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  1. About £20, the tickets need to be printed; they're sitting in my emails inbox. Having never been Tulleys before I wasn't sure if you'd be okay with the tickets or if you need ID as well?
  2. Have 3 open dated X-Scream tickets to Shocktober fest, if anyone would be interested in buying any of them I'd consider all offers, as I can't get there myself, thanks!
  3. Will there be a live feed on Thursday like normally?
  4. So the rumour about Billy being in the Saw maze this year was true! Also, I can hardly remember MBV from last year because it was the most boring maze, but I don't remember starting in a hospital scene?
  5. Cacking my pants at the thought of Face it Alone now, visions of being abducted by pigmen in Saw come to mind
  6. Wow, I was worried, the hour from 9-10 on a Sunday night is golden
  7. SCREAM ADD-ONS FOR FRIGHT NIGHTS WITH THORPE SHARK HOTEL STAYS — COMING SOON FROM £10 PER ROOM PER SCARE Available on Fright Fridays — 10th, 17th, 24th & 31st From £65.75 per person; supplements apply per add-on Get that extra fear factor this FRIGHT NIGHTS at THORPE PARK Resort and spend the night in the shadows of the rides at the THORPE SHARK Hotel. Terrifying extras such as a Bedtime Gory Story Teller, a Night Terror and a Monster under the bed can be found lying in wait in your room for the ultimate bad dream. What are the opening times? THORPE PARK Resort rides are open from 10am. Fright Nights’ mazes open from 4pm (TBC). Our rides are open until 9pm, to ride in the dark. (subject to availability) Anyone notice the new add ons? shame it's Fridays only, think more people probably stay on Saturdays, and I'm so disappointed about the 9pm closing time
  8. They then shut Stealth down because the rain was immense, front row was unbareable - had to duck/flinch the whole way!
  9. Can't wait for Sunday the 26th, last year come half 8 the park was empty, and come half 9 everything was walk on, they let us re-ride Stealth without getting off at least 4 times, I didn't even think they were allowed to do this
  10. This is my 3rd year of doing this, a train to Euston, take the tube to Vauxhall and then get a train to Staines, and trust me, if your friends are any good waking up at 5 in the morning and getting 3 trains can be hilarious
  11. So what's with the 18+ age restriction on Brave It Alone? I was wondering if it was purely for the intensity or if it had anything to do with the champaign reception
  12. Thanks JoshC, will probably choose Saw, how intense was it? I really can't wait, going for 3 days this year (staying over for 2 nights)!
  13. Any recommendations as to which maze to choose for Brave it Alone?
  14. I physically sat there cheering when I seen the Facebook post.
  15. I hope Asylum's legacy carries on with its theme tune playing round the park
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