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  1. Marhelorpe

    Park Music

    Oh yes, something else I couldn’t help but notice yesterday was who here remembers when Lost City/Colossus’ theme used to be high-pitched for a number of years from 2012 - 2016? Well, it’s made a return but to another area of the park this time! It now appears that the Dome’s audio is playing it’s 30-minute ‘Port & Basecamp’ track slightly faster than usual at a higher pitch and was only playing downstairs and through the speakers outside facing Vortex. Inside the Dome however, nothing. No audio playing at all in there yesterday until the park closed with it’s End-of-Day/Shark Hotel audio. Hopefully this is fixed as soon as possible and not left untouched for another 5 years.
  2. Marhelorpe

    Park Operations

    Can now confirm the reason Rush has been getting large queues lately is because it's running on one swing at present: On the plus side, at least this swing now reaches beyond 90 degrees (just about) once again finally! Yay! xD
  3. Marhelorpe

    Park Music

    R.I.P Nemesis Inferno's 2003 Theme...... The ride is now playing the full 30-minute Jungle track made by IMAscore, which means less than 10% of the music now uses Inferno's melody, but plays the island theme at least 5 times in that same period. It's being used at the entrance, all queue areas, ride areas (under lift hill, near loop etc) and the station. *sigh* another ride's identity lost... 20180610_121029.mp4
  4. Marhelorpe

    The Walking Dead - The Ride: SPOILERS

    Something I've noticed on the last few visits with the ride is the station and bottom of the lift hill have presently got their white floodlights turned on, constantly illuminating the ceiling and mechanics, but this was not the case when it initially opened back in March and was a lot darker. As a result, the station area is now much brighter than it needs to be and the fancy lighting effects used upon dispatch are rendered pointless as a result. Also, maybe this is just bad memory, but the orange smoke effect after leaving the final brake run with the TV screens just before the on-ride photo does not seem anywhere near as effective compared to when it opened back in Match. The smoke no longer covers riders similar to an archway as they pass through it anymore and instead just fires upwards missing riders entirely. Lastly, the watch tower in the queue no longer plays any themed announcements through the tannoy speakers bizarrely. Can only guess it's not being used anymore because it was incredibly loud and needed to be tuned down a little bit. But it would be nice to hear them used again if possible. As for the rest of the attraction, it's nice to see small updates and changes being made in places since it's inception and guiltily, I'm liking it gradually more and more every time I try it. Still have a slight preference over it being X previously, purely because it was accessible to more people with the lower height restriction, had an up-beat theme and didn't pretend to be an extreme thrill machine like it is now. But the gap has definitely gotten smaller since March.
  5. Marhelorpe

    General Discussion

    2nd to Disney right there folks! xD Have they blocked off the old entrance for single riders and the disabled queue?
  6. Marhelorpe

    Park Operations

    Tidal Wave is currently running on one boat... On a bank holiday... In 24C temperatures... With a 120 minute queue... *golf clap*
  7. Marhelorpe

    TPM Chessington/THORPE PARK Meet 2018

    I'll be aiming for the entirety of this, so I'm down please!
  8. Marhelorpe


    As annoying as this may seem, it's worth pointing out that Balder also has the addition of seatbelts in every seat in addition to the lap bar, but it's still a superb woodie regardless and offers amazing airtime at the very back of the trains... So I like to think this won't make much of a difference to the experience itself, though it will undoubtedly interfere with the queues and the speed they move. Oh well, at least you'll be able to hear more of those 100 minutes of audio now, as well as having a greater chance of winning free Express Pass tickets for your next ride.
  9. Marhelorpe

    New for 2018 - Tiger Rock

    THIS from the same park, owned by the same company which gave us the surprisingly good Gruffaloworks only just 13 months ago? I’m... I’m... lost for words. What an utterly depressing view to see that lovely dragon’s head turned into something as stale and lifeless as that. Sure, the station looks nice and pretty and the final drop is themed once again, but that’s as far as the good stuff goes from what I’ve seen so far.
  10. Reliability aside, that effect when it was working in 2016/17 I happened to really like and are greatly annoyed it's been taken away now, even if it was for understandable reasons and apparently was causing a lot of breakdowns. Though, I honestly question that claim as the ride is still having as many issues now as it did last year in my experience so far this season... The middle section now just feels like Sub-Terra's exit shipping container but with some fancy lighting and audio effects added, but with no actors this time. Doesn't feel like an evacuation anymore, but just a casual walk through the underground tunnels with no chaos, panic or meaning. A.K.A - the middle section is now superfluous.
  11. A polished white elephant would suit it best I think.
  12. Marhelorpe

    The Walking Dead - The Ride: SPOILERS

    Right, I’ve finally ridden it twice now to get a good idea and feel for the ride. Given how against the idea I am for turning X into this, this might be a surprising statement to some I’m about to make but...... I liked it. I genuinely liked it. For the most part, an awful lot of it remains the same as before such as the corridoors, trains and station area, but the big differences lie inside the pyramid itself. There are plenty of interactions with guests on the brake runs and various turns and corners from beginning to end, mostly just static walkers lit up along with some theming and TV screens present on one brake run, which does incidentally have the random stops put back in place, but for a decent reason this time. The pre-show room was quite nice and had some relevance to the whole experience this time unlike Wicker Man’s one and it makes good use of the audio and lighting effects present inside. However, the supposed window behind you with a TV screen was poorly done, mostly due to the massive air gap between the filter and the screen, so that ruined the effect slightly. But besides that, this is a nicely done room. The walks from the entrance to/from the station are the same layout as before, just with added details and a shed load of themed audio and lighting effects. Thankfully, none of it is on an endless loop and changes every few minutes, so there is some variety offered here. As for the station, the old lifts from the last decade have been demolished and the back of a van with wooden boxes containing supplies has been added here instead. Much better than before and doesn’t feel as cramped in this area to previous. But inside the station? It’s almost identical to before, just with a lot less lighting and added theming and audio on the platforms this time. The ride experience itself is more or less exactly the same, just with some added scenery on two of the brake runs and lift hill, not much else. There was a big TV screen used between the 2nd and 3rd brake runs which shows someone shooting walkers in the head as you travel past at fast speeds and the last turn before the final breaks has a nice smoke effect you pass through lit up in orange before reaching the end of the ride. So overall, whilst in truth this overlay of X is not amazing or groundbreaking, the park have done for the most part a pretty decent job with what they had and similar to Wicker Man, the best parts are the theatrical side of the experience, mostly down to the various audio and lighting effects used. Some of the theming was quite good too with lots of references to X:\ No Way Out. But the whole thing wasn’t consistent in this retheme at all and this is present especially with the queue line and coridoors. Whilst the inside looks nicely detailed, the outdoor queue looks horribly cheap with no resurfaced paths, no attempt to remove broken Bose speakers, the watch tower looks nastily cheap up-close, the baggage room has no detail or attempt to be themed at all and the indoor corridoors still have a lot of it’s roof wide open with light leakage everywhere which I was hoping would be refitted finally. My big issue is I still cannot get over the fact the park have turned what was rightfully a popular family coaster between 2013 - 2017 into this. This update just feels needless and for the most part, rushed. Whilst the ride was fun no doubt with the interactions and additional theming added, to see those between 1m - 1.4m no longer ride this coaster after 4 years annoys me greatly as it’s unfair on them in my view. This retheme didn’t need to happen. Ignoring my concerns about this shutting away families, the ride itself is not bad for what it offers and was still enjoyable, though it was nowhere near the absolutely, ludicrously laughable claim of being “15/10 on the scare scale”, not even close. Heck, I find the fastrack queue for I’m a Celeb scarier than this ride. All I’ll say is give it a chance and see what you think. As a massive skeptic of this update, it was better than what I was expecting. Then again, I had zero expectations for this beforehand anyway, so that’s not saying a lot.
  13. Marhelorpe


    Exhibit A:
  14. Marhelorpe

    The Walking Dead: The Ride - New for 2018

    IAC is well themed, but that doesn’t automatically give it a free pass on being a good attraction. There are many other factors to consider too, the least of which the idea of the park turning a decent family coaster into a thrill machine just so they can brag about using another bleedin’ IP...
  15. Marhelorpe


    Completely forgot somehow after trying it last week what I thought of these changes made to Duel, so here they are. Honestly, not much has changed inside since last year, really, it hasn’t. This is what I noticed: • The exterior building has been cleared of overgrown foliage along with a new soundtrack, which does suit the plaza better I think. • The indoor queue has a few new vertical-orientated screens used as moving portraits to cover the old CRT screens from before. • The first scene on the ride has been repainted with brighter UV paint. • Many audio effects for each scene have either been turned off or are too quiet now. • The flying heads are a lot brighter and colourful compared to before. • New audio throughout the entire building, including the queue line. Whilst it’s nice to see some of the smaller bits of theming being looked after and the main difference being they have been either repainted or given brighter colours, I must report that the UV lighting is still a massive problem with this ride despite being told it had been fixed and toned down. This is especially noticeable with the flying heads and bats just like previous years, so it’s still a major problem. But the biggest problem myself and I’m sure quite a few will have is this new audio. Whilst the exterior sounds better compared to before and has a statsictially longer track, the one used inside is almost the complete opposite. This new audio sounds incredibly repetitive and doesn’t suit the ride at all in my view. Hopefully one day Duel’s old audio will return inside because this new one sounds horrible and slow-paced. Mixed bag really. Some areas are nicer than before, but the UV lighting and new audio overshadows the improvements made in my view.