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  1. is going to THORPE PARK on a school trip! Yay!

  2. I'll give you ten minutes to get the answer!EDIT: Sorry guys! You didn't get the answer. The answer is:My Mum doesn't like tea!
  3. Nope, it was twenty people exactly. As soon as I realised I missed it, I just though 'crap' and decided to ride Billy's Whizzer for the last time ever. Woo-hoo! I was on the last ride of Billy's Whizzer ever!
  4. Nope, I'll give you guys three more guesses!
  5. Bye Bye Beanoland Custard Pie Fight at Chessington & ZooI was really annoyed when this happened. Chessington clearly advertised on their site that after 5PM, people could pay £1 to take part in a Custard Pie Fight in Beanoland. I went to the park on this day, if it wasn't for the event, I would have gone to THORPE PARK instead. Anyway, I got to Beanoland at 5PM, just to find out that I had to buy a wristband hours before and only twenty people were allowed to take part. TWENTY PEOPLE FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE! What were Chessington thinking? Anyway, after this event I've promised myself never to v
  6. Ho-ho! You guys are being too imaginative! It's really alot more simple than you think!
  7. Great try! But that isn't the answer.
  8. Half of one is nought-point-five!
  9. Here's a riddle for you!My Mum saw something on TV that she disliked. However she said "This is my cuppa tea!" when it finished. Why was this?
  10. @Professor X

    If you say so...

  11. Fastrack Ultimate is £40.
  12. Ggyygyv6674fg


    I love JLS - Beat Again so much! I'm always playing it!
  13. I know how you feel, if you say one thing someone doesn't agree with, they give you a bad reputation. I have a bad reputation for trying to tidy something up instead of doing it 'properly'.

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