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  1. Your member title is the same as my name! :P

    Sorry had to be stated :L

  2. Sam-Urai


    Well we know it is true as it is a copy from the Alton Towers mini site so we all know it is true. I said to my dad can you go on the course and get me some information, he just said not with that flaming Alex Reid.
  3. Sam-Urai


    Well just abit of news for you all, apparently the coaster is being tested with the new trains and is not making it's way round the track. But don't worry everyone as it will only take abit of break adjusting and lift hill speeds changing and it will be fine. Also it is being tested for safety to make sure that you will not loss any arms when going round.

    Sorry, I shouldn't have said that. It could be considered 'bulling'. Sorry for being a 'bulie'.

  5. Sam-Urai

    Post Your Desktop!

    Here is my Mac Vista theme which I don't use anymore:Here is my current theme of Windows 7 on Vista look:
  6. It has got to be Galaxy, it is very sweet and tasty.
  7. Sam-Urai


    I just get a Upload failed, Please contact an Admin. I am trying to upload my profile picture, I already have a avatar.
  8. I am going to this event, I cannot wait.
  9. Sam-Urai


    Hello, I cannot upload a photo to my profile, I run Safari on Windows Vista.
  10. Sam-Urai


    The new name is good, But I don't think it will be a full on name, it dose just not rhyme with the others, Air, Nemesis, Oblivion, Rita and Th13rten!
  11. Sam-Urai

    Pocket Thorpe

    I love the App, Very bright and helpful if you need to know that small fact. I love the layout and the design.
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