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  1. Confirmed I am coming managed to not book Monday off competely and do 1-6pm the Monday.
  2. I will hopefully be coming Hoping to speak to manager tomoz or Wed to see if I can do 1pm till 6pm on the Monday.
  3. I will hopefully be at either Chessie or Thorpe for half term as I now own a Premium Pass
  4. I was quite hoping it would be the Sat 28th but if it does end up 1st March ill have to book the Mon off work.
  5. I am defo a Maybe now picked up another job and should have money for it hopefully.
  6. I am glad to see it more developing now to being reality great competition for Merlin which hopefully will make them up their game will defo be visiting Paramount when it opens.
  7. I have a great place for Mr Monkeys Banana Ride and The Carosel I think it would go nice if Storm Surge went and them 2 go there.
  8. I should be able to make it if its 28th Feb put me down as maybe for now.
  9. Defiently Half Term at Thorpe and Maybe Chessie Half term too as Its not too far from me travel wise. Towers 25th-26th April for my brothers birthday plus take my son to Cebeebies Land for 1st time. Towers Aug 1st-2nd for my Birthday and then maybe a Scarefest date. Other than that heres what I am hoping to do : Thorpe 10+ Chessie 10+ Legoland 3-5 Towers 2-3 London attractions all of them least twice throughout the year. Disneyland Paris (Job dependent if I get this other one) Phantasialand (Job dependent if I get this other one) aswell if any other parks in UK crop up on a meet.
  10. Put me as a maybe now I have the 63x to get back home now.
  11. Please Give us something like Hex at Towers it is what is really missing at Thorpe.
  12. Monday is an inset day for most schools so prob will still be abit busy.
  13. This is why I don't go on Saturdays any more it looks rammed packed. Wonder what the ratio is today for Fastrack to main queue.
  14. I personally hope they just replace it with another Top Scan as I love them and have hardly any in the UK now with Whirlwind at Lightwater already gone or going.
  15. I even saw people with clipboards around monks walk at end of 2013 season I knew they were going to do something in near future. I personally would love a dark experience thing like Hex its what is lacking at Thorpe I think.
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