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  1. Elle

    Introduce Yourself

    Haha I still class it as Croydon!!
  2. Elle

    Introduce Yourself

    I live in Riddlesdown What about youuu?
  3. Elle

    News Desk

    Shouldn't LC12.co.uk be put on the ManiaHub.com main website?
  4. Hey I love your display picture! Is that you? It's kind of scary :(

  5. Elle


    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6_W_xLWtNa0This is the best Rihanna Song evar and it's just so catchy :3
  6. Elle

    Introduce Yourself

    Heya Lauren! Thanks Aha I'm sorry didn't realise there was an Ellie here till everyone kept saying it was going to get confusing!! So sorry <3 I hope I do too!!! Thank you Dano. I hope so too!
  7. Elle

    Introduce Yourself

    Hey everyone! I'm new here so I thought I'd introduce myself. Firstly my name's Elle and I live in Croydon, I love living in Croydon because it means I'm near London as well as being near Thorpe Park which is my favv theme park I've been to. I really wanna go to more but I don't really have the money yet, but hopefully as I get older I can start earning more and obviously go to all this amazing places! I thought I was weird because I became all fanatical about Thorpe Park and other Theme Parks and there's no one to really discuss my love for theme parks with, so thought I'd join a site and google'ing Thorpe Park came up with this site so yay <3 Hopefully can meet all you awesome people! Thanks, Elle xx P.S This is me!!