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  1. Yay B&M trains on B&M track <3 someone get a video NOW.
  2. Alright alright alright I take it back no roof is fine, sorry!
  3. Trains are great, kept true to the concept art and all that BUT I'm still grumpy about the apparent lack of cover over the station. One of the things that puts SAW into the positive is the fantastic claustrophobic feeling you get in the station which is just perfect. And while I am pretty certain that the boarding part of the Swarm's station isn't going to be that good, I would like at least bit of cover, atmosphere, lighting and all the rest of it. I put my faith in you Thorpe park.
  4. Clearly they were keeping back the water buckets from Storm Surge to be used on The Swarm. And the fire effects will be a technician hiding in the plane engine holding a lit match underneath the riders' feet.
  5. Hmmm same as they did with Saw, but far less naff preferably. I don't want some strange dude overreacting to the ride, but I do want some nice off-ride shots that capture some B&M awesomeness.
  6. WOW the pace is truly picking up...
  7. 1: SAW2: Nemesis (Don't troll me I've only been to Alton once, need to go back there!)3: Oblivion4: Nemesis Inferno5: Rita6: Colossus7: Stealth8: Rush153289: Vortex (!@£$%ing hate that ride...)Can't get passed those, I clearly need to get to more theme parks!
  8. I'm hoping for a live construction webcam!
  9. Just "liked" every one of the Crack Squad pages, which kind of defeats the point...
  10. Haha I realised that, I was more disappointed about the taking down of the cool posters! To make way for some new cooler ones? *Hopeful face*
  11. Two disappointing bits of LC12 news in one day
  12. Ok thanks I guess that relates to the destroyed aeroplane in the plans...
  13. Hi guys does anyone happen to have the answers to the latest set of codes at hand?
  14. Haha I saw this guy... He ran into a wall and just stayed there for a while...
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