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  1. When Thorpe confirmed X was shutting for a month it did make me think, as it was running fine and didn't need maintinance at all, so this "worlds first" I believe will be something to with X, maybe a re-brand or a temporary vr coaster, let's get the rumours and theories in
  2. The bag drop is close to the entry just in case the ride is empty, fence gates move to push people to the overflow line, just if you didn't know
  3. Before I went into I'm a celeb I was talking to a host and she basically confirmed costume for DBGT
  4. Would be bad if Thorpe did ditch the 4th planned a trip that evening (hoping it's the evening)
  5. 8 days till preview... still not a ticket link in sight
  6. http://www.robocoaster.com This company is UK based and also manufactured HP and the forbidden journey, please Thorpe let this happen
  7. I personally reckon the ride hardware will be like HP and the forbidden journey, reasons why as the building isn't too tall and the arms could fit in easily
  8. Any deals for bringing a friend who isn't a pass-holder?
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