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  1. Altitude

    Slagharen Theme Park & Water Park

    For those that are interested, Gold Rush had it's grand opening today and it looks to be going down a treat. Looks great in my opinion! It has a good mix of forces by the sound of it and the layout flows really well.
  2. Altitude


    I haven't been to Alton Towers since 2014 and the only reason I planned on returning this year was to ride Hex for the first time in over half a decade!
  3. Altitude


    Looks like a nightmare if you're claustrophobic too!
  4. I keep one getting reminded of the mirror scene in some of the ToT attractions at Disney (when you all turn all ghostly and weird). I'm imagining stuff like that for some reason...
  5. Altitude


    That layout of the boomerang is in no way confirmed, purely an idea created by a german user called Tobi.
  6. Altitude


    It says 'Opened 2002'.
  7. Bit soon. I can't imagine it's just a bus style/immersive tunnel ride. I'm guessing it'll be like two rides in one or something similar maybe.
  8. Altitude

    Fright Nights 2016

    I'd say the best ones have been Cabin in the Woods, Experiment 10, Asylum, Se7en and if it was longer, MBV would be up there for me too.
  9. Altitude


    The new sound walls are being put up! (Well the framework is)
  10. Altitude


    ^ Yeah the noise complaints towards Phantasialand are almost as bad as Alton's! This is why Talocan is half in a building, and Taron has the big metal wall (as well as the rock wall). Between RQ and Taron there should also be buildings/more rocks to block out the sound, and also because the park don't own all the land there so that have to section it off! The whole noise thing is quite annoying. The park have purchased and subsequently knocked down a couple of houses in the area however there are still a few houses almost on the park's property! This is the reason the expansion plans got denied
  11. Altitude


    So it would seem this is what we can expect from the RQ revamp!
  12. Not disagreeing for the sake of arguing, but how is it similar to Dismaland other than that it looks dirty/abandoned?
  13. Altitude


    Which part are you confused by? Edit- Ok for those who can't quite make sense of the layout (to be fair it's quite busy) I've just drawn over the photo for you! The yellow is the first part of the layout, and red is the second half.
  14. Altitude

    Logger's Leap

    Yep, it's awful! I'm guessing it's not all down to budget then if all the Mack ones are closing, or are they more expensive to run?
  15. Altitude


    Can't wait to go back <3 <3 Once they've completed the village and RQ's tower everything is just going to be fabulous I can't wait!