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  1. Not sure if this is an old change done, but I’ve started noticing some rides at the park now have a new announcement which is manually controlled by the staff, presumably through a new PA system for each attraction. Just now, I saw a staff member from Detonator play a pre-recorded announcement which was along the lines of “We hope you’re having a great day at Thorpe Park Resort. Why not upgrade to a season pass?” with some guff that followed after. This is the 3rd time I’ve noticed it now; once on Detonator, once on Ghost Train and another park-wide (I believe) within the last couple months. It appears the park are now playing adverts intermittently over the individual ride PA systems by the staff members. EDIT: Just heard it again today around Colossus’ cobra roll.
  2. Oh man, it appears “future for theme parks” is reaching new levels of low today in the middle of summer. Besides from having an awful run through the attraction this afternoon, with numerous effects, audio, lighting and hardware not working, the cream of the crop goes to this:
  3. Given I’m likely not going to get any new coaster creds for the rest of 2019 now I’ve done the trips I’ve wanted, here’s how my top 10 mixed coaster list stands as of this year. Had to reshuffle a few: 1. Untamed - Walibi Holland. 2. Helix - Liseberg. 3. Taron - Phantasialand. 4. Shambhala - PortAventura 5. Icon - Blackpool Pleasure Beach. 6. Wodan - Europa Park. 7. Black Mamba - Phantasialand. 8. Valkyria - Liseberg. 9. Troy - Toverland. 10. Wildfire - Kolmården Zoo.
  4. Still awaiting for the return of the mighty Dead End: Terror Zone... 9 years later. That thing was incredible, especially seeing the Tesco Value Halloween masks used by the staff.
  5. Given they are still hanging onto TWD as an IP to sell the event for a 3rd year running, and that Do or Die is returning given how ominously awful it was, I ain’t holding my breath on this year being anything but a minuscule improvement compared to 2018. The new “chilling challenge” I’m certain is gonna be where Jungle Escape is. Wouldn’t surprise me if it’s just Vulcan Peak: Escape Edition with a £5 fee labelled to it. And as for the new maze, hopefully it’s better than last year’s immersive experience of nothing but toilet bowls, pallet crates, black tunnels and Asylum’s chicken wire fencing used as “theming” which we got with Dead Creek Woods. Yeah, as you can probably tell, I ain’t enthused one bit after last year’s embarrassment with this announcement today. Hopefully that’ll change when the event gets nearer though, as I want this event to be great like it once was...
  6. I did the trip there via public transport and here’s how you get there. Once you know the station names, it’s quite straight-forward to get there directly from the airport: 1. From Amsterdam train stations (central, airport etc), take a service to ‘Harderwijk’, which is about a 70 minute train journey with one or two changeovers. About €15 each way, any route can be used. 2. At Harderwijk station, there is a bus station area right next to the tourist information building with about 8 different bays. Go to stop ‘G’ and take service 247 or 247a which says “Walibi” on the sign. 3. The times that depart in the morning to the park from this stop are the following: 9:22am, 9:52am, 10:22am and 10:52am for the first four. After that, it’s pretty much every 30 minutes all day. It’s €9 exactly for a return ticket. This bus will take you directly to the park entrance plaza and the last bus back after park closure from memory was at 20:33 for the 8pm summer days. Be aware that the bus is pretty packed, similar to the Thorpe ones and they only take card payments or a travel card similar to oysters (which is aimed more for the locals than tourists). Cash will not be accepted at all and yes, the buses do support Visa, MasterCard and Maestro contactless, including Revolut cards which was extremely handy in my case. As for the trains, I would advise you to use their smartphone app called “NS Reisplanner Xtra” on either iOS or Android to book tickets and show the QR code to the conductor onboard when asked like I did. It is in English too this app so no translation problems. I stayed at a hotel in Harderwijk for a couple of nights and from there, it’s pretty easy to get to the park, so the important bit is to make sure you reach Harderwijk bus station in all this.
  7. I ain’t apologising for anything I have said about RMC previously my acquaintance, as I retain the view that as a company, they create designs which are questionable in execution in a few areas, even after riding Untamed yesterday and here’s why. Untamed as a coaster layout-wise is fantastic. There’s no question about that. It’s a lot of fun from start to end with lots of surprisingly forceful elements, the least of which are those bunny hills at the end just before the final inversion. They were fantastic on the back row! I also love the fact that this ride is perfect proof that height and speed are not what makes an amazing ride either, as whilst it’s not the tallest or fastest on the market, it certainly packs one heck of a punch still despite it’s limitations. Kinda similar to Wicker Man which is also proof that height and speed are not everything. However, I am going to say this again, but after enjoying Untamed hugely, I still believe RMC as a whole are once again in an enormous hype bubble at the moment (aka - newcomer DBGT hype) where people say there’s no faults with them and anyone who dares to criticise RMC should be witch-hunted for it, hence the reference. And there are still areas where I question their design an awful lot which some people overlook, just purely and simply because it’s an RMC coaster to them. For example, I’ve been reading reviews for Untamed and heard from others the seats on them are more giving and spacious compared to older RMC’s such as Wildfire, where there’s more legroom, more accommodation, thinner shin restraints etc. That is all complete and utter b*llocks. They feel no different to Wildfire, the legroom was identical and the shin brackets still caused me a great deal of discomfort on the ride, probably more than Wildfire due to the more extreme airtime on it in all honesty. But being my 2nd RMC, I was far more impressed by Untamed than I was for Wildfire this time and despite having bruised shins after, the ride itself made up for that. This RMC actually delivered, unlike “Mildfire” which was supposedly what many claimed the “2nd best RMC in the world” which, in my view, I can’t believe one jolt anymore. RMC to me as a company are still in a lot of hype right now and in my experience after trying Untamed, I do concede what I said a little by now saying that whilst some of their products do deliver, others do not, which is why I’m still not looking at them as a whole thinking they are gods at coaster design. They make great rides, but also make overhyped rides.
  8. If we think seeing Saw Alive having it’s boat being painted over the wrong shade of colour is awful, wait until you all have a good look at the state of the blue supports underneath the bridge connecting the entrance to the Dome when standing next to Vortex...... my goodness. To me though, whether a ride is operational or not, that does not give the park any excuse to do botch jobs such as this, because supposedly the majority of consumers wouldn’t care nor notice something like that. No matter how you spin this, it is still something a paying customer is going to be presented with when they enter the park, alongside a rusting S&S structure and a quite literally rotting log flume. It does not leave a positive impression to guests when they see derelict attractions. If the park intend to dismantle these three rides so that they no longer appear visible to park guests in the future, I can excuse this, but we all know that will not be the case, let’s be honest. At this point, I say either repurpose the boat for something else and redecorate the exterior, or dismantle it to make way for something better and more sustainable for the long-term future of the park (flat ride hint hint).
  9. Whether or not the company do an excellent job at converting existing wooden coasters into much more enjoyable and thrilling ones is almost meaningless to the consumer. All the consumer cares about at the end of the day is whether or not the ride itself is actually any damn good. Sure, it is impressive statistically what they do as a company and Untamed here looks pretty bloomin’ great, but how does it ride is the bigger question in all this. And after my experience on Wildfire not long ago, I can tell you right now that to me, RMC are like the Derren Brown’s Ghost Train of roller coasters - sounds amazing, looks amazing, lots of hype, but very questionable execution in many areas, the least of that being the trains/restraint design. Wildfire was sold to me as the “2nd best RMC in the world” before riding and I cannot name another ride which has left me feeling so underwhelmed before after riding it. It had horrific pacing issues, the restraints are uncomfortable on your shins especially and the train’s design has a lot to be desired. So I was left there scratching my head thinking “what’s all the fuss about with these coasters?”, which is why I completely get where JoshC is coming from in this. Broaden your views outside of Steel Vengeance and you’ll see this company has some fundamental flaws in their coasters in my view. I’ll be giving Untamed a go very soon, hoping this is better than my last experience of an RMC, as the layout looks a lot more interesting and the restraints look more giving (thank Christ). Not expecting to be blown away by this ride however, just pleased at the very least.
  10. And the award for the world’s worst setting on a Mondial Top Scan goes to...... A6BB990D-FA25-4104-86F2-7D46AFE05E70.MOV (Taken on 15/06/19) And yes, every cycle was like this. The claw span the opposite direction to the arm for the entire ride, making it the most boring and dire experience you can possibly imagine. Never seen it this bad ever before.
  11. Now we know why BounceZilla is free - to build up the main queue enough to a point where it will encourage people to buy Fastrack for the thing. I mean, just... wow. Three different queues for a bleedin' bouncy castle...... Happy 40th Anniversary folk!
  12. It might be to do with how jarring it looks. If this attraction was more subtle with it's colours and fitted in with Thorpe's sky blue colour and the rest of Lost City, then maaaaaaaaaybe this would have been alright. But with colours as bright as this and looking so blatantly out-of-place next to the lake and Colossus/Rush/Zodiac, it looks visually revolting. This is just humiliating for the park, similarly to Love Island Lates last year and this will only be 'popular' because it's free. I guarantee if this was an upcharge attraction, the majority of guests would tell Thorpe to shove BounceZilla up where the sun don't shine.
  13. The park will then close it and display an un-clipped, cable-tied A4 laminated sign on the temporary fencing surrounding the area saying "BounceZilla will make a splashback soon!".
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