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  1. Eh, I dunno. I think there is a market for typical 'Halloween' attractions to be open all year around, but as Saw is so old now it's a bit peculiar. Could it be to do with the fact it has a permanent structure and how successful it was last year? Then again, Living Nightmare too... Pretty sure they were trialling 12pm openings on DBGT during Fright Nights last year as it uses a heap load of staff, probably to keep break cover costs down? Also, Angry Birds isn't actor run (or wasn't last season), it was done by hosts? Really interested to find out the full lineup now.
  2. One person who runs all the social media inb4 could be better than the actual retheme though... I'd be surprised if the rumours are true and Thorpe opened Living Nightmare alongside everything else. Actors aren't cheap and you'd need to have a dedicated Fright Nights style team to keep the maze up to standards. Possibly staggered openings like IAC if anything? If IAC is coming back, that is...
  3. Regarding the second VR, that's actually some holding content you see.
  4. It's in the building, much closer than you'd think to the ride area.
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