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  1. Realised I hadn't been on here for ages, tried to get on my previous account but couldn't... So yeah I'm Lauren.. Some of you probably know me from my "if I wanted to see grass in a theme park I'd go to a garden centre" outburst. Cringing at the thought. Hi guys xx
  2. Hi. Some of you may know/recognise me from before, but for those of you who do not; My name is Lauren, I'm 18 and a Thorpe Park Keeno. Yes, I did say "If I wanted to see grass I'd go to a garden centre" when referring to Thorpe's lack of greenery. No, I am not proud of it. Single most cringe-worthy moment to date. But yes, my life is basically theme parks, studying, drinking and football. I'm a pretty decent person I guess, until I get hacked off. Love you all xox
  3. Quelle surprise, my first post back on the forum is in here. I am very very agitated at the fact I cannot get a job. I have applied for many, and I either get no reply, or when I do, its their HR asking if I am planning to go to university. I am upfront, as whats the point in lying- they'll realise when I leave. Then I get told they cannot employ me as I am going to university. Its starting to affect me mentally, as I am used to being independent and hate asking for financial support from parents, despite living with them. Sick of people claiming its easy to get a job. It isn't. Rant over
  4. Thank you very much! I got loads of chelsea stuff and money woo
  5. Its my birthday today, just had my party...YOU DO NOT TURN UP TO A BIRTHDAY PARTY WITHOUT A PRESENT!!! jaysus
  6. Banned for having more posts than me!
  7. Laelda_95


    I haven't- they seem to get off lighter from the media, where as Chelsea seem to be harassed over it... Also, they spent that much and didn't get out of the CL group stages...Before you say it, I know Chelsea didn't either, but at least we're still in Europe, unlike City.
  8. Laelda_95


    Oh right. Yeah I got confused. Basically I hate city because of the way that City get praised for 'strengthening their team' when they spend money. Chelsea get berated for 'buying trophies'
  9. Laelda_95


    Yes. Basically my uncle who died supported United and I found his shirt so I thought I'd support them today in his honour. hence my excitement.
  10. Wait! Are they actually?!? My life is complete
  11. I confess a few things: I scream like an idiot on the dark parts of Loggers Leap. I once got hair removal cream and moisturiser mixed up and removed my eyebrows. Car washes terrify me. I have a list of people I'd like to kill.
  12. Tis not a Lie. The real Lie is that I have 12 Chelsea shirts. I do not. I have 19. Sarah you were the last person to guess, your turn!
  13. Laelda_95


    I'm very happy with the result. Even wore my late Uncle's United shirt with Nicky Butt on the back. awww. I hate city.
  14. It is not Mer! Keep going
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