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  1. I really don't think we can trust these "Guides" the amount of crap they have spewed out over the years... And I highly doubt they know anything to do with WC16 that we don't.
  2. Did anyone get e-stopped in Big Top at the end of the evening? Do any of you guys know the cause?
  3. Quick question, if I pre-order my M.A.P. FN tickets online will I be able to print them out or do you have to collect them at the park?
  4. Found this on TTSP Forum. "I went to the Southparks event yesterday and it was very good. When we were doing the big top BTS our guide said there were clues to WC16 and one inparticular was a big hint according to him. The clue was the box in which a person usually sits in and pretends to be a robot or automaton and then bangs on the box to scare you. On the box were cogs which were decorative. This ties in with the clues that have been released. Robots, cogs and fear. I still dont know what it could be though." http://forum.towerstimes.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=115&t=31776&start=2040 Any thoughts?
  5. Quick question, would it be better to go on Saturday on Sunday next week for Fright Night?
  6. No not the post, just the whole Fright Night situation.
  7. What's Big Top looking like today?
  8. This is starting to look rather stupid...
  9. I really hope not, I'm going next week
  10. Ughhh the organization sounds awful... Hope it get's better as time comes along.
  11. How busy do you guys reckon it will get on Saturdays, Sundays and maybe even Fridays?
  12. Was thinking about it. The whole island has been changed to this sort of circus with all the new audios and all that jazz, so I was thinking what if this ride could be a re-brand of the island? I mean we did get a clue about Kenny the clown on the website? Could this mean the island could be changing and this ride could be the beginning of the change?
  13. Anyone else having problems with this video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=1&v=wqCJYaxG0Zo
  14. Well firstly welcome to the forums! I agree and I think everyone on the forum will too, this does seem to be related to hypnotism .
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