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  1. The Walking Dead: The Ride - New for 2018

    If the same height restriction as previous was used for this retheme, along with no minimum age restriction, I would've actually given this a chance to deliver and see what it's like despite being against the whole TWD theme in general. But it's because the park are intentionally going to make this out as their next big thrill machine I have a problem, as this is once again going to lead to false expectations and promises with guests. People naturally are going to think this will be an amazing ride with the OMG ANOTHER WORLD FIRST nonsense when in truth, the coaster just isn't great for the market Thorpe are trying to go for here. Therefore, a fair few people who do ride it are likely going to be disappointed as a result and you end up questioning whether this retheme was worth doing in the first place other than for IP bragging rights. X as far as I could see worked very well with it's target audience, this change I simply cannot see happening. You know something is clearly very wrong here when for example a coaster like Helix with 2 launches, seven inversions, massive airtime and near-60mph speeds has a lower height restriction than this. Increasing a ride's height restriction based purely and only on it's theme is sheer stupidity in my view. This is an enormous two fingers up to anyone in the 1m - 1.4m height category.
  2. The Walking Dead: The Ride - New for 2018

    So there’s a 1.4m height restriction once again on a coaster which succeeded these last several years for welcoming those just 1m onto, along with a minimum age restriction that’s higher than Saw: The Ride? I have one word for this and I frankly don’t care how nicely themed it might be when it opens: FAIL
  3. Wicker Man - New for 2018

    Can't lie but that's not half-bad looking in that video actually. Let's hope it can stay looking this good every single day it's operating, which I'm veeeeeeery certain it will! I wish.
  4. Wicker Man - New for 2018

    Surely there must be some sort of understanding why some people are pessimistic about this and want to point out potential flaws? Whilst I have no doubt this looks to be a good and fun wooden coaster once it opens that will appeal very well with families (despite the unsettling theme), it's the way this is being presented I have the biggest problem with. Why? Because Merlin are once again it seems building false expectations with the public and finding any means necessary to put the same old hyperbolic nonsense into their marketing material. My concern more than anything is once again we have a ride which is going to be built upon the promise of having some working special effects and this is what I'm pessimistic about. Please tell me, can you honestly sit here and say with a straight face "Merlin take excellent care of their special effects"? The record they have built over the years suggests this to be the complete opposite and this is why I'm not at all interested in the "fusing wood with fire" nonsense, because we all know deep down the effects will stop working before the end of the first month! Whilst it might sound nice on paper and through the use of fancy night photography, I'm not at all buying it. I'm only interested in the coaster layout itself, nothing more. Let me be clear when I disagree "nit-pick" with another's opinion - I think this will be a good coaster. I understand the limits the park has with building this. I want this to be a success with families. But what I'm not going to do is build any false promises or hope as it only leads to disappointment (example - DBGT).
  5. Wicker Man - New for 2018

    Let's be honest here, the only "proper" visual effects we will get is it spurts a small fireball from the shoulders every 3 trains that passes by, some flickering red LED lighting inside the structure to give the illusion it's on fire, maybe some sound effects and a single smoke machine at the base that's as convincing and reliable as the laughing gas effect on The Giggler's arm. And this is with the notion the effects are all still working after the first week of opening...
  6. Park Music

    Probably in the minority view here by saying I actually prefer listening to the tracks as they have been edited together on the discs as opposed to hearing the full versions and here's why: • Tracks such as the Entrance, Port & Basecamp, Fright Nights, The Jungle and DBGT are each somewhere I'm certain in the 30-minute range and all of them have sections which I like to call "filler areas". These areas sound as though they are used as transitions between some key melodies and sections and don't sound anywhere near as interesting compared to the extracted parts we have on the discs. For example, take a look at the Port & Basecamp tracks on the disc. There are 6 altogether totalling in at around 17 minutes, which means approximately 13 minutes of audio has not been included on the disc for this area. It is likely these are "filler sections" to help transition each of those 6 tracks together into one big version without any noticeable pauses or silent sections present. • If I were to have a single 30-minute file to listen to, what if I want to scrub to a point I like the sound of when listening to it? How do I know whereabouts in the track I need to be in order to find it other than guessing or remembering a certain point? Having a long track split into several smaller ones makes it much quicker and more convenient to find the moment I am after when I'm either listening or editing a video for example. • Something I really like a lot with some of the tracks is they have been remixed together in a way which sounds better compared to hearing them at the park itself, the perfect example being Big Top's theme. The version on the disc has clearly been remixed to include all the variations played inside the maze into one file and honestly, I love it! Works much better to have just one file with all the variations put together into one, as opposed to having at least 3 separate versions of the same 2.5 minute melody. Also, I don't know why people are surprised the full versions are not on this disc, because if you look at every single album IMAscore has made (minus Kärnan), not a single one of them features the full versions used for their respective attractions. Not one. The Klugheim and Chiapas albums don't have all their audio on them, nor does Heide Park, nor does Liseberg, nor does Magic Valley etc. As things stand as an enthusiast, of course I would love to hear every one of these tracks fully, but I'm just glad we've managed to get something out of this audio changeover more than anything as I thought it would never happen. Heck, people are still waiting for more of The Smiler's 75-minute audio and it's been nearly 5 years of waiting so far! So I'm thrilled with what we have and hope Alton Towers are next to follow.
  7. Liseberg

    I visited the park twice last year and from memory, only two attractions opened a little later after all the others. These were AeroSpin and Spökhotellet Gasten at around 12pm onwards since most days the park opens at 11am, but almost everything is open right until the park closes, including lovely Helix. The only area which shuts at dusk is Kaninlandet.
  8. The Walking Dead: The Ride - New for 2018

    Now I've had a proper look at what this all is, I don't particularly want to see a theme park become "AMC Park" with this Walking Dead IP for an entire season. It just screams "cheap" and "unimaginative" more than anything else. But if the public want it, let it happen. My concern more than anything is won't this move devalue the Fright Nights product? I now don't see any reason to bother going this year other than for Big Top.
  9. Next Roller Coaster

    I'm certain the only question and research Merlin conduct now when they build anything is this, which can reflect pretty much everything we have seen these last several years from them, both good and bad: "Is it marketable enough to be a world first? If not, we aren't interested."
  10. Park Music

    I too noticed last year on nearly every visit more and more areas were being worked on and gradually fixed which was great to see, especially with Rush's queue speakers finally and the loads scattered around Colossus. But there are still some in a few areas which could do with maintenance this winter, namely the ones used on the bridge from admissions to the dome as a couple sounded as though they were damaged by water and didn't sound quite right. As for the Dome's audio, the inside sounded fine near the screen, but across where Fin's is, it was almost inaudible in this area. If this could be resolved and the speakers outside around the perimeter of the Dome facing Vortex could be amped up a bit in volume, that would be great.
  11. Alton Towers General Discussion

    Never forget: 2ND BIGGEST COMPANY TO DISNEY. What a joke. M£rlin have reached a new low.
  12. TPM Thorpe Park Meet Saturday 24th March 2018

    Myself and Martin.D would like to be put down please Ryan. That should keep our voters happy!
  13. Liseberg

    Pretty sure I read somewhere that Valkyria is no longer scheduled to open with the rest of the park in late April and has been delayed as a result to early summer due to problems with it’s construction, namely the tunnel.
  14. The Walking Dead: The Ride - New for 2018

    Already this is reminding me of the build up to how IAC was announced back in early 2015 (for those that remember) - silent, vertical videos filmed across the other side of the park by staff members for an attraction nobody really asked for, or is remotely interested in.
  15. Park Music

    That's what I've gathered from going through Big Top too. There must be at least 3 different variants of the 2.5 minute loop inside all playing in sync with each other. The main strobe section has the least amount of background noise present (section 2:11 to 3:27, plus the last 23 seconds), the majority of the rest of the track is used in all the corridors and smaller areas, and clearly just before the end is the version used for the dressing room scene. Madame Mephisto's audio I don't believe syncs with these tracks as it's a seperate section of the maze. But I agree, after hearing Big Top's theme properly, it sounds superb! One of the best tunes I've heard IMAscore make after Helix and Galactica.