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  1. Ermagerh looks like a topspin' I cant wait! So happy Thorpe is finally getting one! Lets hope its proeprly themed
  2. I really enjoyed coming along to see everyone day; and I hope everyone had as much fun as I did :-). Thank you to Peaj for doing a fantastic job keeping everyone together and making sure no one got left behind. And thank you to everyone else being as friendly as ever. Hope to see you all soon! Merry Christmas TPM!
  3. I have my three hour physiology exam on Monday :-( then anatomy on Wednesday. I'm pretty sure my uni is the last to finish? Please tell me I'm wrong. #SGULoser
  4. If there's any spaces left then yes please for me! Day after my exams finish, would be a lovely way to finish them :-). EDIT: And it was so nice meeting all the new members on The Swarm and Colossus meets. I can't ever quite get over the oddity of a profile turning into a real life fanboy/fangirl. That doesn't quite sound right. But it's a nice thing - honest :-) I'd also like to thank THORPE PARK for going out of their way to let us celebrate Inferno's 10th birthday like this. I've enjoyed everything they've put on for us so far. The cake for Colossus was adorable!
  5. I think maybe a huss top spin would be a really good addition to the park.
  6. Really can't wait to see everyone, and thank you for organising this! :-) Super excited! I should be at the park around 2ish?
  7. Thanks Marc, and that's understandable :-). I haven't been to the Park for a while, what area of the park is Roast and Relish in?EDIT: *facepalm*. Thank you Stuz :-)
  8. Looking forward to meeting everyone on Friday! Like a few others it'll be my first mania-meet too, thought it was about time after being on here for nearly 5 years now.. oops. :3. Thank you so much to TPM and THORPE PARK for organising this! I'm so so grateful! Do we know whether on-ride photos will be available, or is that a little cheeky of me expecting Picsolve to stay behind just for us?
  9. Found a nice video of a Samurai twin with an almost identical colour scheme, much prefer the black and silver together. (I do realise this isn't our Samurai, but thought it would be nice to share it with anyone who's interested.) Pretty much the same as how I remembered it looking. Long live the mighty warrior!
  10. I remember reading some of your posts Kevin. Thought I'd re-introduce myself again considering I haven't posted on here in a while. Hope everyone's well.
  11. Hey Matt, I'm great thanks...yourself?

  12. Oh Matt, hello you beautiful person! You're back :)

  13. Hi Ellie! You're beautiful :D


  14. Hello, thanks for adding me as a friend :). How are you?

  15. Matthew


    Boop! Haven't posted for a while, just thought I'd say hi again!How is everyone?
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