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  1. The other 7 bitesized installments are now up aswell as this one (part 1) 4 vlog sections from each park of the weekend, enjoy. (should be able to find the other 7 on related videos at the end or on the channel.)
  2. A few of us are heading down to Legoland this Saturday, Fish, Matt Creek and a few others, anyone's free to join us if they like
  3. If it is a weekender incorporating Paultons I will twin it that weekend with one of the London parks. Would like to do at least one park I don't do often. Depends how many people want to attend how many people could get there or give lifts as to what parks we'd pick. The possibilities are endless really then, weekend at Blackpool, weekend at Blackpool but do Alton on the Sunday, adventure island and Colchester zoo, west midland safari park is also near the midland parks, etc. plenty of time to stir up ideas anyway at the moment.
  4. That happened before the chessington meet I believe just thought it'd be fun to have a forum alias rather than just my name. If enough are interested we can discuss parks and dates. At the moment maybe paultons and Thorpe or Lego weekender as they're between me and paultons. But it's up for debate.
  5. ...fresh off the back of the TPM Alton Drayton weekender, and as I can't make MOS or Oakwood I was wondering if anyone fancied a weekender or day meetup anytime between late July and mid September. If anyone's interested could discuss parks and dates here.
  6. Definitely up for some unofficial weekenders if others are plus if they're not official takes pressure off peaj to chaperone. At the very least I think an Alton weekender for scarefest would be good.
  7. Was a great weekend. Think we definitely need to do more unofficial group weekenders the overall experience makes for a great weekend.
  8. Thoroughly enjoyed the weekend. Shame it's over now, but we should definitely do more weekenders away especially with a big group makes for an all round good weekend, Park Day 1, evening meal and drinks, then park Day 2. I'll look into if I can make Oakwood.
  9. Cannot wait for this. Also heard reports Alton was dead this past weekend due to what's happened maybe we'll not have many queues this weekend either. Not sure about Drayton as I've heard reports Flamingoland and other parks are suffering due to people doubting ride safety.
  10. Shame Alex and Matt. Looks like it'll be another lads weekend with some drinks and food in the evening Peaj and Fish
  11. Managed to pull Some strings and get it off a me and Stacey can come now. If there are two others who want to save with a family ticket for drayton let me know.
  12. 10% chance I can make this if I pull some strings at work. If not then ironically I'm free weekends either side of these dates. Are you using same travelodge as last year? If so rooms are currently £68 a night at the one in Newcastle under Lyme.
  13. Loving the vlogs Matt, hopefully see some you've done this past week when you were at Disneyland Paris! I've had this uploaded for about a week and put it as private due to some parts having bad lag with audio in places. But I thought I'd make it public and place it on here for anyone to enjoy who went to the meet, absolutely loved the meet-up, cannot wait for Legoland!
  14. I should be up for this as Chessington meet was really good again yesterday. Stacey should be coming too ill ask if she wants to make an account.
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