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  1. Daniel.S313

    TPM Phantasialand August 18

    Small possibility I could make this also its my Birthday on the 2nd so most likely fly out on the 1st August and do 2nd-4th on Park seeing as I have a Phantasialand Annual Pass I will update you once I know more so put me as a maybe.
  2. Daniel.S313

    TPM Thorpe Park Meet Saturday 24th March 2018

    You will be glad to know I want to put myself down as a maybe all depends if I end up going to chessington passholder event if I don't end up going to that there is high possibility ill just come for the day till park close.
  3. Daniel.S313

    TPM Christmas Meet 2017!!

    Hello everyone I just want to put my input over this I would of loved to of gone to this meet up but I couldn't book it off work. I have a great suggestion either have fixed dates no voting have trips planned way in advance with dates or have voting but have that way in advance and close it say 3 months before the meet therefore you would attract more people further afield who can book accommodation and cheaper travel. I also think you should be more involved on Facebook posting up meets and have like a link to the forum where they can create an account I had someone speak to me on last day of season at Thorpe did hear about TPM but didn't know how to get involved/join meet ups.
  4. Daniel.S313

    Park Music

    I'm also looking for this years fright night themes as mentioned and detonator/stealth aswell if someone could upload loads more fright night theme thanks very much glad samuari had the same theme love that theme loads
  5. Daniel.S313

    Fright Nights 2012

    any chance of some fright nights 2012 themes onto the audio section guys surely you got some
  6. Daniel.S313


    I'm just glad its back and working I asked for the highest setting and got it on monday it was great
  7. Daniel.S313

    Park Operations

    just though let ppl knw they were selling fastrack on the final day of the season when there were like 0-10 min queues lol what are thorpe park thinking thought if it hit less capacity they wouldnt sell fastrack
  8. Daniel.S313

    Fright Nights 2012

    id say bring back hellgate that maze was good and you didn't have to pay for it
  9. Daniel.S313

    How do you Solve a Problem like Fastrack?

    good post btw but I still think it shud be when theres loads fastrackers just do 50/50 ratio fastrack/main queue that was u get fastrackers on and the fastrack queue would be empty. but I did see 100% ratio fastrackers on saw alive the other day I was in the main queue only said 45 mins but like way over 30+ fastrackers came. why dnt thorpe do a early ride time for a price that way people who wanted to fastrack will go on certain rides b4 the park opens to everyone else
  10. Daniel.S313

    Fright Nights 2012

    cnt find any that match thorpes halloween ones I tried first page. glad they kept the samuari fright night theme one of my favs
  11. Daniel.S313

    Fright Nights 2012

    any chance of fright night 2012 themes getting uploaded to audio section I like a few of them
  12. Daniel.S313

    Park Operations

    but I must say apart from that fastrack issue my day was brilliant thanks nemesis inferno team brilliant and a big thanks to samuari team for putting it on a great setting
  13. Daniel.S313

    Park Operations

    exactly your right there I normally queue in the main queue but I thought as its fright nights its gonna be busy so ill get myself a few fastracks all they need to do especially when theres a big fastrack queue is just to make it 50/50 half main queue and half fastrack then the fastrack queue goes down as does the main queue I only moaned because I was in the main queue for saw alive and saw the person just letting fastrackers on but I as joshc said either get rid of fastrack or just make it work better for everyone
  14. Daniel.S313

    Closed Rides

    not 100% sure but I'm sure loggers leap wasn't working from like 6ish and never opened throughout the night so it might be closed for abit
  15. Daniel.S313

    Park Operations

    I was really annoyed by the staff member letting people in at the swarm only letting the main queue in not even 1 fastrack person. it should at least be half and half if not some fastrack in then main queue which meant queuing normally for ride I would of actually got on it quicker. I got my money back on the swarm fastracks as I wasn't happy but apart from that I had a really great day/night at thorpe