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  1. It had some downtime when it shedded a bolt, or am I not supposed to mention that
  2. c1hrisin


    My question is what will happen to X on fright nights? I mean if it can sometimes be heard from samurai god knows what would be like in Cabin
  3. Selected? Did I miss something. Usually fright nights has all the rides running?
  4. Ive been looking at pictures of slightly later in construction, there is a trench there but the car does not go into it only part of the track and supports, hence why I said ground level EDIT: Take that back it does go slightly deeper, the picture I was looking gave a weird perceptive
  5. Well by theory it goes from the first floor to the ground, so estimating the height of the building at about 60foot? (feel free to correct me) I'd say the drop is about 30-40 foot (about 10 meters). But the extremely steep drop and the use of the close up theming and strobes makes it seem so much more intense
  6. Took a while but I got it
  7. If they forked out and got slow motion cameras on stealth :')
  8. They also do a good job of hiding the dirty pumps, Colossus should get some crocodiles
  9. Yeah I'm sure with the link with lionsgate they are allowed to use the movie themes?
  10. In my personal view river rapids don't get you that wet unless they have theming elements and chessington is a bit eh with theming (effects)
  11. Thats either a good sign that they are planning something or they have just left it do be destroyed and will probably so a crappy job or repairing it with some sheet wood or something
  12. Pretty sure it says they can't be re-sold somewhere...
  13. have a high five... TO THE FACE
  14. c1hrisin


    When he said ghost train me meant a proper year round attraction :'D I would love it
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