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  1. Olistjj

    Dreamland Margate

    Oh no! Margate has some amazing sunsets! You’ll never catch a sunrise on the main sands however the sunsets are pretty spectacular overlooking the sea! 😍
  2. Olistjj

    Dreamland Margate

    All the rides are open! Numerous events are on as well so be sure to check what’s happening! And josh you’re absolutely right about the pradise foundation, it was an exceptional maze! However I completely disagree about your comments regarding margate seafront, head into the high street and it’s definitely not worth rating however the seafront and the old town are actually very pleasant. 9FB52B41-D141-4994-BC54-B82B2B0F7CDE.jp2
  3. So QUEXTREME is returning for its 3rd year this year at Quex Park in Birchington. Having done it every time I can safely say it is probably the scariest of all the horror events I have done. Theres only 3 mazes however each one lasts about 15-20 minutes and you’re sent in small groups. They’re all outside with one being in a cornfield, one a forest and one big one which incorporates different areas and a big, theatrical storyline. Last year one of their mazes was nominated for a scare tour award for most innovative ending; this involved everyone being bundled into a London Black Cab with a stunt driver who flung you around in a field whilst zombies tried to break in! Was very intimidating!! Overall this is an event having personally experienced before I would highly recommend, however there are only 3 mazes. Tie it in with a weekend break with Screamland 10 minutes away and it becomes doable for those who aren’t near the area! Tickets have gone on sale and are currently £12.50 each. QUEXTREME WEB PAGE (btw the video is highlights from last year, it does not do the event any justice) 4D169B1F-550E-4A94-A4F4-3381558D8B3E.MOV
  4. Olistjj

    Dreamland Margate

    SCREAMLAND RETURNS!!- With a new maze this year bringing the total up to 7! Currently a ticket with all rides and mazes with fastrack for the mazes is £30 online including a booking fee bringing it to £33, being a member and ordering on park I got mine for £26.10!! Last year was incredible so this year should be even better! All the new rides light up amazing at night and the park was already so well illuminated so it will look absolutely stunning!! 9C5250E4-91D1-4B18-8837-CAE98560A20F.MOV
  5. Olistjj

    Dreamland Margate

    Btw taken this video from @DreamlandDreamers on Twitter, new rides looking good and all are due to open by the Saturday coming the 21st!! Park has also had lots of landscaping as well! Looking really really good! 4D2537A0-DC07-4BBF-AF19-47613F48B7E3.mov
  6. Olistjj

    Dreamland Margate

    I haven’t seen a drop tower that’s entire structure spins before 😱 E7D98F45-E68E-4B5F-B118-B7015210DDC7.MOV
  7. Olistjj

    Dreamland Margate

    I spy a full 360 degree spin! CF941B11-9D6A-47C4-A8AB-BFB19CBA8818.MOV
  8. Olistjj

    Dreamland Margate

    Excuse the horrible quality but I’ve bumped the light up on this picture; took it on the way back from work tonight and you can clearly see the seats which were on the floor and unattached yesterday are now on the ride and up in the air. They didn’t move at all whilst I was there tonight so I can only assume this is a test to do with the ride being able to hold itself in position for a minimum/ maximum amount of time!
  9. Olistjj

    Dreamland Margate

    Snapped a couple of shots during my visit yesterday to watch the football on the big screen, there’s a total of 3 new rides that are in place but not yet running, 2 that are already running and 4 that have the groundwork ready but nothing in place yet. It’s a huge project they’re working on and it’s pretty impressive to see how much effort has gone in to getting these rides open for summer! Wether they’ll get them all open in time remains to be seen however!
  10. Olistjj

    Dreamland Margate

    The icing on a very tall cake
  11. Olistjj

    Dreamland Margate

    I believe almost all of the other rides are in place now, 2 of the smaller ones have already opened! This was on Dreamland’s Instagram story today 😬😬 66F66040-2AD1-4085-8FDF-659C80E6AFF8.MOV
  12. Olistjj


    Does anyone know what’s been up with vortex? Been shut at least a month now, can’t remember if it’s even opened this year? And I’ve been the last 3 weekends in a row and haven’t seen any work done, doesn’t even look like any obvious parts are missing... just looks like another slammer/loggers now 🙄
  13. Olistjj


    So after what feels like an age Samurai reopened today! And she’s pulling some decent cycles! The parking issues seemed to have been minimised as in the 10 or so cycles I saw it do today it parked flawlessly 9/10 times and when it didn’t it span for a bit to locate Home and then lowered. Fantastic to see it running again and it definitely remains my top flat ride at the park 😍
  14. Olistjj

    2018 General Discussion

    Particularly when you include a 20% annual pass discount
  15. Olistjj

    Dreamland Margate

    https://theisleofthanetnews.com/permission-granted-for-dreamlands-39-metre-sky-tower-ride/ woooo the Dreamland Drop has been granted planning permission! And living about 5 minutes from this park I can confirm that they are busy building and installing these 9 new rides ready for summer!