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  1. is going to THORPE PARK on a school trip! Yay!

  2. I'll give you ten minutes to get the answer!EDIT: Sorry guys! You didn't get the answer. The answer is:My Mum doesn't like tea!
  3. Nope, it was twenty people exactly. As soon as I realised I missed it, I just though 'crap' and decided to ride Billy's Whizzer for the last time ever. Woo-hoo! I was on the last ride of Billy's Whizzer ever!
  4. Nope, I'll give you guys three more guesses!
  5. Bye Bye Beanoland Custard Pie Fight at Chessington & ZooI was really annoyed when this happened. Chessington clearly advertised on their site that after 5PM, people could pay £1 to take part in a Custard Pie Fight in Beanoland. I went to the park on this day, if it wasn't for the event, I would have gone to THORPE PARK instead. Anyway, I got to Beanoland at 5PM, just to find out that I had to buy a wristband hours before and only twenty people were allowed to take part. TWENTY PEOPLE FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE! What were Chessington thinking? Anyway, after this event I've promised myself never to visit Chessington again. To avoid disappointment, I'll always go to THORPE PARK.
  6. Ho-ho! You guys are being too imaginative! It's really alot more simple than you think!
  7. Great try! But that isn't the answer.
  8. I don't mind balloons, it's just when children are playing with them, I'm so afraid that they'll pop!
  9. Half of one is nought-point-five!
  10. Here's a riddle for you!My Mum saw something on TV that she disliked. However she said "This is my cuppa tea!" when it finished. Why was this?
  11. @Professor X

    If you say so...

  12. Fastrack Ultimate is £40.
  13. Ggyygyv6674fg


    I love JLS - Beat Again so much! I'm always playing it!
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