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  1. I'm worried that Thorpe aren't going to bother adding anything for this year, its always so exciting when a new attraction is announced and seeing as Alton Towers and Chessington both have revealed the attractions for this year, Thorpe haven't released anything. I understand they are focusing on Island Beats but after the queues last year I don't know how the park will cope with only four attractions.

  2. I would really like to see some new attractions for this year, especially seeing as the queues last year were awful during Ride n Reserve which shows how the mazes on offer were still not enough to even out the queues better.


    I think a new maze would be quite good in place of Studio 13 as I doubt it will return. If it does, however, I wouldn't mind a marquee with some fake movie style cameras scattered around to make it look more like a set. 

    Thorpe really need a scarezone of some sort, not like a queue up scarezone but more like an area where actors just stay throughout the evening, as well as roaming actors who are easily missed.

  3. I'm going to ride all rides I can get on during the day, but I'm not really bothered about them because they are there all year. So I will wait at about 2ish at saw alive then in the saw queue book our RnR tickets for my bloody valentine and Blair witch and then just do the mazes.

  4. EDIT: I've just found some behind the scenes photos of My Bloody Valentine on the internet. Thorpe really let it down with the lighting last year, it's actually really well themed!

    Would you be able to post the link to these pictures please?

  5. I don't think Thorpe would benefit from having a family maze or a 'safe zone.' They may have changed their target market as a whole but fright nights is so successful because people like being scared out of their wits. It would ruin the atmosphere if a family maze was added to the lineup especially only a year on from the Lionsgate partnership. Thorpe don't theme well anyway so theres not really any need for a safe zone.

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