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  1. Marhelorpe

    Top 10's

    'Tis been a little while since the last one, so here's a revised list of mixed coasters: 1. Helix 2. Taron 3. Shambhala 4. Icon 5. Wodan 6. Nemesis 7. Wicker Man 8. Black Mamba 9. Euro-Mir 10. SheiKra
  2. Marhelorpe

    Logger's Leap

    It must be said that the park's social media teams need to get a grip with how they are running things and handling their customers, as some of the stuff we've seen this year not just from Thorpe but also Alton is really surprising. Things such as their attitude with the "Tut tut tut, it's better than nothing" and now the stupid things like #LoggersLeap2019. It's very unprofessional. I'm all for seeing some banter and fun with these accounts and have no issues with the ones Ivsetti mentioned above, but it's when they are either blatantly lying or treating their customers with contempt it becomes a problem. At this point as Wumbamillio said, instead of procrastinating a decision with Loggers Leap, they should just flat-out say it's closed/reopening and get this over and done with. Simples. None of this "making a splash-back soon" or "Area under development" guff on their maps for the last 3 seasons which now nobody believes anymore, as it just clings onto the notion it will return eventually one day and will only build false hope with both guests and fans. Whilst I admit I previously and frankly stupidly thought in a previous post this tweet meant a possibility of Loggers Leap coming back for 2019 (as I really want it to return), I then remembered this is the same social media account which told us this not so long ago...... Lesson - take whatever you read on their Twitter page with enough salt to fill Tidal Wave's pool.
  3. Marhelorpe

    TPM Awards 2018

    All done and submitted, figured I'd contribute this year after winning one unexpectedly last time.
  4. Marhelorpe

    Thorpe Park Rides & Attractions Game 2018

    Behave children, honestly... ? Amity Beach (5) Angry Birds 4D Experience (5) Colossus (5) Depth Charge (5) Detonator: Bomb's Away (5) Flying Fish (5) I'm a Celebrity (5) King Pig's Wild Hog Dodgems (5) Lumber Jump (5) Mr. Monkey's Banana Ride (5) Nemesis Inferno (5) Quantum (5) Rocky Express (5) Rumba Rapids (5) Rush (5) Samurai (5) Saw - The Ride (5) Stealth (5) Storm in a Teacup (5) Storm Surge (5) The Swarm (4) The Walking Dead - The Ride (6) Tidal Wave (5) Timber Tug Boat (5) Vortex (5) Wet Wet Wet (5) Zodiac (5) • The Walking Dead - The Ride (+1) • The Swarm (-1)
  5. Marhelorpe


    A bit behind on the latest regarding F.L.Y. and don't know a whole lot about the project, but from those images above, is there going to be an enclosed portion for the track behind that gigantic walled facade, or is the entire thing going to be indoors? Admittedly, we are far from the completed product, but the sheer size and height of that wall really sticks out both from the front and back and has me questioning how this will look once completed. Hopefully the teams involved are able to blend it into the rest of the surrounding area, to which I have faith in them doing so.
  6. Marhelorpe

    Logger's Leap

    Going back to this tweet however, I do find the timing of it quite interesting should it lead anywhere and hold any truth. Got a small pet theory about this and yes, I realise I might be overthinking this hugely here, so bear with me if it sounds ridiculous and unrealistic. Many would think should Loggers Leap return at any point in the future, there is a very likely possibility new vertical construction such as buildings or a queue line re-route are due to possibly go up, potentially as part of a retheme, spruce or for safety/presentation purposes. If so, there are clearly going to be planning applications made to the Runnymede Council granting permission and detailing the more specific details of the changes the park wish to make. But as we all know, there are no plans submitted anywhere right now around the site of Loggers Leap, so you would think at this point nothing is going to happen right? Well, who here remembers when the plans were submitted to the council regarding the construction of Walking Dead: The Ride's watch tower and queue re-route? The first revised documents showing the schematics and various viewing angles were submitted on the 24th November 2017 - almost exactly a year ago to this day. This is just a wild theory, but if there is indeed hope for Loggers Leap returning next year, could we be seeing some minor plans being submitted within the next few days to the council detailing changes which would coincide with a reopening and repair of the attraction this winter perhaps? Something tells me if this is going to happen, Thorpe Park's social media team last night might have prematurely released this hint to their followers, especially given it uses a hashtag and can easily become a trend for the park this closed season on all of social media. Maybe they were planning to start this trend as soon as the plans were released so both enthusiasts looking at the documents in more detail and the public following their pages on social media are aware of what's happening in 2019? If it should reopen, this will likely not be regarded as a new attraction for 2019, so there's no need to keep things secret with the public this time over the closed season. Unlike WD: The Ride where an official unveiling was publicly made in February 2018; 3 months after the plans were discovered and the park were being secretive over this period with guests. Just a theory and are probably being far too hopeful & optimistic here mind.
  7. Marhelorpe

    Logger's Leap

    Yeah, I am aware, it's a non-story. Just found it amusing when all the vlogger/YouTube "celebrities" were freaking out over this being a new attraction for Thorpe earlier this summer, much like Grand National becoming an RMC recently and now Loggers Leap returning for 2019. None of these things are likely gonna happen and is just rumour guff. Hope I'm wrong about the last one though...
  8. Marhelorpe

    Logger's Leap

    I guess the title "Project Zero" really means what it says then - nothing. ?
  9. Marhelorpe

    2019 Season

    Hmmmmmm. From a distance, this looks promising if it means more open days compared to 2018. But hours however... 10:30am park openings year-round perhaps this time?
  10. Marhelorpe


    2nd to Disney right there folks. Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.
  11. Marhelorpe

    Park Count - 2018

    Thorpe Park x21 (yes, really) Alton Towers x6 PortAventura x6 Chessington x5 Europa Park x3 (first visit) Liseberg x2 Legoland x1 Blackpool x1 (first visit) For 2019, it's all about trying Toverland finally, and visiting Liseberg and Phantasialand once again. Gotta get on Valkyria and Fēnix.
  12. Marhelorpe


    Figured I'd reignite this topic slightly and confirm something suspected for a while. Some may have noticed for a few years now that there is always a single entire row of empty seats on Quantum which are never used during operation and at first, I always believed they were broken restraints, but after the experience I had on 31st October, the staff operating it confirmed after I pointed it out they were closed off to allow themselves to cross from one side of the platform to the other. Since only two operate the either ride now instead of three usually, the batching area is left unmanned during the ride's operation, hence why they are never used anymore these days. Usually I've had no problem with this and realise of course more staff = more costs, but given it reeeeeeealy slowed everything down and there was so much faff involved that evening, it's times like that I wish the batching gates were used once again with an additional staff member to speed things up on both sides of the platform during loading/unloading. Once can hope it can be run like this once again!
  13. Marhelorpe

    Closed Season

    I'm about as convinced we will be seeing a development on that site opposite the dome in 2019 as I am with Project Zero becoming a reality. Not buying it. If there was going to be substantial construction on that area of land including the clearing of trees, filling of concrete and laying of foundations etc of any building, wouldn't plans have been submitted to the Runnymede Council by now? It was this time a year ago WD: The Ride's outdoor queue makeover and watch tower was submitted and that was merely just a redo of the exterior of X, so something involving much more work would be submitted earlier for approval wouldn't it? Might be something for 2020 however, but as things stand right now, I don't see anything for 2019 appearing... except maybe 'Love Island: Get Me Out of Here - The Ride' (sponsored by AMC).
  14. Marhelorpe

    Fright Nights 2019 - General Discussion

    One thing it needs next year above all else from the teams involved in creating the event and the image it entails for guests to see: Self-belief. As controversial as this might sound, I think at this stage in the game after the shambles of this year, the park need to let go of the past and anything associated with the event between 2013 - 2018. This means do not bring back any of the old mazes; do not rely on an IP to sell the product; do not put quantity above quality; do not put customer experience below first priority and most of all, have some confidence in what can be accomplished as the park is more than capable of doing it, as demonstrated by the late 2000's, especially in 08/09. Simples.
  15. Marhelorpe

    Fright Nights 2018 - Spoiler Thread

    Don't worry, this is your hog... ?