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  1. d.m.k


    Really happy to hear Slammer is back in operation! I've always had a soft spot for that ride However, I would love to know what the main issues have been with the ride. I do remember following closely the issues that Slammer's sister, Catapult, at Six Flags was having over in America. Many discussions stressed problems with the main beam (between the two passenger paddles) and also the obvious problems with the lifting mechanism. I know Thorpe probably wouldn't be too keen to give this information out publicly, but it would be interesting just to know if the ride has struggled to remain structurally sound, or if the problems are entirely mechanical and/or electrical. After all, I cannot be the only one that looks at Slammer and thinks about how difficult it must have been to design, unfortunately it seems it may have not been designed so well in the beginning.
  2. d.m.k

    2013 Changes

    Why have we had no major clues to what is going to happen!? I know many people have got strong ideas of what they think could happen, but it is getting closer to opening day and we still have no solid evidence of anything! Thorpe, give us some clues!
  3. d.m.k

    2013 Changes

    I'm with Saz on this one. I'm pretty sure that Merlin have some two-year marketing technique when it comes to all major investments. That would mean that they would want to continue emphasis on The Swarm into 2013. Although I'm stating this, I have no idea what this "evolution" could be
  4. d.m.k

    The Crash Pad

    There really is no argument in trying to say these prices are justified due to the economy or location. I stay at the Towers' hotels about 2-3 times a year and have always got a good deal - paying the same amount for these rooms at Thorpe, is just simply not acceptable. I also believe a two day visit would only be needed during special events, most likely Fright Nights. I can't wait to see the prices for these dates though! It's such a shame, I love Thorpe; I just think Snoozebox was the wrong decision.
  5. d.m.k

    The Crash Pad

    I've been an annual pass holder for 7 years. In that long time, I've seen some ridiculous pricing strategies, but The Crash Pad really is taking the biscuit. As I said, I believe it to be very unlikely that the prices will deflate. The price they are charging for peak times is what I would have expected if they would have built a multi-million pound themed hotel. But, just like you have said, I do love the parks and I hate to Merlin-bash. One positive, the idea of a "crash pad" does suit Thorpe very well. I just hope they get the guests through the doors!
  6. d.m.k

    The Crash Pad

    Having a look at the booking system, pricing up a few random dates across the year, I am actually disgusted at the price they think they can charge. I honestly hope, that with time, these prices decrease. In my opinion, however, this will not happen. It may be on the outskirts of London but this place is a temporary hotel. I have experienced Snoozebox customer service before, be prepared for Holiday Inn style, but the staff are just younger and less inclined to help. There is no contest here, the Tower's hotels offer MUCH better value for money! I think it's a massive shame that they have embarrassed themselves, equal to Storm Surge standards
  7. d.m.k

    Fright Nights 2012

    Sourced from an individual from the organisation who installed the Saw:Alive lighting. Thorpe are currently working on and have requested strobe lighting domes be placed around the park during Fright Nights this year. Covered with the perspex (as per the Oblivion drop lighting at Scarefest 2010) the boxes apparently will be set to flash randomly. I was quite satisfied to hear this and really hope it does go ahead. Any sort of lighting around the park will probably be better than last year! Lets just hope they can pull it off
  8. d.m.k

    The Swarm

    I'm actually shocked and pleased that they have gone to the effort of getting the fire effect working. IMO, Thorpe seem to be doing a better job than the other UK parks at 'park extras', especially if they are attempting to get Tidal's fire effect working by next season too - it's something not heard of very often by the parks recently. Anyone else think it will come quite close to the left-side of the train too - closer than expected?
  9. d.m.k

    Rumba Rapids

    I totally agree with you. I understand that Thorpe do have a hard decision to make and I don't have a solution myself, but then I haven't been running a theme park for years on end. The situation has been brought about because of stupid behaviour by a vast minority, and in the interests of health and safety, Thorpe think this a good idea - but they are wrong. Age discrimination IMO is just as bad as any other. If members of a certain religion had been the cause of accidents on the ride - we wouldn't be expecting signs outside stating 'No groups of Christians without a Muslim present' or visa versa. They need to understand that in today's society, discrimination of any kind is unacceptable. From my own experience, I went to Thorpe on Easter Sunday. The restriction was in place and travellers in their large family groups, of course were allowed to ride. The result; boats full of people standing, attempting to splash other boats, rocking the boats, screaming obscenities at the top of their lungs etc. I saw the same groups leaving at closing time, not removed from the park after those actions - Thorpe need to sort it out.
  10. d.m.k

    SAW: Alive

    On my visit last Thursday, Saw: Alive really shocked me. Having been on around 5 times previously, this season it was a much better experience. No photo meant we were thrown straight into the action. Police officer shouting at me (at the front) to hit a large red button on the table near the CCTV screens, as I did this, a loud sound blasted from the speakers and we were ushered into the best experience on the maze I've ever had. Many more close encounters and more actors with pig masks (terrifying) were in new locations and were not holding back their acting skills. Honestly? The first time I've enjoyed Saw Alive for what it's meant to be, a horror maze
  11. I booked a family and friends discount ticket yesterday over the phone, confirmed my email twice but still have not received the email reference. As I am visiting Sunday, do I have to do anything or can I just take my card and annual pass and still confirm I bought the ticket? I believe the booking is pretty much the same as advance booking. Thanks in advance
  12. Well, I've confirmed my trip for Easter Sunday now so looks like I'll be finding out how busy it'll be soon. I'm calling the park on Friday to book friend's AP discount ticket and I'll ask if the operator has any idea how many people they are forecasted over the Easter period
  13. one-eye-mike, pretty much all schools have broken up now but most kids will be going back on 16th April. Going on the 10th does have the advantage of having longer opening hours, but if I were you, I'd put your visit back till 17th, you'll probably have a much better day with less queuing Got a question of my own, has anyone ever been on Easter Sunday? One of my mates said it was dead last year but wanted this confirmed because he seems to think "dead" is an hours wait for Stealth :L
  14. Went yesterday (Thurs 29th) and probably made the best decision I've ever made about visiting. Staff on the gate said Weds had been a bit busier than they first thought but only forecast 5,000 for Thurs. Turned out the longest queue we found was 15mins for Swarm, which was ridden 4 times, as were almost all other rides However, staff were also saying how advance bookings have gone crazy for over the Easter holidays. Prepare for a VERY busy Easter was the advice :/ and I'm due to visit.
  15. Where has this all come from?! Fantastic ride layout with great theming and crazy looking trains, I've never seen Merlin do something this consistent and of such amazing quality. Whoever or whatever team has been in charge of this project need to be given lots of praise, I hope they know just how well they've done
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