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  1. Stealth's audio was like this for ages as well. It only got fixed sometime last year.
  2. We just need to hope that Alton Towers don’t start replacing all of their music with tracks from IMAscore. Imagine the outrage in the theme park community if Nemesis or Obilvion received a new soundtrack! I really miss the years when the bass tubes in the station made you feel the music. Sadly, they were turned right down years ago and now I highly doubt they will ever be fully utilised again ?
  3. Colossus and NI must also be on the list for refurbishment, although most of Inferno's speakers and amplifiers work (except the speakers in the top section of the queue) I already knew that Tidal Wave would have more than one amplifier. I thought as the queue line speakers are probably on a 100v line system, one or two amplifers would serve the entire area. Also, does this mean that the speakers in the transformers around Amity Cove are all from 2000? I'm surprised that they usually work very well, especially for their age.
  4. Sounds to me like the main amplifier is dead as all the speakers are still in place. Hopefully this will get fixed with the park's recent audio improvements
  5. I've noticed that parts of the Tidal Wave queue seem very quiet with many of the speakers not working. I'm not sure if this is due to dead speakers or a dead amplifier.
  6. There definitely used to be a speaker there, but I think it was removed sometime in early 2017. I remember in summer 2016 the area sounded great. This was the last time that all the original 802s in the plaza were used. Since then the 2 speakers on the truck, the speaker next to the photo unit and the speaker near the entrance to the sunken garden are all disused/broken or removed.
  7. True. I don't understand why the Dodgems, Teacup, Zodiac and Quantum had to be closed.
  8. The weather wasn't that bad, that's the main problem. Later on they closed the dodgems, Saw and Strom on a Teacup.
  9. I left the park at 3:30 despite entering at 1:00. I only managed 1 ride on NI. We were queuing for Swarm before they announced it closed. I'm really starting to get fed up with operations at Thorpe and CWOA.
  10. It got worse. I'm very surprised that DBGT was open.
  11. Ride operations today, fantastic. It's slightly windy!
  12. Older Bose equipment is fantastic. The newer stuff isn't. That's why Storm Surges original speakers (that were Bose) had to be replaced.
  13. From what I understand Tussauds signed a deal with Bose which got them discount on their equipment. It ended at the end of the 2013 season. The last major ride to use a Bose sound system was The Smiler. Since, each park has decided to chose their own speakers. Chrssington mostly uses Yamaha but occasionally uses JBL Alton Towers uses OHM for larger scale projects (such as the Hex refurbishment and Cebebies Land + Hotel) and QSC for smaller projects (such as the new audio around path's). LEGOLAND actually still uses Bose as far as I'm aware Thorpe uses EV speakers for everything 2014+
  14. I agree that Bose can sound better when configured properly and when Bose amplifiers are used. The problem is that EV Evids sound better at lower volume (I think the new ones in Bush BBQ sound fantastic) Bose sound better at high volume (that's why SAW and Inferno sound so good). Another thing I've found to be better with EV's is how long they last outdoors.
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