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  1. Anyone know what early Septembers are like? I visited at this time in 2008, I hadn't gone back to school but the park was almost dead. However this can't be true all the time?
  2. What track is the music between 3.30 and 3.52 from? Or is it new music? I have never heard it before. I love the video, only criticism would be the music being crossfaded together making it inconsistent.
  3. Can I just ask, is the entrance music a genuine orchestral piece or was it computer generated?
  4. Whilst I agree with those who have said the coasters are too prominent and make all the flat rides look inferior, isn't this common with many parks, particularly the American ones? Busch Gardens Williamsburg for example, has a decent selection of flat rides but they are almost forgotten about because the roller coasters are always the things that are given the publicity hype.
  5. I like this new park map - I have always hated the "IN YOUR FACE" block capitals font they have used these recent years, so I am glad they have done away with it for the map. I'm thinking the website will probably be having a refresh to match the new graphics as it still retains its "Thrill Capital" rather than the new somewhat more family friendly "Serious fun" corporate identity.
  6. Yeah that's the one, I now remember hearing it come from one of the machines, it's all coming back to me now! Now to find out what the song is actually called if it is actually a proper track mind...
  7. No, although that does match my (vague) description it's not the End of Day. I think today you'd find it playing in the arcade as I heard it in there on my last visit (June last year). Just this slow chill out beat with a melody sounding like someone whistling which seemed to just repeat itself over and over.
  8. I have been trying to find a piece of music for ages. I have heard it I think every time I have been to Thorpe, in the dome on my first visit back in 2008 before they played chart music in there, and more recently the arcade. It could be a loop - it has a repetitive melody of what sounds like high pitched, dreamy sounding whistling, and I don't know if you have talked about it before but I can't find anything. Can anyone tell me what this is if it is a Thorpe tune?
  9. Went on Colossus on Thursday for the first time and was amused at the fact the whole queue line needed to know that the gates were about to close and the ride was about to begin, from every speaker and on every dispatch. Has it always done this? Not a gripe, just found it mildly amusing
  10. I arrived today greeted by a completely full coach park, but no queue went up to 2 hours. Longest we waited was 60 (excluding extended wait for the front row) for Colossus and the longest I mentally recorded was Saw's queue of 90. A lot of the queues were displayed as longer than they actually were (Inferno said 30 mins when in fact it was 15, more due to the efficiency of the staff which I must take my hat off to, and Swarm's was 45 when advertised as 60). Later on Swarm's backwards queue went right down to about 15-20 minutes so we managed to bag a second ride. Flat rides were generally ok and most not as long as the queue boards displayed. All in all, a mixed bag. In total the ride count was 14 including 2 for X, Inferno, Zodiac (we like Enterprises) and Swarm. My first trip in 3 years so it was good to go back again whatever the queues. Did a lot of stuff for the first time, which was good even if the tales of woe I had heard about Colossus turned out to be true as it left me with a headache and sore thighs
  11. Just got to keep fingers crossed it isn't going to be so bad Thursday or my hopes of avoiding the rush are out the window....
  12. Hi, thanks for your reply. Looks like we will have to go before July then. If no-one else does I will report back on how busy it is for the interest of others who might also be going around this time Last went 3 years ago during half term, place was heaving but we still managed to do a fair few rides - and we went at 4!
  13. Hi all I want to visit Thorpe at some point between end of exams (18th June) and before schools break up. Obviously GCSEs will have finished and A levels as well so I am not expecting to hear a pin drop there, the main thing I am worried about is the school trip season. When abouts does this period start and on this basis, when is the best time to go? I sometimes check the Ride Hopper app on a school day for a (very) rough guide on queue times but this isn't always reliable. Frustrates me that so many schools see fit to take their kids to a theme park in the middle of term time (if we ever had them they were during half term) but that's a rant for another time Thanks in advance
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