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  1. Tom Stoker

    Next Roller Coaster

    Since it has been nearly 5 years since Thorpe Park has added a new roller coaster, I feel right now that a new roller coaster is necessary for them now. Obviously it won't be for 2017 as it would have been announced by now. Would would you like to see for their next roller coaster? Me personally a thrilling wooden roller coaster made by either RMC, GCI or Gravity Group
  2. Tom Stoker

    The Next Big Thing

    In all honesty, I could see anything come to Thorpe in the next few years, but I think what we all want to see is a wooden roller coaster, especially by either RMC, GCI or Gravity Group. A modern wooden roller coaster is something that is desperately needed in the UK. Yes, we have SW8 coming to Alton Towers in 2018, but that seems like more of a family wooden roller coaster. A massive thrilling wooden coaster would be a perfect for any Merlin park, but particularly Thorpe Park as they thrive on building some of the most thrilling rides in Europe.
  3. Tom Stoker


    I'm not gonna lie, this ride is good, but is in dire need of refurbishment. I'm talking about a new paint job and a new set of trains, for example similar trains used on Intimidator 305, or maybe ones similar to Taron. Anything better than the current ones!