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  1. Brilliant thankyou I was really confused looking online that has helped me so much , I will be booking one in the next two weeks
  2. I'm going to be booking a hotel for my Alton towers trip in the next few weeks does anyone have recommended hotel which is good to stay in near by , I'm looking at staying for 2 nights .
  3. Dan

    Tidal Wave

    special effects I would love to see those on tidal wave it would make the ride experience so much better ,and would add more character to the ride .
  4. I found these from the early days of Thorpe park .Me and my uncle at wicked witches haunt Classic loggers looks fast
  5. Dan


    I just saved a poor boy who spun his car car into the centre reservation on my local dual carriageway people just kept driving passed him ... What's wrong with people ? I know it's dangerous but why just drive past when you can see his friend trying to get him out of the drivers window Young drivers do need to take more care in different road conditions the effect the cars handling ability so much .
  6. Dan


    I'm finding when I use the standard view on webpage on my I phone it's goes really slow and freezes on scroll down on posts and it's quite frustrating is there any cure to this ? It used to be the quickest site on my mobile
  7. Dan

    Favourite Films

    I have a very wide choice of films I watch , but I think the best ones are jingle all the way and elf for this time of year and also a great fan of saw , Friday 13th (rerelease) and the lethal weapon trilogy
  8. I always stay Away from fairgrounds and stay going the big theme parks for exactly this reason. I think they don't do the safety checks enough compared to Thorpe and Alton etc .
  9. Dan

    Logger's Leap

    I agree loggers was a lot rougher than it's usual smooth ride and very rumbly maybe it's due to old age now and needs a bit of tlc
  10. Dan


    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4kjmIXr6MoI&feature=youtube_gdata_player I'm really liking this at the moment truly superb vocals
  11. Thanks for the add :)

  12. Thanks Sidd xxoxoxx

  13. Ah that's sad to hear :( I hope you get through it - I hate being ill! :L

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