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  1. Marhelorpe

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    I'm at the Pleasure Beach right now with @Kerfuffle and this is his first visit to the park too...... I feel so sorry for him currently. Saying today has been horrendous is a massive understatement. Driving 6 friggin hours for a park with less than 50% of rides open is the biggest mistake I've made since declaring DBGT was the "best dark ride in the country" when it had just opened. Anyone fancy a 2 hour queue for Big One on 1 train; engineers giving up on reopening Icon; Valhalla operating like a Windows 98 system and a Vekoma SLC being the most reliable ride at the park for the day?
  2. Marhelorpe

    'I'm a Celebrity' Maze

    Never stopped this fella though did it? Ed Euromaus is literally everywhere inside Europa Park and is featured heavily with the park's brand. Phantasialand have their dragons and Liseberg have their green bunnies, so I would argue every park no matter the size or background has room for a mascot somewhere: Personally, I would be happy to see Thorpe being given a mascot should it ever occur, as it's something besides the rides you can associate the park with for guests, similar to Henry Hound ages ago which my older family members still remember very well to this date. However, I do not want the park to bring back the Rangers or any ex-mascots, as it will only look like to me like a half-a**ed attempt to try and make themselves look cool and appeal just to their fanbase who remember them from days gone by. Gotta move onto something new and fresh, hopefully not an IP (for once)...... Anyway, isn't this the IAC topic?
  3. Marhelorpe

    2019 Season

    Even if they were not the most popular ticket option for guests, removing them entirely is not a solution, it only creates a new problem. Yep, that £40 quote was the average child/adult price for a 2-day ticket last year I remember. For Thorpe, I can kinda let them off this given I presume the majority of their guests only visit for 1 day anyway. But Alton Towers though? Really? That'a a 2-day park minimum for families. There should in my view still be an option for a 2-day park ticket as some people simply do not want to be tied to an annual pass, they just want a single weekend together at a park for the year, that's it. This to me seems like an easy way for Merlin to push people into buying their season pass instead to gain more money, nothing more but that.
  4. Marhelorpe

    2019 Season

    Something I've also just noticed which I honestly cannot believe hasn't been picked up yet is Thorpe Park & Alton Towers are no longer offering a 2-day ticket for their parks for the 2019 season according to their FAQs, which I find astonishing and incredibly naughty money-wise. Here is your proof lads: https://support.thorpepark.com/hc/en-us/articles/360001150291-Do-you-offer-a-2-day-ticket- https://support.altontowers.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000657131-Can-I-buy-a-2-day-ticket- And to confuse things even more, Chessington and Legoland DO still offer 2-day tickets: https://support.legoland.co.uk/hc/en-us/articles/360000918932-Do-you-offer-a-2-day-ticket- https://www.chessington.com/plan/faq/360001631191/do-you-offer-a-2-day-ticket.aspx This is clearly an incentive for people to get a season pass and one might argue "oh, but for £55 you can get a season pass instead for a little bit more and get unlimited access all year with it", but do remember that for families who can only afford to visit somewhere like Alton Towers once a year (e.g. - my family), going from a 2-day ticket price of approximately £40 each to £55 minimum is quite a substantial increase wouldn't you say? A family of 4 could be paying as much as £50 more in tickets alone for a 2-day weekend now. This doesn't sound fair at all to me...
  5. Marhelorpe

    2019 Season

    Treating their paying customers with contempt? How classy. Keep it up Thorpe. Watch your feedback and rating score on TripAdvisor fall even further this season if you keep up with that attitude!
  6. If they were to show more behind the scenes footage of it, they may as well go the whole hog and show all the content which didn't make it into the final product, like the alternative ending and the supposed 12 different experiences. I just cannot see this attraction being updated much more other than technical fixes from here onwards. Merlin have invested too much money in it already to a mixed reception, so doubt they will keep it feeling fresh any longer.
  7. Marhelorpe

    The Alton Towers Dungeons - New for 2019

    So it appears from a recent tweet from the park's account earlier today that Premium MAP holders will NOT be given free entry into the Alton Towers' Dungeon this season: https://twitter.com/altontowers/status/1088049984426176513?s=09 However, those with a new Premium Alton Towers only Season Pass will get one free admission per visit according to TowersStreet....................?! How very M£rlin. Still, better than nothing I suppose.
  8. Marhelorpe

    The Alton Towers Dungeons - New for 2019

    The extra cost will be relative to the quality of the experience itself however, so that £5 is still questionable. Given we already know it's going to utilise the trough from Charlie, it has potential, but the 5 live-action scenes will need to match or surpass the quality of the ones used in London. Biggest problem I see is it's gonna be situated in a giant (and echoey) warehouse with flat flooring and no change in elevation, so aren't expecting anything amazing here. All the other dungeons to my knowledge have much more confined rooms and change in elevation in each scene, which adds a good illusion you are travelling deeper underground. And given it's at the furthest point in the park, it wouldn't surprise me if it opens at midday on weekdays and closes at 3:30pm too. It's simply the wrong type of attraction at the wrong time for this park.
  9. Marhelorpe

    TPM Phantasialand August 19

    Definately gonna be attending this trip as it will be great to get on Taron once again! Only slight difference is myself and @Kerfuffle are arranging a twin room at the K+ hotel, but might take a flight to Cologne from Heathrow with Eurowings instead of Stanstead purely for cost reasons, since Stanstead is one heck of a trek for the pair of us petrol-wise. If however a potential Toverland bonus is added on the last day before flying back, we might look back into Stanstead again. Will be booking flights this weekend hopefully.
  10. It's a big maybe from me right now, as whilst the pricing is fine, it's one heck of a drive from Southampton to Southend-on-Sea for me! Will update by end of January if I can attend.
  11. I'm down for this, though might skip Sandcastle Waterpark and instead would prefer the Merlin attractions for cost reasons. As for hotels, I haven't booked anything as of yet but will do soon, most likely at said Travelodge.
  12. Marhelorpe

    TPM Guildford Meet Feb 19

    Down for this. Unlimited bowling is right up my alley.
  13. Marhelorpe

    2019 Season

    Yeah, well, my birthday is on the same day of the year Thorpe Park opened back in 1979 - 24th May. Top that. Aaaaaaaanyway, back on topic. Anyone know if there is any more turf being laid across the park ready the 2019 season? The area surrounding Swarm could do with some.
  14. Marhelorpe

    'I'm a Celebrity' Maze

    I’m a Celeb & Vulcan Peak no more? (Please be gone finally)
  15. Marhelorpe

    Logger's Leap

    At least from that video we now know the fate of the missing native American figure which used to be on Rocky Express until sometime earlier this calendar year! xD But yeah, hardly surprising seeing the state of what Loggers Leap has become looking at that video. About what was expected really. The fact the lighting for the tunnel, lift hills and the security system in the control cabin was still running is odd though. As a whole I've noticed that during closed seasons quite a few things across all the Merlin parks remain on, presumably for security reasons.