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  1. Park Operations

    True. I don't understand why the Dodgems, Teacup, Zodiac and Quantum had to be closed.
  2. Park Operations

    The weather wasn't that bad, that's the main problem. Later on they closed the dodgems, Saw and Strom on a Teacup.
  3. Park Operations

    I left the park at 3:30 despite entering at 1:00. I only managed 1 ride on NI. We were queuing for Swarm before they announced it closed. I'm really starting to get fed up with operations at Thorpe and CWOA.
  4. Park Operations

    It got worse. I'm very surprised that DBGT was open.
  5. Park Operations

    Ride operations today, fantastic. It's slightly windy!
  6. Park Music

    Why Thorpe???
  7. Park Music

    Older Bose equipment is fantastic. The newer stuff isn't. That's why Storm Surges original speakers (that were Bose) had to be replaced.
  8. Park Music

    From what I understand Tussauds signed a deal with Bose which got them discount on their equipment. It ended at the end of the 2013 season. The last major ride to use a Bose sound system was The Smiler. Since, each park has decided to chose their own speakers. Chrssington mostly uses Yamaha but occasionally uses JBL Alton Towers uses OHM for larger scale projects (such as the Hex refurbishment and Cebebies Land + Hotel) and QSC for smaller projects (such as the new audio around path's). LEGOLAND actually still uses Bose as far as I'm aware Thorpe uses EV speakers for everything 2014+
  9. Park Music

    I agree that Bose can sound better when configured properly and when Bose amplifiers are used. The problem is that EV Evids sound better at lower volume (I think the new ones in Bush BBQ sound fantastic) Bose sound better at high volume (that's why SAW and Inferno sound so good). Another thing I've found to be better with EV's is how long they last outdoors.
  10. Park Music

    The speakers on the poles mostly work. The problem is that when they are being used at a decent volume (which they were for most of last season) they sound terrible and distorted, this could be why it's so quite this season.
  11. Park Music

    That area needs a new sound system the most, is the parth between SAW/Colossus. Last time I walk through the area only three speakers were working. They were very distorted which made my favourite sound track on the park, sound terrible
  12. Park Music

    Yeah, its fine for now but I like to see replaced for the 2018 season! I miss WWTP blasting around Tidal it created a fantastic atmosphere, especially on a hot day.
  13. Park Music

    I would like to see both Stealths and Tidal/Amity Beach speakers get replaced with the EV Evid speakers the park has been using lately. They sound much better than the Bose Freespace 51's currently used in the queue and they can output a level similar to what the 802's are capable of. If Storm Surge can get a new sound system (we all know it's one of the worst rides in the park) why can't the parks most iconic areas get them?
  14. Park Music

    WWTP around Tidal/Amity is barely audible over the crowd this season. I think it's because most of the speakers are dead. However it's finally playing in the megastore! Over at Stealth I've found it to be normal in the queue, but quite around the Speedway but this is probably because the Bose 801 on the truck trailer has been removed.
  15. Park Music

    I visited a few days ago and noticed a new playlist. However instead of it being played too fast (as it has been for years around Stealth) it's actually playing slightly to slow!