesday, 26th May - Alton TowersThursday, 27th May - Paultons ParkFriday, 28th May - Lego Land (from 1200)Saturday, 29th May - ChessingtonSunday, 30th May - Thorpe Park (TPM Meetup)
  8. Euthanasia is sometimes the solution, as a last resort, if a vasectomy and sterilisation don't work.The children would of course be put up for adoption.
  9. AeRo


    Due to Popular demand, here is the uncensored version. Right Click/ Save As.Download MP4 file (35MB)Download Full 1080p High Definition file (350MB)
  10. AeRo


    Th13teen POV from last weekend
  11. AeRo


    One to scare the sheet out of everyone in the Th13teen queue!
  12. One thought exactly the same thing. However, seeing as how one will be straight from tomorrow, to avoid the imminent annhialation of gays, I would prefer not to add further comment. I shall stick to knobs and doors in the boardroom, a far safer pursuit. Tally ho!
  13. Apart from all the Suits he wears, is that the only casual clothes he has? I too own a boat and eat fish and chips. As for the children and the comic, maybe not.My boat is something I am very proud of.
  14. It was a poncho that got stuck in the wheels apparently.
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